Self Care And Its Affect On Others

During the course Wicked Problems, I learned about the extreme problems in my industry and how they were nearly impossible to solve. To combat this, I’ve also learned that it is helpful to practice different avenues of mindfulness for personal wellbeing in order to make time for bettering one’s surroundings. Through the process of practicing a mindful mentality, as well as somatic and emotional mindfulness, I have furthered my progress in contributing to society in a positive way since my last blog. Which in turn, helps my surroundings and environment to be better little by little.

For instance, since my last blog, I have maintained more of a mindful mindset in my everyday activities in order to better my mood and allow me to help my environment and others around me. Specifically, I learned more about the bad practices in the fashion industry, such as the irresponsible dumping of chemicals into poorer communities’ water sources. Learning this through my research project has made me aware that ALL aspects of fashion have an effect on people when garments are made, used, and discarded. It also helped me make a mental note for myself later in life to think about how my clothes would be disposed of, and that any chemicals or microfibers that could be harmful when combined with natural materials would become toxic. The knowledge that I have gained from my Wicked Problems class and my Fundamentals of Fashion class has shown me that even though it is many businesses’ bad practices that degrade the environment, that the new practices of new generations of designers and business owners that could reverse the effects. However, I have also been taught that it isn’t all up to me to “save the world”, that I should just do what I can, encourage others to do the same, and hope it will make a lasting impact. I give myself grace in my personal and studious life knowing that I’m not perfect and have room to grow, but also that it’s not an overnight process of bettering myself. In that process, I have attempted meditation and after perceiving no good results I have deepened my study of the Bible. I try to read more scripture every day and apply it to my everyday life so that I can better focus and have more peace, joy, and patience so that my productivity is high. I have also been recycling plastic bottles and cardboard boxes from my room, walking to class instead of taking the bus, and being conscious not to litter. However, I still aspire to purchase from more sustainable brands regarding my food first, then when I can afford it, to start branching out into buying from sustainable fashion brands. Doing small things like this, thinking about my purchases, recycling when I can, buying food and produce that is from “eco-friendly” farms and markets, adds to my overall journey to becoming a better person and bettering the environment. All of this mental effort and being aware of my practices and purchases helps me to see what I contribute to the environment and I can take steps to improve my surroundings by improving my mental status.

Furthermore, in my somatic mindfulness, I have been working on my exercising routine, my meals, and food consumption, and creating a nice environment in my dorm room to help put me in a better mentality to rest. I have been trying to watch what I have been eating, taking note of when I eat more junk food than I should and taking the stairs more when I do. My practice in taking care of my physical health can help give me energy, which in turn helps better my mindset and makes me more productive. It isn’t just doing things that would help me to become a better and more environmentally conscious person, but that connection to keeping a healthy body and mind both are important to me succeeding in my personal and educational tasks. When I was writing my first blog, my practice of going to the gym five days a week was better, and I have been slacking recently because of more assignments and a lack of better time management. However, in keeping with my good mental mindfulness, I have been giving myself grace. In doing this, it still gives me a better mentality that I am not a bad person for not making time for these things, but that I can improve if I keep trying my best. Upkeep with my bodily health and good practices helps me to feel better about myself and makes me more aware when I can take opportunities to help others and take actions to help with bettering the environment, making me informed of the daily decisions that I make. I also focus on my senses, such as smell and sight in my room. For example, when I melt wax cubes and turn on my bright lamp, it creates a tranquil and forgiving atmosphere, that helps me to get in the mood to better my surroundings. It puts me in a better mood for cleaning up and gathering my recycling and taking it out and watering my succulents to create fresh air in my room. This also helps me to get better rest when my room is clean and my “chores” and homework get done, giving me more time to take care of my mental wellbeing and become more aware of how I affect the people around me. All of the sensory aspects have to do with my emotions and how well I can perform my tasks and remember to do them to change my progress in a positive way. Which connects to my surroundings and being mindful of how I contribute to them and my level of contribution.

By getting more energy through taking care of myself mentally and physically, my emotional state automatically improves, and my productivity along with it, and indirectly, my environment. Gaining energy from reading my Bible and praying daily, makes me happier and gives me more peace throughout my day. This helps me to get more of my school work done because I am in a better mood and it also provides me with the energy I need for my own activities and for encouraging others, which helps them with theirs. Making sure that I get good and proper rest helps to boost my mood as well, creating an avenue for more energy that day as well as more time to devote to helping others and my environment. Having a positive attitude can create a more positive and less self-centered world. It can show people what is really going on around them when we aren’t so worried about our own problems. This is accomplished through the weight of fatigue and stress over problems being lightened or handled better so that people’s awareness and compassion for others and their environment is deepened. When I exercise regularly and pray regularly, it gives me peace by making me release my worries and know that I can handle the tasks set before me. This peace can rub off on others when I see people stressing about something and I encourage them that they can handle the task at hand. Energy for myself is a way to encourage others.

Taking care of myself helps me to take care of my environment and others. Generating a positive mental, physical, and emotional state can create a chance for others to heal along with me and the world along with us. It helps me to think about taking care of myself because it can better someone else’s day because that I’m not in a snippy mood. Helping others helps the environment because we think about others, not just ourselves.

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