Mindfulness Practices Effects on Life

Coming into this class I had no idea what a wicked problem was, nor did I fully understand how unsustainable the society and environment truly are. Wicked problems have a huge impact on this world and society. Discovering the reality of this world’s wicked problems and the seriousness of them is quite concerning. To fully understand the situation of a wicked problem it is critical to realize that there is no right or wrong answer or solution to the problem. In my opinion applying a mindful approach and practicing a form of daily meditation, the perspective I held on the world and wicked problems throughout my major has entirely changed. 

Paying attention to the present moment, as well as being mindful of how a wicked problem arose to this world and lack of discernment will help to prevent irreparable future harm. Including this idea of mindfulness meditation into my daily lifestyle at first it has felt very hard to “find time,” but now I realize I do this every night without even knowing or acknowledging right before bed. It is very therapeutic and eye opening to the fact that I needed to start being more open to different ideas or point of views that others might have. Towards the beginning of school and the start of interior design in my mind I thought we would only be dealing with furniture and walls but that is entirely untrue.There are numerous amounts of features to the interior design field that often go unnoticed. More often than not, the designers are aware of the problem but don’t care enough to find a solution and typically don’t account for the long term effects something they designed might have on this earth. 

Instead of overlooking these wicked problems now I can see and understand what is going on and how to make a design sustainable for the environment. Me being only one person I won’t have a huge effect on the environment but it is a step to becoming a better and more sustainable field of design. Involving mindful practice into my lifestyle it has allowed me to notice the reality of what our world has come to, which needs to have a change. Utilizing my new understanding it is clear to see that small changes in any field can set the bar for a greater future environment. These new thoughts and understandings have made me ponder the fact that these problems have been going on for years on end and all I knew about was the major problems like pollution. It is scary to think that there are wicked problems all over this earth that I can only now start to learn and understand. As well as looking for new ways of change to strive toward. In no way would I seek judgement to those who may be to blame, but I do feel it is time to take action and seek a change in this world. 

In my opinion we are greedy people who just simply exist in this world, we never take the time to think about the actions we are doing and what the consequences may be. In my next couple years learning about interior design my goal is to greater my knowledge of the issues we are facing, as well as looking for ways to solve these exact issues we face. I feel that we as humans need to be more appreciative of the resources we do have and that they need to be cherished. As far as design goes, practicing mindfulness has helped me to be more of a humble person towards my thoughts about the environment and the world we are currently living in. 

Beginning to be able to understand where all these different types of problems arose from has led me to perceive the true amounts of work it will take to turn this around. It is easy to see how businesses and big corporations have exploited the environment and local communities where they possibly live or don’t live. In the very few four classes that we have had for this class, I have been able to greater my knowledge in many different ways. If I am being honest many of the days I have been completely confused but by the end of class I have learned thousands of new things. Being able to organize my thoughts through mindfulness practice and meditation has eased my stress levels over the past couple of weeks. As well as being able to look more toward the bigger picture instead of nitpicking every little detail. I am still so far from fully understanding the concept of wicked problems and ways to solve them, but my vision is clearer to the fact that we are ruining this earth. The first day of class we watched a film called the 11th hour, this film was documentary describing the state of terror the world was in, I had no idea how bad it truly was so the film was very eye-opening to the fact that change was needed. 

In order to create a change in our industries, we will be required to understand the problems at hand and the possible problems we may face in the future. So far, throughout this course I have learned that there is not always one solution nor is a change of perspective needed. Instead more knowledge on the problem is needed to further your perspective. Before this class I had always believed there is only one correct solution, but now I am understanding the fact that there is an unknown amount of solutions for a specific problem. 

Taking into consideration everything that has been stated so far, within a short amount of time it is clear to see creating a sustainable world for the future, we must understand all aspects of design. Mindfulness practice has assisted my thought process by adding to my understanding of what wicked problems truly are and how we can create solutions to head toward a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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