Wicked Problems…How you should handle them

  1. Coming into this class I had no Idea what a wicked problem was, or even heard them two words used together. After starting the class and doing a little research on my own I got a good concept of a wicked problem. A wicked problem is a problem that can affect everyone around us and possibly the world if we all dont come together as a collective and try to fix it. Not one person can fix this problem, they are nearly impossible to fix because it would be so hard for everyone in the world to come together as one, and everyone change out of their bad habits and do for the greater good. I think mentally to understand a wicked problem you have to do your research, not just one article, I mean deep research. Like how did the problem even start? Why does the problem still exist today?  And what are ways for us to stop the problem? and move in a better direction that will help and impact everyone for the good in the future. Also to understand a wicked problem you have to be open minded because most of the problems in the world aren’t just easy as one, two, three. It’s going to take a lot of critical thinking and trying to put pieces together as to why some of things would even occur. To understand a wicked problem emotionally will differentiate the person. Not everyone has the same heart in the world, it’s just impossible because if everyone had a good heart there would be no evil in the world and everyone would just get along. But when discovering a wicked problem you will know if you really care to do the research and after the research you will know in your heart how you really feel about the problem because you’re not going to feel every problem in your heart and want to be a change to it. That’s ok, you aren’t going to care about everything, because your neighbor may not care about the problem you are so heart felt about and vice versa. Somatically for a wicked problem, from my understanding it’s putting yourself out there and actually doing the work. Finding ways to help physically to put a stop to these wicked problems. All of these factors play a part into putting these wicked problems to a stop. If everyone had this mindset and applied these factors to their life then we would be on a road to healing and seeing our world go back to a healthier place not only just for us but for our animals and for our food, just for everything to get better. As for me just getting into the class and getting knowledge of certain things I think I’m moving into the right direction. I will say I need to focus on one wicked problem right now and do major research cause as of right now I just been focusing on all wicked problems and seeing what’s really negatively impacting us in the world when I need to pick one close to my heart and apply all the things I mentioned above so I can do my part in trying to put these wicked problems to an end. 
  2. I feel I briefly touched on this in the first part of the prompt. In the first prompt I said that everyone isn’t going to have the same reaction to every wicked problem as you do, you may be more passionate about it or vice versa. Only because you may not be as passionate about the wicked problem as your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to go about it in a disrespectful way. Even in the world now, everyone is not going to agree with everything and that is ok, because what is a world when everyone has the same opinion? Everyone being different is what makes the world go round. So when your neighbor is more passionate than you on a wicked problem, I feel there is no need to get disrespectful about it. One can explain why they feel this way and vice versa, you guys can either change your point of view or agree to disagree but do it in a respectful way. That is why I said in the first prompt you have to be open minded when talking about wicked problems and be able to see both sides and not just be one sided cause that isn’t fair to your neighbor or yourself cause now you are blocking yourself from a knowledgeable moment that you may never get back again. I say even if you aren’t passionate about the situation, at least be compassionate and sympathize because what may not be a huge situation for you could be why someone elses world falls apart. I feel being humble falls into when someone may have less than you based on society. So when the wicked problem is affecting them and not you, you don’t just boast about how you’re living so well and how they have to figure it out on their own, that is what I comprehend when talking about being humble and talking about wicked problems. When it comes to me, I like to look at myself as being open minded and look at every situation in life from both sides. So when talking about wicked problems I can proudly say I am humble and compassionate when it comes to these situations. I sympathize with anyone in need or hurting, It’s just my heart especially when they have no control over their situation. I’ve said it in my last prompt above that if everyone would all see things the same we could get this world on the right track and begin to see a more healthier world. But not everyone wants everyone to be equal and that is a sad way to think but most people think like that in the world. If everyone could do some self evaluating and see their wrong doings, that would be a step in the right direction.
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