Making problems, solutions

            Wicked problems come about in many ways. They are difficult subjects to process, thus describing the reason or reasons as to why answers cannot be found to the many given issues. Most wicked problems do not even get the light of day to be addressed because they are such pressing issues there is not one simple solution. As a society, we should all be working every day to solve these pressing issues around us as they only become more apparent as time goes on. Instead, we let the issues take over at their worst, and we must then face the consequences of our actions. Contributing every day to these problems would help build enough stamina to be able to level them out and finally solve the solution. I try to address wicked problems in a very understanding bias way. Having boundaries while still being compassionate towards the issue is part of the reason why we still have and will continue to not solve these wicked problems. There are a lot of ways to break down a wicked problem. One should start by breaking it down into three levels of evaluation. Emotional, physical, and mentally. When one uses the emotional tactic to break down a wicked problem. It allows them to access the situation at hand in a much more valuable way than the other two options. With this process one begins to empathize with how people who are at a disadvantage of sorts feel in these hardships. When I try to address the circumstances of a wicked problem, I always try to see how each individual would be affected with each potential outcome. I would like to believe that every wicked problem is not wicked, but that is not the case in some respects. In some cases, you must take what you can get and solve the issue to the majority to do the least amount of damage as possible. Although, solving a problem emotionally is a great way to solve a problem, it often comes with a lot of differences in opinions. I try to think of ways that will solve the wicked problem, but that will also be able to change and adapt over time to continue to solve the issue. Secondly, how I try to solve a wicked problem mentally/ intellectually is to take every measure of the problem and fully analyze it. This form of evaluating covers all statistical aspects of the issue at hand. This is technically the smartest way to address the issue, but one must take all possible answers into account. I think some issues I’ve tried to analyze lately are less prominent to others around the world, but by solving the issues I have currently it will allow me to be more focused and concise about my future problems. This way of thinking also allows me to free up more time to help others with their problems, so that we all can come together to address more important issues as a community. As far as addressing issues somatically, I think one must practice being mindful, meditate, and must practice some form of physical activity as well. Being mindful allows the body and mind to fully connect with each other and become fully relaxed. By being fully relaxed with one’s body they can then fully access the problem with their mind because they are not focused on the distractions of their body. I would not say that somatically solving a problem is how to fix what has happened, but this form of evaluation helps to solve the other forms of evaluation. Personally, I think that being mindful is very important when trying to become at peace to address issues about. I think that being mindful in class has helped me to establish a small routine daily to try and be mindful or to meditate. I also have crystals that apply to the things I am struggling with or would like to improve about around me to help prosper. I think with these aspects of evaluating problems, I have developed more of a sense of awareness to how much of the environment is being affected each day. This class has shown me many different significant problems throughout the world, and how they affect the individuals around them and all over the world in server ways each and every day. I never realized that simple issues were directly stemmed from certain industries such as design, housing, and merchandising. A lot of waste comes from these specific degrees/industries as well which is why I think this class is important to take so that we all can learn about sustainability together to better development our futures for ourselves and others around us. I would like to further continue to how to design more sustainably. I think that without this class and what I have learned thus far about sustainability and being mindful I would address problems in a less engaged format, therefore making my potential solution not as viable as it could be. This course has taught me to think of more and better potential opportunities for certain ideas in my head, but to be reluctant for the most successful outcomes as possible. I am grateful for the experience to be more optimistic and open to others’ ideas and responses to wicked problems. The class discussions allowed me to use others answers’ to help critique my own thoughts on whatever issues was at hand. In the future of my college career, I would like to learn more about sustainability in my future classes, and how to be more specific in how to actually improve with pollution around us. I would like to be able to more myself, so that I can help others around me want to do better sustainably too like I previously mentioned. For example, ever since I have moved in with my roommate, I have taught her what materials can and cannot be recycled so that we as a household can do better with pollution. I have also talked with her about buying from certain companies, and which to avoid so that we can contribute our money to a good cause. By doing so, this helps the money we invest into their products provide a positive outcome for us and what company supports morally as well. I think that since I have recycled since I was a child, it has helped me want to make others recycle because when I go to their houses, I see so much waste that could have easily been recycled. This is half of the problem when it comes to pollution, people don’t take the initial step to do better as a community. Another example I am grateful for around me currently, is that my hometown city decided to invest in providing recycling bins for each residence to individually encourage each household to be conscious of their output. I like this investment by the city because we are slowly adding to the resolution of pollution. These new developments tremendously affect large cities, although it might seem like a small step. I’m glad everyone as a nation is starting to really open their eyes to the wicked problems around us, so that we can finally all make a conscious effort to wipe our issues away.

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