Understanding the wicked problems

There are plenty of reasons why wicked problems are not the easiest to understand. They are not the simplest to solve. Having a passion for what you do and understanding how to deal with them will go a long way in helping you get through difficult situations. Mindfulness practices help improve your physical and mental health. They can also help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. It is very important for us to be aware of what is happening around us and how it affects our environment and future. Before this course, I was not aware of how humans are altering the planet’s environment. I do not sense I can fix these issues right away, though I can certainly make a small change in my life to address them. Today, it is so easy to think that our actions make a difference, as choosing not to make a difference is likely one of the biggest problems we face. Educating yourself can turn into educating others. It can also turn into helping others. Learning to become mindful helps me see that my actions have a bigger impact on the world. After being mindful for a long time, I have decided to start researching on things that I can do to make the world a better place. Doing so will benefit both myself and my body in the long-term. I realized that we must work together to make our planet a better place. It is going to take people coming together to make these changes happen.

At the time, I was not ready to give up on anything, so I kept going with the routine that I was already used to. It’s like a trend, we all want the latest and biggest things in life. But what should we be thinking about when we get these? I am the same person who would get the latest phone when it is released, and I did not mind spending my money on the newest thing because that is what I wanted. Not knowing the outcome of the action and how that could impact the environment indirectly. Being able to study the Wicked problems that we face and what will happen if we do not work together to fix them will make us look grim in the future. We must think of the resource as limited-edition items. Once the item is in the market it is only there for a certain amount of time, as the resources that is available to us. If we do not take care of the resources we are using, there might not be any left for the future or the once we may have left would be marketed for the highest price it could offer for the resources. Pretty much leading towards inflation and downhill of the economy. Now being aware of the situation I know that having the best and the latest thing in life is not the smartest decision for our planet. 

After taking this course it made me realize that small changes can make a big difference overtime, we need to be consistent and set the mindset that it is very much achievable. We must learn to use less and utilize what is available. This class encourages me to think out of the box and be responsible for our actions towards sustainability for the future. This course has helped me understand some of the problems with mindfulness practice. There are various ways to practice mindfulness, such as focusing on the elements and keeping a schedule. One of my favorites is to sketch, as it helps me feel less anxious and mentally focused. I am always in a rush, and I tend to procrastinate. To avoid this, I started planning all my plans for the upcoming week. Through the practices that I have tried to do more, I have been able to see many things that I hadn’t before. It is very humbling, and it allows me to put myself in the shoes of others. have come to realize that I am not the only one who has a responsibility to deal with the effects of my waste. This goes for more than plastic. Being able to do my part in addressing issues is a huge step in becoming a more responsible person. When it comes to waste, I have come to realize that I can recycle and support those who are green.

It has been a bit challenging to expand my circle of life since I started making changes in my personal and family lives. I have also started thinking about what else I can do to help the planet. There is so much more than just waste when it comes to dealing with wicked problems. Doing so starts with taking responsibility for what we can do outside of our homes. When we start thinking about what we can do to make a difference, it is not hard to get started. It helps us to stop thinking about what we cannot do and instead, focus on what we can do physically and mentally. People have an idea that creating a sustainable eco-friendly is not very cost effective but that is not always true. Sustainability does not mean to be high tech but a high concept, a concept that will allow you to salvage product or material in a different perspective. Creating a product out of waste is an example of high concept design. Having been said that I think we have come to the point that to make a difference and see the change everyone needs to do their part in solving the wicked problems. 

To do my part I have become more aware of the products that I use in my everyday life and encourage others to the do the same as well. There are a lot of brands and companies that support sustainable and ecofriendly products that is both beneficial for us and the environment. Lot of those companies do not get as much attentions as the other popular brands that cause more harm for the environment. My goal to create a positive change in my circle of influence is to support the local businesses and brand products that cares about the environment and help do my part in green living. There are multiple brands and companies that are sustainable but not many know about what it does and how it helps the environment. Also, the high-end brands do not usually incorporate recycle as much so not a lot are aware of the causes. Green toys are a company that believes in raising a healthy baby is providing a healthy environment. It is a green toy company that creates safe toys with 100% recycles materials.  The toys are made from recycled plastic milk jugs, packaged in recycled materials, and are printed with soy ink. Their system also diverts material from landfills, which saves energy and reduces their carbon footprint. There are many more brands that incorporate sustainability as, green toys like, yes straws, pela, thinx, and native shoes with amazing eco-friendly designs to help the planet. If we fail to act upon the solution to understanding sustainability, we would be overusing resources than required. It is better to start of somewhere rather than just letting it run until there is no more influence or resource left. 

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