For a better tomorrow:

It is very true that we are all connected in our life in one way or another. One individual can affect the world just like the domino effect, we are all connected. It may seem impossible to see how just a single individual can change the world, but it is possible. The domino effect states that when you make a change to one behavior it will activate a chain reaction and cause a shift in related behaviors as well. A good example would be the covid-19 pandemic how the virus is contagious and can be spread, when an individual is affected with the virus there is a good possibility that people around that affected individual get the virus. So, taking precaution and knowing your responsibility to not spread the virus and isolating can solve the problem and decrease the risk of spreading it to multiple others. When you line up matchsticks in a straight line and start to burn the first match it is a fact that it will burn all the once in the line but, if you change the direction of one matchstick form that straight line there is a good possibility that it can stop the spread and not set the other sticks behind it on fire, hence ending the cause. 

What I am trying to say is that it is crucial for us to be aware of our surroundings and how it is affecting one another, the environment, and our future. Before taking this course, I was aware of the change that we as humans are causing to the planet that we live in but not concerned about how we could stop the damage that is being triggered. My mindset was that we are already at our peak of using the resources and so used to the routine that we are following, that there is no going back. I was not willing to give up what I have for the change it can make for the future. It is crazy to think about how small changes can make a big difference overtime, we need to be consistent and set the mindset that it is very much achievable. Reading from last week made me realize that people are materialistic and gluttonous, and the term Fashion refers to time which represents change overtime that keeps the world alive. The eagerness to wanting more can be overpowering and damaging. Walker’s perspective creating sustainable product design is a great way to get started for a balanced and better future. “We must learn to use less and use what is available, rather than always creating specific, new components and materials that require more energy and resources.” This quote from the reading is meaningful that allows individuals to think out of the box not only for oneself but for everyone and the future as well. In a perspective where you want a better-balanced future it is important for everyone to understand the consequence of our action and be responsible. Taking small steps towards sustainability can play a big factor, it is very convenient to use a plastic water bottle for everyday use and it is mostly recyclable. It is easy and fast and gets the job done without having to do the extra work but, what we do not realize is that people overtime will not recycle the plastic but just produce more, consequently overutilizing the resources until not is left or the damage has been done. Instead, there should be a sustainable solution to this problem which is beneficial for us has human being and the environment included. 

Based on an article research, Demolition waste is one of the heaviest and the most voluminous materials that can cause harm to both the economy and the environment. At the increase rate of urban regeneration, the demolition of waste products is increasing at a very rapid pace, it is faster and easier to tear down an infrastructure rather than renovating it considering it requires more time, energy, and capital.  To meet the middle ground for the situation there was an experiment being held to come up with a solution, creating a product with the waste being produced to be recycled for a different or similar use as using the demolition waste materials being assorted, dried, and later crushed into smaller powder like particle and mixed with cement to be reused as sensible thermal energy storage. Using sensible heat storage, it replaces fossil fuel used in the industry, leading to various benefits for the environment as it directly affects the greenhouse gas causing climate change. Climate change is another example of a domino effect, as the planet continues to heat, glacier melting, rising sea level, increased temperatures, forest fires, habitat damage and species affected are all caused by climate change. As the movement of leading to sustainability we cannot stop global warming overnight, discontinuing the habit we as humans are accustomed can seem impossible. Staring off with making smaller changes as, cutting back energy usage, taking public transportation or an alternative for driving, recycling more, avoiding products with a lot of packaging, and planting more trees can save us thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year. An individual’s actions can cause both harm and well-being for the environment. So, creating a habit of being accountable for one’s action can leave a greater affect and can be beneficial for other individuals, and the planet included. As you are making positive changes in your lifestyle that you are used to for the betterment of the environment it is important to talk about the changes you make as well. Sharing you experiences with other individuals, friends or family can influence others to do the same. Change cannot be forced but it is very much possible to influence and educate on the problems we have. Afterall, it involves all of us being affected by our actions. It is better to start off somewhere rather than not implement and ignoring the problem can make a big difference for the future. 

Having been said that this course has helped understand wicked problems with mindfulness practice. During our course we started practicing mindfulness in class, I have always thought of practicing it myself, but I never initiated. When we first started practicing mindfulness in class, I found myself being distracted easily but as I got myself in a place where I felt comfortable it helps me stay focused. Mindfulness can be practiced in various ways, and I found that sketching is my way of practicing mindfulness. I have always like sketching and eventually I have realized that when I am sketching, I am in my elements, I feel less anxious, my mind is not sidetracked, and I am fixated. Another mindfulness practice that has helped me stay motivated is by creating schedule for my days. I am always in a rush because I procrastinate often and end up doing everything last minute. Just recently I started scheduling all my plans for the upcoming week and I have seen a huge amount of change. I got tested positive during the second week of school and because of that I of tracked and was behind in all my assignments and staying up with my schedule helped me get caught up. Consistency is key to see the change that is waiting to take place. Making small improvements and staying consistent can result in long-term success for a better tomorrow. 

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