The Influence of Daily Mindfulness

In the very beginning of this course, understanding wicked problems intellectually, emotionally, and somatically was quite challenging. I could not focus and had many distractions around me. I did not care to try hard enough to find a space where it was just my mind and me. Constantly, I would think about my other plans or homework I had rather than being in the present. Nothing else seemed to matter except the future. Growing up, I was always taught to think about my future, what I wanted to do in life, and where I went to college. Now that I made it to college and know what I want to do, I moved on to think about after college or even the future years ahead of me. It was a habit, so it was easy to do. Changes are hard and I eventually wanted to make a change and focus on the present. I knew that it would be very hard, but it would be worth it. Once I was out of college, I knew that I would miss these years so if I spend it worrying about the future, I would not be living in the moment. So, I made it a goal to take a compassion curiosity to understand the now and wicked problems around me. There is so much around me happening in the world and I am too distracted by my needs and the world around me. After I decided to have this goal, I made it clear to my mind, heart, and body, that I was going to focus. I practiced every day and set a specific spot in my day to have mindful practice, nothing else. It took time, but I knew it would be worth it. Slowly, but surely, it got easier to only think of the now and what is going on around me and the world. What I noticed is as I started to focus more and not be distracted, I started to become more calm, less anxious, and more productive. My schoolwork became more of an interest at heart, and I wanted to get it done rather than procrastinate. I was not as anxious as I used to be about my school or life. I instantly became more of a happy person. Mindful meditation easily was the reason for this. Now, I have added this practice to my daily life and hope it continues to stay this way.

Another goal that I had and that was for this course was to develop humble and compassionate responses to the wicked problems around me. Before I focused on the moment, I was not really humble or compassionate towards wicked problems as I am now. I felt compassion for others but did not fully take in every part of it like the present. I have always felt compassion for others. I have gone on a few mission trips from places in my community of Dallas to third world countries like Honduras. There have been many problems that I knew about and wanted to feel for, but I did not have a full perspective. Throughout the course of wicked problems, I have gotten to broaden my view and ideas of issues going on. In the beginning, it was hard to understand and comprehend while trying to mindfully meditate. As I was practicing more, things got easier. My mind was open for learning. I sought out different ideas and perspectives of the world and problems. So much was happening that most people did not even know about it. When I heard more, I instantly felt compassion for them but not fully humble about it. Because of my consistent practice, though, my views broadened. I started to slowly become more and more humble about the world and what I have. A lot of people do not seem to care about what is going on outside of their lives but knowing what is happening is a big deal. If you know what is happening and have a humble, compassionate response, you will want to make a difference and help. Some people could already be helping without even knowing, but when someone finds out who already helps, it makes them want to ensure that it stays the same way and can allow them to promote wellness in the world. It is a chain reaction. When one person knows and wants to make a difference, they promote it and convince others to do the same, and so on. Personally, when I found out more, I already started to help or keep the same habits that helped these wicked problems. This is just like the chain reaction I was talking about. In fact, the people I talked to and informed them, are already doing the same. Using your voice is very important when discussing these issues.

My overall outcome of my experience in Wicked Problems of Industrial Places was very positive. I did not know much about this course or about mindful meditation. I was definitely hesitant about learning more. I did not like to change how my schedule and adding mindful meditation was not the plan. As I discussed earlier and in my previous blog, I get distracted easily and liked to be working for my future rather than sit and think about the present and now moments. Things take a lot of time, especially change. Life gets harder when you change, and I did not want that. I already figured out how to do my schedule and adding an evening class halfway through the semester plus mindfulness practice later on was challenging to do. Eventually it did get easier, and I created my new normal. It was easily a good change for me, which I obviously did not expect. My whole perspective changed, I was less anxious, and did not worry about my future like I usually do. Not only that, but I want to help people be the same and change these issues we are having. I hope that people will see the same way I do and want to make a difference in others’ lives and the world around us. My circle of influence is very large now that I have gone to another school, joined a sorority, and am in another state. I feel that I can manage to change several people’s views or help keep the same view for some and encourage them to mindfully practice and make a difference. Most people I know are in college, and with that, comes challenging schedules to work with, but I was the same way. If they make it a priority and give mindfulness a chance, I feel that they will have the same outcome that I did. Maybe, a domino effect could even happen if I discuss with a numerous amount of people. This way, more people can have a chance to better themselves and people around them. Overall, this class has made a huge difference in my life, and I hope in others. My plan is to continually practice daily and an influence on others. Life will always be changing and crazy, but consistency will be important in my schedule. I hope that this class made the same influence as it did on me.

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