What should we do

The way I’ve come to understand Wicked problems is that these are problems that are hard to understand. Wicked problems can’t be solved by one person and have to be solved by working together. One of the main reasons Wicked problems are so hard to understand is because people do not want to work together and understanding that makes it a lot easier to identify the problem and what steps we need to take in order for us to all start working together. Now that we know the problem, how are we going to solve it? Can it be saved? Is it that easy to solve once you know the problem? The answer to this question is no, it’s not easy. People are selfish and have the thought process of saying if it doesn’t benefit me directly why should I help and I get that because people have their own problems in their life.  but in saying that this is a problem that just doesn’t affect you it affects future generations to come. So my goal is to get people to understand that the problems that are occurring in our environment are real and we need to work together in order to solve them. By doing so we can fix the problems that we have caused. But that’s not to say it is going to be easy because there are different types of people and different types of people. There are different ways of thinking of how to solve problems that are occurring which in turn can cause more problems than the original could be potentially forgotten and then we are right back where we started with people not wanting to work together. I don’t want you to think that there’s no point in doing it. What I’m trying to say is that we should be mindful of other people’s opinions and create ideas that will work to solve the problem instead of hesitating or just blatantly ignoring it because it could be a hassle. Yes, I know working together may not be very fun but solving the problem is the most important thing right now Because if we do not what will happen is the environment will  stop producing Goods that we are taking advantage of right now. For example, cutting down trees is a big problem in the world today. Cutting down trees has advantages getting paper and other material may need from that tree but it also has huge consequences to doing that. To which there is less oxygen in the air because you cut the tree down and you are possibly making an animal go extinct by taking their home away. Especially when there are other ways to get what you want without cutting down a tree. Such as the technology we have today, we don’t really need paper that much and what we could do is use recycled material to make paper. We don’t need to harm the trees in order to make paper or houses When we can use other materials that will work just as good as trees or better. I think another great example for this is Color of the Wind:  It Is song that I think still applies today problem such as this lyric (You think you own whatever land you land on the Earth is just a dead thing you can claim) and the reason I put this in my writing is because I feel like it’s true people still feel this way. People need to understand that Earth is not a resource we can use up anytime we want. There is other life on this planet that needs to be taken into consideration. People should be humble and compassionate to our planet and what effect we are having on it and what life is living on this planet other than humans. 

After I learned more about Wicked problems my eyes were opened up to the real consequences that we as humans are causing. Wicked problems are going to have to be solved by working together and that may mean making sacrifices to make our planet better. I know that people wouldn’t ordinarily want to make sacrifices Even if it is to help our planet because it could make it inconvenient for them. We need to stop thinking that we can get everything that we want as long as we have the money for it because one day that won’t be true because there won’t be any more resources to make the product that you’re wanting to buy. If we don’t fix the errors we are making now there are going to be severe consequences that will be harder to solve in the future or nearly impossible because we won’t have the materials to fix what we have broken. So, wanting the newest and biggest things like newest phones, cars, clothing, and other stuff like that. What should we be thinking instead of can I get this? We need to think about the consequences of getting something that you really don’t need. Like where does  the stuff you are throwing away to make room for the new things you just got going? What effect is that going to have on our environment? To be honest before I learned about Wicked problems I didn’t think about the consequences we are having on our planet. Before I didn’t think about how much plastic goes into the ocean and how many problems are arising because of are carelessness. Such as all the plastic that humans are dumping into the ocean such as animal life is dying and suffering because of our selfish need for the newest thing. Now that I have learned about Wicked problems and what will happen if we do not start working together to solve these problems just how grim our fate will be if nothing changes. That’s not me saying that the planet will die if humans go extinct because that’s not true the Earth will continue to live long after we die out. So while we have the opportunity to fix our environment we need to work together in order to do so. We need to come up with solutions that will work and that will solve problems more than that we need to actually do the work not just say yes this needs to be done but actually  going out and doing it.  But while I was learning about Wicked problems it brought to light something I didn’t think of before Wicked problems I didn’t think too seriously on the consequences were having  on our environment is simply did not occur to me that humans are one of the biggest  problems in our environment because of the way we live in the way we think right now our environment may be holding up that is not always going to be the truth so while we have the chance we have to change our way of living end start caring more about the environment and what effect we have on it. That  way we can put our foot in the right direction So we don’t stay in a place that is becoming more Dangerously close to giving out.

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