finding neutrality

Wicked problems are often the problems we know in the back of our minds but overlook on a daily basis in order to keep functioning.These problems are so grand that you could sit and contemplate over them for days at a time and still feel like there is so much more to them. They have a way to overwhelm you because the problem seems so large it feels like you can not do anything that will help. It’s hard to look at the grand scheme of things especially when it feels as though there are so many things to worry about in just everyday survival of this big world. It is one thing to know about these things going on but it is a whole other to feel the burden. Some may be directly affected by these problems, some may have been a witness, or some may bear the weight of what is happening around the world emotionally. It is something that is hard to deal with. It can be overwhelming and stressful, especially once it is seen how deep these problems truly run and how hard it will be to end them. It is very important to go into situations that have to do with these wicked problems with compassionate curiosity. When looking into the problems you need to be able to look at them from many different standpoints so that you can truly understand the problems without any preconceived notions. This also goes for when you are listening to solutions that may help the problem. It is important to look at the many different ways and possibilities that could help with the problem. In order to do this you need to be open to different opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. I found it good to calm down, take deep breaths in order to calm my nervous system, and then look at the problems so I see it clearly. A lot of the time the noise of the world can sway your opinion or your mood makes you look at things differently so it is good to take the time out of the day to calm down and clear the mind with meditation in order to clearly view things. It takes time and practice to be able to shut out the world and intrusive thoughts in order to calm down and clear the mind. It took me a long time to be able to slow down my thoughts and even longer to make the thoughts quiet. Eventually I was able to get a clear calm mind.There are many things that are included in meditation the people do not consider. Some people fall asleep, some are too distracted, and some just are not interested in it. The type of meditation I prefer is sitting down with my eyes closed. It took me a while to be able to do it without fidgeting or looking around. As I got into the practice of it I became better at it and with that I saw better results mentally, spiritually, and physically. I can definitely feel the change as I have practiced mindfulness in the way I am able to calm myself and be able to look at things in a better manner. Although it seems impossible to make a change in the many problems we face there are ways that when many contribute to it makes a large difference. One of the ways to help is by doing research. Look into companies before buying from them to see if they are a large polluter, do they use sweatshops, what do they do with their waste, do they contribute to society. Something that is often overlooked is buying locally. Not only is this good for the city but also for lowering big businesses that are harmful. Look into recycling and see what all can be done with scrap materials. Donate old things instead of throwing them out. Do not be afraid to buy used objects either. I have donated and bought used things many times before as an effort to cut down on waste material and have recycled in an effort to make a difference where I can. Since joining this class I have been more conscious about where I shop. I have begun looking into the companies to see how they treat their workers and their stance on going green so that I can try and support companies that I can see are trying to make a difference in this competitive industry. It is important to embrace the problems that the world faces and not shy away from them, ignoring them for peace of mind just causes the problems to grow. Being able to see the problem, recognize it, and find a way you can help contribute is a hard practice but I am trying to build upon it. Meditating in general was very hard for me but as I practice it I find that It has helped me in many ways. I have an extremely busy mind. It is very hard for me to be able to calm down or find a way to focus my thoughts on one individual thing. Mindfulness has not only helped me with the outside world but with the battle of thoughts in my head. Being able to sit down and have a clear head is therapeutic. It is the time for me to calm down so I do not over stress myself out to the point of not functioning. I think it is very important to spread awareness in a positive manner with those around me. You never want to force information on someone so I think it is important to put it out there and if they are interested to continue to divulge into the topic at hand. I want to spread awareness with those around me as much as I can. Some things that can be done would be to take them out to locally owned places. I had a previous experience with my brother where I introduced him to meditation. My family thought I was crazy for doing it but once my brother started he saw the benefits that meditation brought. He fell in love with it right after. Sometimes it may be outside someone’s comfort zone but they fall in love with it. I already encourage my family to recycle and have told them some of the benefits of it. Spreading awareness is important and it can be done in some of the smallest ways. I look forward to getting further into interior design and being able to see where I can design sustainably. I feel like that is where I will be able to make the largest influence. There are many inspirational designers who find creative and inventive ways to further pave the way for design that has a better impact on this earth. I hope to not only be able to create homes using this new technology but also be able to contribute to the difference made. I also hope to be able to help restore many buildings and the rich history that comes with many of them. I did not know how interesting and unique design can be while recycling and finding ways to be green until I got to college. These classes have helped me see a whole new way to contribute back to society and find a way to be more environmentally friendly.

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