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My progress towards understanding wicked problems has become very important to me. I didn’t even know wicked problems were an actual thing until I was introduced to this particular course. Wicked problems are a very serious thing and a lot more of us need to hear about it. When I was learning about what wicked problems truly were in our first few weeks of class, I was so shook at how much our world was collapsing right in front of our very own eyes. It made me so sad, it just had me really thinking about what our future is possibly going to look like. Would I ever be able to grow old? Would I ever be able to bring any kids into this world without them suffering tremendously? With the world collapsing before them? I had always thought that it would be nearly impossible for the world to shut down and collapse, but here we somehow are this very day thinking about how much time we could have left until we are all gone forever. Learning about wicked problems has really opened up my eyes a lot to the world and has made me think about just how much I could really do to stop all of these problems. While it is nearly impossible to completely stop a wicked problem, there are so many people in this world, actually 7 billion people in this world. So it’s going to take a lot more to just get a problem under control somehow. 

My particular goal towards wicked problems was that I wanted to help prevent them from becoming a much bigger thing than they already are. One wicked problem that really stuck out in my mind personally was homelessness. I always knew that homelessness was somewhat of a problem in our world, but I didn’t know that it was big enough to make it a real wicked problem. I’m really compassionate about the subject of homlessness because at one point in my life, I was almost homeless at one point. All of my family went through some really intense personal and financial struggles and we happened to end up losing our treasured family business. We had to sell our home that I loved dearly, and for a little while, we didn’t know where we were going to go at all. We were starting to consider moving in with my paternal grandparents, but we knew that they didn’t have nearly enough room for us. We have a family of five, and all of our twenty years worth of junk and sentimental items that we have acquired. Thankfully one of my mom’s dear friends had an extra house that she decided to rent to us, and it was actually pretty cheap for how big it was. This was only temporary, until we could get back on our feet. This unfortunately though took about three whole years, and even now we are still trying. We ended up deciding to move out of the house because my mom’s friend turned out to be crazy, all of a sudden she was blaming us for things that were wrong with her house, claiming “it wasn’t like that until you moved in” We never even did anything, the house was very trashed before we even stepped foot in it. We actually had helped her clean up the house and move out of it so we could move into it. Going through all of these struggles at such a young age, I was about fourteen or fifteen during this time, so this took a big toll on how I looked at things in life. During this time I also discovered that I loved to decorate houses and just make a space feel homey. A few years later I decided I wanted to become an interior designer for the purpose of making homes for homeless people. It really hurts my heart seeing homeless people on the street pushing their walmart carts full of clothes making their way to the next place they will be sleeping tonight. I know so many of them are freezing cold at night without the proper clothes and are also starving with the little food that they get everyday. Is a goal of mine for homeless people to not be afraid anymore. I want to provide them houses that they can use until they have picked themselves up and are able to provide for themselves without having to worry about where their next meal comes from, or whether or not they are going to get kicked out. No matter how long it takes them to build themselves back together I want to be the one who gives them a house, because I know how much it meant to me. You don’t really understand things until they actually happen to you, while I’m not too happy this is how my life went growing up, I am thankful to have gone through it, even if it wasn’t the worst someone has ever been. I wouldn’t be in college right now if my family and I hadn’t gone through this experience. Becoming poor sucks, it sucks a lot, you become limited to want you need and you feel restrained in life. If my family hadn’t become poor, I wouldn’t have been able to get scholarships to go to school. I would have had to do TCC like my older sister, who currently isn’t in college, nor did she finish school because she had to help my parents with moving and everything.

My outlook to create a positive change in my circle of influence is I have recently volunteered some of time to serve food at homeless shelters. Including my circle of influence, I got my friends to join me for a night of our lives to help the ones who need it more than us. With things at home, everything is still a trainwreck, there are boxes everywhere, we have about 2 huge trailers full of boxes from our previous home and our business that we had to shut down. Everytime I get the chance, which is about every other weekend or every third weekend. I take a few hours out of my day to help my family go through boxes and sort things out of what we want to sell/ keep. This past weekend I went down not only to help, but to also celebrate my mothers birthday. We had to postpone it about a week after her birthday, because we are all so busy all the time and we just never had the chance. I still want to make a positive outlook by doing more things to help homeless people. I give money to them, if I ever have enough to spare, or I will go get them water to keep them hydrated.

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