Understanding What is Wicked

When I first enrolled in Wicked Problems, I did not have any knowledge of what it was or what we would be learning. When I heard the term “wicked problems”, I never figured that we would be talking about real life issues that are borderline impossible to solve. I also did not understand why this would be an important class to be involved in because it seemed completely different from the classes I am taking for my major. The first day of class really opened my eyes on what wicked problems are and why this class is so crucial to participate in. It is because the careers that we are wanting to pursue are a part of the problem with our perishing environment. These industries play a big part in damaging the earth and continue to be partly responsible for the way our home is today. I now understand the significance of this class, it is to inform us of what is really going on and to teach younger generations of people to do better and to be smarter with how they do things and how to use the resources we have efficiently. 

Learning about wicked problems and becoming more aware of what is happening has been a huge awakening. I always knew the seriousness of these worldwide issues but sometimes I forget to stop and think about them and what I could do to help. I know that many people care about these issues too but they don’t do anything about it and I unfortunately have to say that I have caught myself being part of the problem and not doing anything to help either. This class has served as a motivation for me to really think about these problematic occurrences and truly begin to do what I can to help weaken these wicked problems. I definitely approach wicked problems from a more emotional standpoint. My newfound knowledge and heartbreak for our world’s current state allows me to fully acknowledge what is happening and it pushes me to want to learn more and start talking more about it with others. My awareness started to progress further when we watched The 11th Hour. It was devastating to see what was happening and made me wonder if we will be in existence in the future or if we will fade away like the humans did on Easter Island. It is scary to face these issues and I know that that is what I have been doing for a long time, but now I have realized that these problems will not go away and eventually, I will be a part of an interior design industry that could either contribute to the awful goings of our earth or be a part of one that does everything in its power to improve and repair our damaged environment by doing our work with more efficient and safe resources. I have had the opportunity to think about these things too, especially with a new project I am working on with other classmates that have the same career interest as I do. We get to research human welfare and the built environment. I never stopped to realize that the resources we use to design our homes and different kinds of buildings could potentially be toxic to the environment. I started thinking why we would even begin to use certain products if they could permanently damage the world around us. I am intrigued with this assignment and I hope that I can learn more about other resources that are more environmentally friendly. It is time for me to go into this class and approach wicked problems with a clear mind and a judgement-free headspace to fully understand what I am learning in order to be able to positively contribute to our world.

This class has also introduced me to new experiences practicing daily mindfulness meditation. The thought of meditation was not extremely appealing to me at first just because it seemed a little hopeless. I did not understand the importance of it but then we talked more about it in class and I began to realize that it might actually help after all. I struggled with it in the beginning because of how easy it is to get distracted and think about other things instead of just being in the present and staying calm as well as relaxed. The more I practiced it, the more I actually liked meditating. I learned that it can benefit people who deal with wicked problems in the long run which was so interesting to me. Having daily mindfulness allows me to put my mind at peace, it helps me center myself and be able to concentrate better. Normally, thinking about wicked problems is quite overwhelming because these issues are bigger than anything I have ever known and it is easy to get lost with all of these thoughts and worries. With mindfulness, I am able to think about them with a more peaceful mindset and know that it will take time to make a difference. I believe that practicing mindfulness everyday and incorporating it into our lives will help people come together and connect better. I feel that without it, it could prove very difficult for people to see eye to eye on these issues and approach them in a positive way. I am glad that my attention has been brought to this practice. It overall helps me be a better person and it benefits me in class with my studies. The world is always moving and it does not wait for anything or anyone. I think that is why this practice is so important because the more we use it in our daily lives, the faster we could really make a difference. I believe that I sort of always had a humble outlook on these tremendous issues but now that I have learned a lot more and have had conversations about wicked problems with other people, I for sure can say that I am more compassionate about it. My perception has significantly changed for the better and now I can use what I know for good and continue to treat our world with compassion and love. These wicked problems could ruin us but I have faith that with slow but progressive steps, humanity will come together and we will build a more sustainable future for the world we live in. 

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