Changing the World Little by Little

Mindfulness; the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It is something that anyone can achieve, well if they really set out their hearts to it. There are many wicked problems in our world today which I had learned that they are problems that we can’t necessarily fully fix. We can however, work on fixing them and striving to make our environments better and easier to live in. Learning about these problems in our world and fully understanding and accepting them was hard to take in. Although after going through the course of this class I gained a much better understanding of them and even learned multiple ways for solutions. I most importantly learned that being curious and having an overall mindfulness of these problems is actually really crucial for our society. When I bring compassionate curiosity to my learning in this course I notice how I start to question myself and how I want to learn more about what I can do. Sometimes I’m more curious and compassionate about some topics more than others but the want is still there. I strive to figure out ways I can help even if it is something small, I just want to at least make an impact on the world. I start wondering, am I doing the right things now? What changes can I make in my life? How can I help others also make these changes? I truly care for my planet, and I want to do anything in my power to help make it a better place if I can. I believe that that certain mentality is what does contribute to making the world better. If everyone always had the mentality of wanting to make the earth better, then it would matter of fact be better. As humans we think intellectually, emotionally, and somatically which our minds, hearts, and bodies. It’s how we come to know things and our desires to know things. This class taught me to think with not only one of these ways, but I try to think with all these ways especially towards the problems our world is facing. Being in tune with your body and soul is important to make the right decisions in life. Meditation is also very important because it allows you to relax your mind before making any vast problem-solving decisions.

Developing responses to wicked problems can sometimes take a lot of effort. At first, it may feel daunting to find a solution to a problem that might not ever be resolved. Although, after taking this course, I believe that I have gained a sense of confidence towards making a humble response or even create an answer towards these problems. For example, when we went over poverty, it was a huge issue to talk about and in some stances hard to come up with solutions. In order for myself to come up with a compassionate response, I had to take a step back from my own life and put myself in other’s shoes. Poverty is faced all over the world and is in fact known as a global issue. At first, I found it difficult to answer the question, does poverty cause environmental degradation or is it the other way around? My ultimate goal is to find the best responses to problems like these as I can. First things first, I need to gain as much information as I can about that topic. Reading through the pre-discussion articles thoroughly and retaining as much information as I possibly can. I have also already learned that in order for these problems to not become stressful and to have a clear mind while going through the thought process to make a compassionate response, I have to take a mental break and take some time out upon myself to meditate on it. I don’t want to make any haste decisions, so I found that this is the best method for myself. I believe it does in fact work for me. Once I can get into the right mindset, I am then able to make a good response. Going through the information from the articles in class also help me reinforce the information and even hear other’s opinions is helpful. Another important aspect is hearing the other side of the arguments from the articles as well. Getting that other perspective really finalizes the best compassionate response I can possibly make to my best abilities. Another example would be from when we went over the topic about fashion because I felt like I already had some knowledge about this problem in the world and that there could be some easy possibilities in order to find solutions. After going over it through our discussions in class, I found out that there are many different aspects to this problem than I thought. You can’t just get rid of an industry or else many people will lose their jobs, so I learned that there is a lot more components to this problem than what meets the eye. Hearing other’s thoughts and even relating it to my own major allowed me to have more consideration and creating efficient solutions to work on later in the years when I start my career.

With my experience in this course, I have gained a better perspective on the world, and I feel more conscious of what is happening in the environments around me. My goal leaving this class is to spread this awareness and new knowledge to friends, family, and even new people I met along the way in my journey through life. Since I have been in this class, I noticed just how much my feelings towards making the world a better place is becoming stronger. I noticed changes in how I think about daily activities, chores, and the ways people live. I can’t help but think about how our planet is becoming more dangerous and I begin to wonder how much time we really have left here. Will our great grandkids have to get on space shuttles and make their way to another galaxy in order to live on another planet? Little by little, day by day the world is changing and revolving. We have to do better, and it starts within ourselves. As humans, we have to find the will in our hearts to make the change we want to see. It’s not going to come from the industries or even just the government itself. We need to work together and find unity because without it nothing will get done. The industries will keep going on, so will the government, and the rest of the world going on about their days littering, wasting products, and let’s say pollute the ocean.

After finishing the documentary, we had watched in class, out of all the lines there was one that stuck out to me the most. It had said, “The earth will regenerate because the earth has all the time in the world, and we don’t”, this line really caught my attention and surprised me because I’ve never heard anyone point that out before. I had always imagined that after we can’t live on earth anymore, that it would just catch on fire and explode. This comment was a powerful eye-opener that I believe everyone should hear and fully grasp what it truly means. Maybe the world will last forever but we surely won’t.

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