Sustainable Impact

In this class, my eyes have truly been opened to the horrible aspects of this life I had no idea of or was even aware of. I am really excited to explain what I have learned in this class to other friends and let them know how and what we can do together to make changes. I have also been made aware of how much of a bigger impact corporations could make since they make so much more waste and add to pollution way more than just your average person. My heart has truly been affected as it hurts my heart that we have already seen changes in our era of living, changes about how global warming has already been worsening. As a society and to better our planet we need to help make global warming something everyone is aware of, there should absolutely be no debate on whether or not global warming is real or is fake. There is so much scientific evidence backing up global warming there is no way that all these scientists would just makeup all these lies and dedicate their lives to help spread the information we need to help slow it down.

My mind has also been affected as now I consciously think of the purchases I make, I think of how if I eat at home rather than eat out I won’t be using styrofoam for my drink or plastic silverware and so on. I think about if I take a tote bag to the grocery store that’s one plastic bag I didn’t use. Now when I get the chance and have free time I educate myself further on people who live zero waste lives. I love learning about zero waste grocery stores and so on, how they spread what they have learned within running their business about zero waste. I think about how much single-use plastic is so normal to use at grocery stores like a bag of chips and even putting our fruit in plastic bags just to take it home, talking about this even now sounds weirder like why is that something we were raised just doing? It seems pointless when we could just take a little extra time and either carry all our groceries inside the house rather than filling them in plastic bags, as well as just buying reusable bags. 

My emotions have been affected in the sense that I have thought about all the animals that have maybe been affected by plastic-like soda cans the little rings of plastic can get wrapped around their necks and they can choke. There are so many tons of our plastic that ends up in the ocean, there was a big trend where people would purchase reusable straws, to save the turtles that would mistake the straws or plastic for food. Instead of getting straws, for example, Starbucks came up with new cups with holes at the top where you could just sip your coffee but that was so much more plastic than just getting a cup with a straw, no one would realize how much more harmful that would be. 

My body has been affected in the class in the sense that my mind was opened up more to the idea of meditation and meditating weekly. I had sometimes judged meditation thinking it was not something that would work for me, but I felt so calm and especially more focused after meditating. I was certainly more engaged in the conversations we would have or discuss in class. I would notice how sleep-deprived I was after focusing on my body and what it needed my head would start dropping in every class during meditation. I would feel more at peace and would go home and work hard so I could catch up on some sleep. My favorite meditation practice we did in class was one where you imagined a safe place my imagination came up with the prettiest place I have ever imagined and felt so safe and was such a comfortable experience. I imagined this really pretty forest with tons of greenery a place you might imagine in a fairytale where fairies live, that was apparently my safe space and it was just the right temperature and there were no worries while I imagined that place. It was absolutely, no questions asked, my favorite meditation so far. I have started looking into more forms of meditation practice on my own, I have noticed that if I do it in the mornings before my day I feel relaxed and more inspired to be productive during my day. 

I have been made aware that choosing “sustainable design” is a choice for a minor and I am absolutely interested in making that my minor, I want to change a lot of what the norms are for brands and would like to own my own someday I would love to be able to be 100% sustainable with so many other things I would like to change. I would love to have equal pay for all the people that work for me also have such a positive work environment. I want to have clothes that are also for plus-size fashion. I have so many ideas to help different charities that would help benefit their companies. A big focus for my brand, my morals, and myself is that I do not want to be the only person who is benefiting from my brand, I do not want to become rich while people who are actually selling my products are getting paid minimum wage, there’s no way that I would be okay with that. I do not understand how people who have more money than they know what to do with can look at the wicked problems of this world that they could basically fund single-handedly and not want to do anything to help. There is a lot of ideas I have to help with being more sustainable and raising awareness within my brand alone. I would love to hold conferences or discussions in the future to help other brands and CEOs or managers etc so they could learn how to be more sustainable within their own brand and even help us think of ideas on how to improve.

I have truly been changed and open-minded as I possibly could be during this class and am excited to take more sustainability classes in the future. I truly believe this class was one of my favorites which also helps me think I wanna minor in sustainable design. I have now even made my friends and family aware of how much textile waste is done by corporations. My team within our infographic project also learned as a group how corporations like to dispose of their waste and dyes by getting rid of them unsustainably rather than in a sustainable way since it’s cheaper, for example ridding of their excess dye by leaking it into oceans or any forms of water. This class was a big part of learning more about how to help the environment and so many other wicked problems, even if it is a small change or help it is still a form of help or change in the right direction.

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