Inner Circle Impacts

During this course I have learned a lot of things about the wicked problems that are occurring in our world. Although they might seem small, they are affecting how we live our lives every day. These wicked problems are causing many negative effects on our environment all the time that might not seem evident, but they are slowly destroying our earth. If we do not put a stop to these wicked problems our world will crumble and our lives will drastically change for the worse. But if we can change our perspective, we could change the course of what our earth is heading to. To make it a better and safer environment for the younger generations to come. Once we express how we feel about these wicked problems in our inner circle, they will realize the impact that we all can have on creating a more sustainable lifestyle. By having this sustainable life, we can make a bigger difference than what we imagine especially by spreading awareness of these wicked problems. 

I started my practice of compassionate curiosity this year. Before my wicked problems of industrial practices course I would have not cared at all about the earth or sustainability. I would have left the trash on the road, kept the water on, or not even respected that there was actually something going on in our that is that the environment is being destroyed. Now I understand that we need to make a change in our daily life practice or at the very least recognize that there is something wrong and without action we will fail. Now that I have become compassionate and curious about our environment and the wicked problems that are very present, I have been working on creating a positive change in my inner circle. Whether this means by sitting down and talking with my family and friends about the small ways we can make a difference, or being an example by picking up trash in the road. These small ways of creating a positive change in our inner circle could mean a lot more than we imagine. If a group of people all decided that they would be examples of a compassionate and curious person about wicked problems and the environment the impact would be so large and wouldn’t stop growin

My first goal to accomplish as a leader to my inner circle would be through my actions or somatically. Actions speak louder than words so I think this would speak the loudest to my family and friends. For example if I am walking in the road and Isee a piece of trash instead of ignoring it and carrying on with my day, I can pick it up. This shows that I care and it shows them that it’s not that hard to just pick it up. It could also make them feel bad knowing that they aren’t doing something when they easily could be. Another example would be using less energy. Turning all the lights off in your house, or dorm, even if they are not yours. Once you start this practice your peers will start to notice and it will become a habit for them as well. Lasty, being compassionately curious about problems that are arising in the environment, and having an open mind. By doing this it shows your inner circle that this is serious and by not accepting any of it just makes all problems worse. This could be one of the biggest ways we could have an impact on our inner circles, just by sitting them down and explaining to them that these problems are evident and that although it may not look like it we can have a very big impact and create a better world for everyone. 

Another way that I can be an example of being compassionately curious about wicked problems and creating a positive example on my inner circle is by informing them intellectually. Talking about these problems is probably one of the biggest things we can do, but like I said earlier, actions speak louder than words. So if we do have these discussions we need to be serious about acting on it. Although it can be hard to have these conversations with your inner circle, it is vital to creating a better environment for future generations. Once these people are able to be compassionate and curious towards these wicked problems then we can start having the conversations about them now being positive leaders. This process is almost like a chain reaction. Once we decide to stop being selfish and make a change we become leaders who create other leaders. I think if we bring out the facts about how our environment is declining people will accept these facts and hopefully become compassionately curious about what they could do to ultimately be apart of the change for these problems This is vital so we can start a chain reaction of people that are ready to change the world by making small steps to sustainability and by creating compassionately curious people in the world. 

Lastly, a way that we can reach people in our inner circle to become compassionately curious about the problems that are destroying our earth is through people’s emotions. Nothing can reach a person more than attacking their heart strings. Showing them what is happening to our earth and explaining that we could make it better could change how they look at the world. Explaining that environments are failing and animals are dying because we are being selfish and not caring enough to make a change. Even if we are not able to get people to make those small changes we can try to help them become compassionately curious towards these subjects. Although it may not seem like a lot, it is a start and that is all that matters. People have the biggest reactions and thoughts when emotion is involved. Considering that most people will act on emotions first before thinking about it. So if we reach them emotionally the impact might be more evident. The biggest thing for me is how it makes me feel knowing that stuff is happening that I could put a stop to. Any chance to make even the littlest bit of change, it matters and can have a huge impact on our world. 

By changing how we live our everyday lives, we can create a change in our environment. Whether it’s through our actions, talking to people, or pulling on their heartstrings, it is worth a shot at trying to get them to become compassionately curious about the wicked problems that the world is facing every day. Once we start this chain reaction of people becoming more compassionately curious and doing those small everyday changes, the outcome will be so worth it in the long run for future generations. The impact we have by spreading how we feel and showing people how to be compassionately curious is such a big step and is so much more than My journey with sustainability and being compassionately curious towards wicked problems has not been long, but I now know how my actions and words can impact people in the best way possible. to teach them that what we do in our everyday lives can make a change and make the world a better place

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