if there’s a problem there’s a solution

We see it every day, it is on our social media feed, it is on the news, it is in the papers, and it is talked about all around us. Do you scroll past, flip the channel, change the subject, or do you engage? What is it you may ask? It is the wicked problems going on in the world, it is no secret to us that they are going on around us and most of us just ignore them and go on. If we all just ignore them will they get better? No, the answer is quite obvious and we can put an end to it but living more sustainable it will just take the time and the effort to do just that. Before I took this course I was like everyone else and just kept on scrolling. I did not want to take the time to read the post or the article on my feed. DHM opened my eyes to the reality that was standing right in front of me. 

Wicked problems are not easily described. There are so many things it can be, for example, the most commonly known problem is pollution. Everyone knows it is going on, but does that stop us from using the products that create it? Most of the time no. There are small changes you can make to your everyday practice to become more sustainable and not cause more damage than there already is. An example of this could be to recycle. On our campus we have access to recycling everywhere, every trash can has a recycle bin for plastic and bottles right next to it, in the dorms they give us recycle bins along with our other trash cans. We can’t use time as an excuse here because they give us the opportunity and it doesn’t require any effort from us. It’s just an easy change.  Not only that but there are 10 recycling centers around Stillwater, which is just an easy way for us to start a more sustainable lifestyle. Wicked problems may seem easy to fix at first glance. They should be, but it could not all be done in a day, it would take years for us to undo the damage that we have caused. 

     Over the course of this class, I have learned some things I never even considered before. I never would think about problems going on around me. So I can not expect everyone else too. In this class, I learned inner mindfulness and how to practice it and I so learned of ways to practice sustainability. In class, we meditated in class and we were asked to find a daily practice that works for us to use outside of class as well. I have been practicing meditation before bed each night in order to have a night of better sleep and wake up more refreshed the next morning. It took me a while to find a way to work this into my schedule and was having a hard time focusing. It was not until we were in class one day and my professor told us to make it part of our schedule instead of trying to work it in, so that is what I did. Another thing in this course is a way to live a sustainable lifestyle, since the course has started I started practicing recycling and I started researching brands before I buy from them and only have been using cruelty-free and organic brands for my food. I stopped buying from cheat alternative shops online such as Shein that promote poverty-drawn sweatshops. After we talked about sweatshops I did some research on most of the name brands I was using and most of them were not good for the environment whether that be pollution, sweatshops, or tested their products on helpless animals. I now have made the switch to cruelty-free products and I am making the transition to do my part in becoming more sustainable things I never considered before this course. 

Sustainability can be defined as the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life. This simply means what we do now affects the generations to come. The way we impact the Earth is affecting how they live on it. Change is necessary, we are the generation to fix it so the next generation is taught to take care of the Earth. I believe that if we all work together and not against each other we can solve maybe not all but most of our wicked problems in the world. There are many good solutions to the core problem, but the problem is that they are all short-term and insignificant. These suggestions would help with some aspects of the problem, but in order to address the problem as a whole, we would need to present every viable solution, and then make a decision that might either fail and make things worse, or solve the problem. There are many wicket problems in our world that we as a society are completely clueless of because we are too engrossed in our own selves to even look up to see what the rest of the world is going through. It’s not a hard change we just have to wake up and do it and get out of our little bubbles and fix the problems that we caused.   This class taught me many things I feel like I was meant to know and new practices I did not realize would help me in my life overall. I use my new practices every day and have worked them into my own routine. I practice my mindful meditation at night, before this class I never considered meditating I did not know the benefits of meditation and have never thought about using it. Working it into my schedule was not easy for me at first because finding a time between work and school was difficult but once I decided to do it at night it became easier for me to participate in it.

The adjustments I have made in my life have really opened my mind and heart and of course my body to the world. I now know I must take care of myself and the world around me in order for the generations after me to do the same. We need to be spreading the news more about mindfulness and sustainability and not just keep scrolling past the post. These wicked problems are real and they are not going away unless we do something today! This course opened my mind and I can see that if we spread the word now we can make a change before it gets worse. Like I said in the beginning, and now that I have got my point across, would you still scroll past the post? Would you still turn to the next article? Or would you maybe just read what they have to say or interact with the post so it makes it to more people and spread the word. Maybe you could share it to your page or put it on your platform so others can see it, little things to spread awareness will help. We are all in this together but we all have to work together to make the change.


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I'm a freshman at OSU! I am majoring in interior design. I love the outdoors and just being in nature and being surrounded by positive energy!
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