Reflecting on what was

While this course has already finished, I am glad I have the time to reflect back on how I learned to have compassionate curiosity. Like I wrote about in the previous blog I feel that I have achieved compassionate curiosity through my increased interest in the wicked problems we learned about in class. After reaching this point however, I noticed that I also began using my mind, heart, and body to understand the wicked problems as a whole. Intellectually, I have started asking more questions, both in my group and during discussion time. I suddenly am not only just more interested in these problems, but also interested in fully understanding why they have been caused. Emotionally, I have taken the time to consider all the different people and things each problem affects. This means understanding that all levels that affect the problem will be affected by the solution, sometimes in a devastating way. Somatically I have begun to notice reactions to these issues in my body. Whether that’s tensing up, slouching out of despair, or in a pose of deep thinking. These new aspects of how I learn to understand wicked problems have caused me to have more patience with the world for having so many grave issues. Before when I thought of all the problems, we had in our world that seemed Solvable I was angry. Now I realize that there is no one person or group to blame, only people to help Start solving the problems. So, my view of how to approach wicked problems has transformed into a great curiosity. A part of me wonders if our world will ever be able to solve any of the problems we face or if we will Just give up. Despite all the things that cause me to worry, I do still possess the motivation to learn how I can contribute to a more sustainable society.

When thinking back on the various problems, I have learned about so far, I think of how the industry I chose, fashion is negatively impacting our environment and our people. I am so excited to go into the fashion industry, but knowing that I might contribute to all the unethical and damaging things the industry does leaves me upset and confused. Based on my current feelings about this, I still have a lot to learn about what I can do as a fashion designer and as a consumer. With this mindset and my fears that I previously mentioned, practicing mindfulness has greatly improved my feelings towards the work I have yet to begin. Practicing mindfulness has taught me to have patience with myself and others as these problems are not easily solved. It has taught me to listen to myself and what I want to do to help the world. Mindfulness practice has helped encourage me to not give up even if I never see the results of my work. After reflecting on all this, I believe I have reached the point of compassionate curiosity concerning wicked problems just I felt in the last blog.

After the first blog, I have had time to think about my answers and further develop them here. I remember that after the first few problems we looked at left me in awe and unsure how to respond. As we have continued to investigate each new problem and what effect it has on people and our environment, I have learned that there is much more to wicked problems than just solving them. For example, for the out-of-class assignment 5, my group was researching sweatshops. Going into our research I first took the time to get to know the issue and all the aspects of it. I learned about the different impacts that sweatshops have on employees in low-income countries, manufacturers, designers, CEOs, and consumers. Having both a compassionate and humble response in any situation can be difficult. However, with the what I have learned in this class, I believe I can have this response to any new wicked problem I face. I have also noticed my ability to humble myself improve. I can remember that each problem is a big issue, and I cannot solve it in one day or even one year! So, after reflecting on how my responses to wicked problems have greatly transformed as the class has gone by, I would say my responses are compassionate and humble. I do still struggle to understand the whole of each problem and solve the issue at hand perfectly. But, to tackle this issue, I plan on continuing to practice being compassionate, humble, and always practicing mindfulness. I believe that doing this will help me learn to respond to wicked problems even better than I do right now. Although I do still struggle with this part of my response, I feel that my understanding of each problem is growing and changing with time. I now know that I need to focus on taking care of my mind, body, and heart before looking into new issues. By achieving this, I will be able to effectively comprehend any wicked problem and move towards creating a better, more sustainable future.

 Throughout this course we not only went over different ways to discuss and understand the seemingly unsolvable problems, but we also learned to start taking time to ourselves for mindfulness. My view of the world’s current state has greatly changed. I feel that after completing this course I can successfully discuss and comprehend current world issues that we face. Now that this course has been completed, I plan on doing a few things differently. Firstly, I plan on continuing to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness has taught me to be humble and to assess each problem slowly and carefully. I also plan on talking more about current issues to people I know. I think trying to start more conversation around these large issues that we face could cause more solutions to be created. As well, I think bringing up topics that might be controversial for some people can help me gain a new perspective. I also plan on taking more time to understand how I am doing each day. I didn’t realize this until a few days ago, but this course has taught me to care for my personal needs as well. I’m not exactly sure what in the course caused this but I’m thankful. Other than these things I also have a few other ideas to create a positive change. I want to start asking my friends to get involved with me, meaning going to protests, volunteering, or even just talking about the issues our world faces with others.

I also want to be more disciplined in keeping myself informed and up to date when it comes to politics and environmental issues. Hopefully keeping up with these things will help me live a more informed and productive life to create a better future for those younger than myself. Overall, I’m glad I was able to take this course and learn about all the different wicked problems that we have in our world. I truly have changed my perspective in many ways due to this class and I hope to use what I have learned soon!

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