Daily Mindfulness Can Go A Long Way

In this course, being mindful about my learning has shown me a lot about my anxiety, stress, focus issues, spiritual needs, and so much more about myself and the world around me in the now. I have become more compassionately curious to my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. As I have been mindfully meditating in class, at my dorm, and anytime I begin to start feeling stressed, I have been more attentive to what is going on inside my head and how my body feels. I start to focus on how each foot feels on the ground to how I sit comfortably in my chair and even to how my hands lay gently on my thighs. Before being in Wicked Problems, I have honestly never meditated before, so it was new to me and a new feeling.  It has made me more relaxed and ready to learn other kinds of mindfulness meditations. We have learned numerous of ways to meditate and all of them can work and help me in my day-to-day life experiences. Sitting there peacefully helps me relax, as long as it does not make me relax so much to where I fall asleep. Unfortunately, the meditation would make me feel tired and almost fall asleep half the time, but when it did not, it was still very relaxing, calming, and put me in a better mindset for the rest of my day. If I was too relaxed, I would not be able to focus in class and only think about sleeping. Not only that, but throughout the period of the ten-minute meditation, I focus my thoughts on what is happening now and how I feel personally, rather than the future or anything that is happening around me. At first, it was challenging to focus on the now rather than the future, but the more I practiced, the easier it got to focus on what was happening at that exact moment. So much is happening around me and in the world in that moment. If I started to think about my schedule, my next class, what grade I got on my project, or even what I will have for dinner, I would lose the feeling and thoughts of now and would have to refocus my brain over. This happened quite often in the beginning, but the more practice I did, the easier it got to stay focused. In fact, not only did it make it easier to focus, it made me want to meditate more to be more in the moment. Being in a state of worry always seems to come when I think about the future, but if I was more in the moment and only took one step on the time, I would be in a state of relief from stress. After meditation and practicing mindfully, it allows me to see more about what is happening in the world and to be humbler about it. Because I am at peace with things and compassionately curious, it lets me see more views on the world without the stress and anxiety about what is happening. In fact, it makes me even more curious. As I am curious about my body and how it feels, it makes it to where I want to see how others feel and how the world feels. Mindfulness allows me to be more open to the wicked problems happening today and search for ideas to help. It gave me a new perspective and allows me to think more positive about finding ways to stop these issues. In mindfulness, I started to do the label meditation. When I started to think about other things rather than the moment, I would say thoughts in my head. Labeling what is happening helps me reevaluate what is happening and refocus to the moment I am in. The first time I heard about label meditation, I was very curious to see what it was about and to see if it could help more. It was weird at first, randomly labeling my thoughts in my head, but it helped me focus more. Since I started meditating daily, I have noticed this to increase my attention span, help improve my sleep cycle, make me more compassionate and caring towards the people around me, and has overall helped my wellbeing. I have added this type of meditation to my daily routine, and I have reaped the benefits because of it.

My learning process has always changed throughout my life. I never really had a set process or way to do things until college. I would always procrastinate and worry about the future. My work would take me much longer than it should have, and nothing seemed to help me. It was so much of a challenge that my grades would start to struggle, and I would need to find a tutor. Now that I have taken this course and been on my own for a while, meditation has helped me grow and focus on the now. I am more focused on my homework, activities, responsibilities, and what is at hand. The process of doing homework has gotten much quicker and more efficient. My grades have improved exceedingly since I have started this mindful meditation practice. There are not as many distractions as there used to be, as well. Even if I have a lot to do in school and life, I try to meditate before starting so I will not be as stressed or anxious. Being mindful in my meditation and more compassionately curious about my thoughts, feelings, and emotions has allowed me to be a better student and person. My anxiety goes away, for the most part, and puts me in a better mood to do all my other activities and responsibilities. I have become more positive, in fact. This had made me a more proactive and productive then I was in high school and throughout the rest of my early life. Because of this daily practice, I feel more physically, spiritually, and mentally well. Not only has daily mindfulness practice helped and changed me but challenged me. Change is always hard for me, so it is not easy for me to add meditation to my daily schedule. I like things to be organized and the way I like it. I never want to truly add something unless I am trying to change who I am or I live in a different place/go to a different school. I need a completely different setting. When I added something onto my schedule, it took some getting used to. I often dreaded the fact that I had to do it because I did not think it would help me in being compassionately curious about myself. Once I began to make it more of a habit, I realized how much I changed mentally, spiritually, and even physically. Challenges may seem hard but making it a habit can help a lot. 

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