wicked problems in everyday life

Before coming into this class I had no idea what a “wicked problem” was. I have learned that a wicked problem is a problem that is almost impossible to resolve causing contradictions. No matter the amount of effort and time we put into trying to solve the issues, unfortunately, it will not happen. This idea can bounce back and forth, as some people may argue that it can in fact be solved, our society just thinks it is impossible.  The impact of wicked problems on our society is not talked about enough, which is one reason I enjoy this course because I love to dig deep into our society’s economic issues. Throughout the numerous discussions we have had in class it has truly opened my eyes up about how unsustainable our environment is. The reality of our world’s wicked problems is so devastating. As I see it, I believe the best way to go about it is to approach any situation in a mindful manner. Being aware of the definition of wicked problems has significantly changed my perspective on my everyday life, looking into the future and it makes a lot of sense that it correlates with my major, interior design. 

Throughout the 5 weeks of class, we have also learned how to practice mindfulness meditation. The long dreadful weeks leading up to the first week of this course were very challenging. This semester began to take a toll on me and caused me to get very overwhelmed and behind in classes. I just needed a second to recoup. I never could find an appropriate time or place to just take a second for myself, pause, reflect, and do a self-check. Until we were introduced and shown how to practice mindfulness meditation in class.  At first, I did not believe meditation in class would make a difference in my stress level if I’m being honest. After a couple of weeks of this practice, it really did start to make a difference. It calms me, helps me take a second to back up and organize my thoughts and move into the future with more confidence. It has been so effective that I actually placed meditation into my everyday schedule as a priority since it truly does make a difference. I think everyone needs to clear a 10-minute time frame into their everyday lives and meditate. Even if they don’t think they need it, in my opinion, I think it would make the world a better place as it would soothe and calm people, which we don’t have much of in this world. I think it would make a difference in the way we go about everything whether it’s just our everyday lives or our environment’s wicked problems. 

In my opinion, paying more attention to the now and present can help form a more sustainable environment. The little things go a long way, even if it doesn’t seem like it. A Lot of people don’t go about their day-to-day lives with a sustainable outlook on the world because they believe their one act will not make a difference, but in reality, one tiny thing is huge. Things like recycling, less vehicle travel, and conservation of water are small but make an entirely big difference in today’s society’s environment. I personally have taken the information I have learned in class into consideration. I have always recycled and tried my best to conserve water to my best ability but I have added more of the color green into my everyday life. I’m sure most college kids can say they walk a lot instead of driving, but personally, I have not driven more than 3 times since moving to Stillwater. That alone has probably saved me gas, money, and air pollution. Driving is something I enjoy doing so this has been kind of hard for me but I am trying my best to stay out of the driver’s seat and on my feet more. As a raging shopaholic, I have been paying closer attention to the labels on items and thinking twice about purchasing them based on if I think they will be sustainable to the environment or not. I have also tried to shop with eco-friendly shops and companies that focus on the importance of our environment. I have picked up a handful of environmental friendliness tactics but on top of that, my main focus is to rethink things and ask myself if it is or will be sustainable for our world. 

 In conclusion, wicked problems need to become a heavier topic. It is nothing to be brushed off and put to the side for later like our society is. I think this is because if it is not affecting the individual then it is not their problem, which needs to come to a stop in this situation. Our society is very diverse in many ways but one thing we all have in common is we all live on one earth, an earth that is slowly deteriorating and shutting down because of us. Why not all come together and do what we can to rebuild our world’s environment. Obviously, it will take time to rebuild the world but a shorter amount of time if we could all just come together for once for the one thing all humans have in common. Then again not everyone has to take this course to open up their minds and pound the wicked problem into their minds, in my opinion, this should be a required course. Mindfulness thinking puts your mind at ease to be able to approach this problem in a mindful manner and will forever be a part of my daily routine, only because of the knowledge consumed from this course. Like I mentioned, one little act goes such a long way. If all people came together as one no matter your class, age, race, or sexuality we could make it happen. I plan to spread the message to the best of my ability, stating the issue before it is too late, which is coming faster than we think.

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