Mindful Journey Through The Wicked World

            When I first arrived on campus, I didn’t know what this course meant or why I needed it to take this. On the first day of class I had no idea on what a wicked problem was or even what sustainability meant I honestly just thought this class was going to be a boring class that we would watch videos in all the time. My assumptions about the class quick change after we watched that film “The 11th Hour”. After watching the film, I was determined to learn more about how we can help the environment and the sustainability. During this course I have learned what those terms mean and different ways I can contribute to helping with wicked problems. After learning of a wicked problem was, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that I was in some way supporting these problems I was shopping on fast fashion websites, wasting clothing and shopping as a form of sport. This course has showed me the dark side of the fashion Industry and when I graduate college, I will want to help make our environment better, Honestly I’m not sure on how I would do that yet but luckily I have 4 years to think about and I’ll do what I can now though by informing my friends and family on what wicked problems are and ill show them what websites not the shop from.

At first when the topic of mindfulness practice came up, I thought that meditating was cliché, and nobody really does it, and it was just a waste of time. This course has even showed me how important it is to take time out of your day to do mindfulness activities such as meditating. My meditating experience was amazing I was stressed had anxiety and was terribly homesick after I meditated, I was better I just need some time to collect myself. I never realized how important mediating was until now. Meditating will now be always apart of my daily routine; it helps me get through my day. Ever since I started using mindful practice my days have been more productive and more positive. I wish I would have always used meditation because I’ve had some pretty stressed out days in high school. Meditation is also good to remove a lot of pressure of your chest by helping you have a clear and peaceful mind. I highly recommend meditation for anyone that’s having a rough time. Overall, I am glad I decide to give meditation a chance. Meditating has also help me think about what I could do now to help with wicked problems. For example, I’ve been changing a lot of things I do by turning the water off while brushing my teeth. I haven’t been over shopping like I normally do I also have even been recycling more. When I go home I will 100% tell my family how good meditation is for your mind and daily tasks. Mindfulness practices have also helped me have more productive days such as getting ahead in homework, going on walks instead being in my room all the time, reading over notes in my free time, and checking the events calendar for campus activities.

Another problem that I have discovered in this course was sweatshops before this course I had no idea what they were or if they existed. It was an eyeopener when I found what a sweatshop consists of such as modern-slavey, abuse, and child labor. I felt sad when I realized that I have been supporting sweatshops by shopping on Shein, Romwe and Boohoo man all of these have sweatshops behind them. There are some people working in the sweatshops for 72 hours with no break and most if not all the employees have a choice. Sweatshops pay their employees as little as 25 cent-3.25.  I felt a kind of compassion for these workers because it feels like no one is doing anything. Our environment is hurting are economy is hurting and no one is caring all that anyone is caring about if how much money they make without even look at the problems that they are causing. All of these wicked problems are leading us down a tunnel of environmental issues all because of what? Money that what everyone is worried about how fancy their car is how big their house is how many clothes they are wearing. The fashion Industry is also doing harm to the environment. The industry is overusing resources to make clothing using harmful dye and chemicals that are bad for the environment and letting it go to waste. Even the consumers who purchase from these Industries are affecting the environment by steady buying clothing and letting the ones that they have go to waste which is causing the industry to create more. The is how Fast Fashion which brought sweatshops and other wicked problems. I honestly feel compassion for the animals and the environment itself. Animals are dying off because of the greediness of mankind the environment is also affected by this issue.

 We are running out of time all of the wicked problem keeps getting passed down generation by generation when will a generation step up and take on the responsibility? Its upsets me that many people don’t believe in wicked problems or just don’t care enough to learn about them. I think the government should also step up and help this cannot possibly be a one man/woman job it’s going to take everyone to do their part. Taking this class was the best decision that I’ve made. Taking this course has been an excellent learning experience for me and I have learned a lot. In the future I hope I will continue doing mindfulness practice and finding ways to help our environment. As you can tell from reading this blog, I had no knowledge about this side of the fashion industry. Even though this class very short I felt like I learned a lot and I now have a lot of knowledge about this subject. I do plan on sharing what a wicked problem is with my family back home. Also, I hope that in the future we fix our environment and try our best to try and end all wicked problems.

I feel as if everyone should know or have an idea of a wicked problem is and how to avoid supporting wicked problems. I do plan on taking more courses about wicked problem I might even minor in wicked problems. My outlook on life now that I’ve taken wicked problems and used mindfulness practices is that it is possible for us to change our ways and if we wait any longer we will reach a point of no return. Some changes in my circle of influence are that I would treat my environment better than what I have been doing. I also will look at more long-lasting items instead of cheap ones you just throw away after a few uses. I really look forward into seeing positive change with our environment. I also whish that we will see more renewable resources being use a majority of factories.   Now that I have attended the course I will use the knowledge that I have learned and use them to change my attitude in the future.

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