You can be the Change in this World

As I mentioned in my last blog, going into this class I had no idea what exactly wicked problems were. From watching the 11th Hour Film my eyes started to finally open on how dreadful our world really is. I have grown to learn that wicked problems are not just deforestation, global warming, mass extinction, but are so much more. I also did not know what sustainability was either and I am sure millions of people do not know as well. Therefore, more people should be aware of sustainability issues, which are wicked problems. Today, I was scrolling through Nike to get some new shoes and I realized they have shoes that are made from sustainable materials. I thought this was very interesting because I have never seen a shoe labeled as made from sustainable materials that looks exactly like any other shoe. I believe that everyone should know what this means. As well as to what wicked problems are. Moreover, how simply buying the shoe that is made of the sustainable materials can help better the world.

From doing the infographic project I learned that throwaway fashion is a huge, wicked problem that many are not aware of, including myself. Furthermore, this project really opened my eyes to how horrible throwaway fashion really is. I learned that throwaway fashion can horribly impact the world resulting in harming innocent animals and even people. Many companies and consumers dump their clothes into landfills daily. This can lead to air pollution, causing people to breathe toxic chemicals such as methane and greenhouse gases. These are both very toxic to breathe and can lead to long term effects such as lung disease and respiratory disease. Greenhouse gases and methane can also lead to climate change, which can harm the environment. In addition, the waste of clothing could end up in oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. This can lead to harming innocent animals and their habitats. After I read articles after articles, I began to feel upset at how badly throwaway fashion can harm our world. I finally understood how wicked problems can be very serious. Therefore, I realized changes need to be made so our world can become stronger. It is sad to say, but I am a part of why throwaway fashion is such a wicked problem today. I have bought clothes from businesses who participate in throwaway fashion and had no idea. I have also thrown away clothes because I was too lazy to take them to thrift shops or donation places. Just thinking about how I am a part of wicked problems makes me sick. However, now I have a completely different perspective and truly want to change ways of how I am a part of the issue of wicked problems. I strongly believe that everyone should be aware of this problem. This class has helped me be more aware of my surroundings. Whether that may be throwing away trash on my way to class or simply listening to others when they need me. 

 I have gained and learned so much knowledge throughout this course. One thing that I learned from this course was that spreading awareness can simply get people’s attention. Whether that may be posting or reposting wicked problems on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Millions of people use these social media platforms every day. It can take one person to simply address wicked problems and the effect they can have on our world for people to truly understand. Then people will start to get an idea and adopt habits to help better the world. I found reusing and recycling can be extremely beneficial to helping our world become healthier. Now that I know about throwaway fashion and other wicked problems, I can start small and repost wicked problems on social media and inform my friends and family. Hopefully, opening their eyes and encouraging them to inform more people about wicked problems. Sharing wicked problems with people will help me feel better because I will know more people will start helping the world become cleaner. I can take the time to be upset and keep building my anxiety, but why waste time when I could be the one to step up and make a difference in our world. This course has enlightened and encouraged me to really understand wicked problems. Anyone can change the world. All it takes is taking the time to step up and inform people on how our world is being affected by wicked problems. 

Mindfulness practice has had a huge impact on me throughout this course, which has helped me take compassionate curiosity to the multiple ways I have learned about wicked problems. I have changed my perspective when understanding wicked problems, intellectually, emotionally, and somatically. Mindfulness practice helped me intellectually by doing the practices soothed my body, which helped me calm down by relaxing my muscles. This helped me be more aware of my surroundings. Making me more engaged and present in the moment. Each mindfulness practice that we did truly help me relax my body as well as my mind to help rejuvenate. Also, to help me have a fresh mind ready to learn about wicked problems. Mindfulness practice also helped me somatically by calming my anxiety as well, in which I was ready to listen and participate in the class discussions. Not only has mindfulness practice benefited me by relaxing my body and mind, but emotionally as well. Almost every day before I walked into class, I was very devastated because I knew we would discuss a devastating topic on wicked problems. My heart was heavy until I participated in mindfulness practice. This helped me get over my devastation about wicked problems. The main benefit that mindfulness practice had on me was it gave me a positive perspective on wicked problems instead of just focusing on the negative. We can take the time to worry and weep about the problems, but they are not going to get any better unless someone steps up to make a difference. Mindfulness practice helped me use my bodily sensations, mind, and heart to help me better understand dreadful topics. I am looking forward to applying mindfulness practice to my daily routine to help calm me down for anything. I also feel at peace and at home which can help me open up more and express my ideas no matter where I am at. 

What has really helped me develop humble and compassionate responses to wicked problems are the discussions we had in class and the mindfulness practices we did. Each discussion we broke down whatever wicked problem we were talking about, which really helped me see the true meaning of wicked problems. Bringing myself awareness helped me know wicked problems because I was able to interpret my thoughts and feelings especially when doing the mindfulness practices. My overall feeling about this class was I was very nervous because I did not know what wicked problems exactly were. However, after taking class day by day I began to open up and learn about such dreadful topics about wicked problems. Mindfulness practice played a huge role in helping me develop humble and compassionate responses to wicked problems. It helped me realize that being in peace helps you feel pleasing and more aware of your surroundings. Therefore, I believe the whole world deserves to be at peace and be able to be aware of their surroundings as well. Not only just the people, but the world itself. Our world is made so beautifully. Why do we want to keep harming it and making more wicked problems? If we commit to standing up to make a difference our world will be a more superior place.

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