How mindfulness affects my life

When I bring compassionate curiosity to my learning in this course, I notice that I get to experience more sides of the discussion topic. I get to understand the problem more and deeper thoughts to the ideas. I was able to get to know the problems better and was not so uptight about my opinions. Furthermore, I understand the topic better. 

Since I have been in this class, I notice changes in how I think about a problem and a solution for it. I also practice mindfulness that keeps my head clear with innovative thoughts through challenges and obstacles in my school year and my daily life. I change how I feel about an argument or even a small discussion and really think before I express my thoughts out loud. 

This course also teach me to dig deeper on solutions for wicked problems. I acknowledge that a solution is not actually an end to a problem, what it needs is more than that. In order words, there are hidden issues behind each and every single solution when we try to unravel. I have never thought of taking a side on a solution since I think every solution does not have flaws in it. For example when we do an in-class activity reflected on what are the problem and solution on Chicago’s building and LEED. It is a big accomplishment for Chicago to lawfully have LEED requirements in the city. And I think LEED is a great policy because it helps to build to be more sustainable. However, the downside of the LEED policy requirement is different in many states. Therefore, LEED is not the ultimate solution for building pollution but it is slowly improving our living environment from now and the future. 

Mindfulness activity is what I am grateful for this semester. I can see myself slowly developing and adopting a humble and compassionate response to things around me. I can really see my body is healing day by day. Especially during this time of the year where deadlines and a heavy load of works burden us. Compared to this time from last year, I can see myself is getting better. I have a chance to connect with my mind, understand my body, and compassionate in what I am doing, and be grateful for what I have. I am no longer being so harsh on myself. Practicing mindfulness also reset my mindset to where I can see the positivity in negativity. In the same way, applied for my opinions on wicked problems, I feel more mature than I used to think before this class. I can see that people really try to save our world, even though the solutions sometimes can be tricky. Everybody makes mistakes, but it is important to learn from them and improve. I am glad that we are acknowledging our fault, how badly we used to treat our beloved planet. Despite our recklessness, we have developed better habits, changed our mindset, and correct our mistakes. 

Everybody has their own problem and so does the world. It is a collage of everything that is happening. Our world has good and bad phases. Instead of focusing on the bad problem. I change my way to focus on the good side more. It is like how can I become more conscious about what I do, buy, consume, and how to better myself in order to better the world. Everybody should take action and improvement started from their lifestyle. 

I changed the way I eat, meditate, focus on the positive outcome than negative thoughts helps to put my mind at peace. I chose to be calm when solving a problem because I have learned it through my life and from this course. I used to be very negative about the problems that I had. But then I see the problem was not that hard to solve after looking back at it. So, I change my way of thinking about problems. I become calmer and it really supports my mental status and is beneficial to the result’s outcome. 

In order to make it relevant with the environmental issues we have right now, I learn, research how can I make a small difference, then those small efforts will combine and turn into a big effort. For example, I have my Bird of Paradise plants and Monsteras in my house since they naturally purify the indoor air and produce oxygen. I also just started to grow my own veggies. It started with mints, green onion since they are easy to take care of, then basil, then sprouts, and I just started on planting lettuces last month. When I am doing my daily mindfulness practice, I love to be surrounded by my big and small plants. It likes my own small safe space and it is where I know my small journey of helping the environment begins. I also use less disposable goods and by that, I do not have disposable items at my place. On a side note, eating with pretty plates, bowls, utensils makes my heart happy and my food looks more apatite. 

As we all have their small circle of influences, what we do or what are we share might affect people’s point of view also. I got influenced and I also influenced my friends and family. I got influenced by this course and the way I change from being hateful toward us as a human who destroys the planet for our own needs to more empathy. I was influenced by meditation and mindfulness practices, I changed my schedule and set up time in my day for this practice. I learn to take sides on a problem to have a better view than absolute think my side of the view is better and always right. I also influence my best friend, I got her into practice mindfulness with me. Although our time and schedules are different, but we got to manage at least two times a week to do our mediation together. I also talk about this with my sister and show her how to keep her mind as peaceful as she can. Because I think it is important for her to take care of her mind, and herself since she has a very busy life. I also share my experiences with my parents and love to see how happy they are when they heard I started to plant my own veggies and take care of my own self. Besides practicing mindfulness, I also write down what I am grateful for once a month to remind me how lucky I am to get exposed to so many ways to learn in life. 

By the end of this course, I expand my knowledge to more problems that occur in real-world that affect the environment. I get to learn to listen to other people’s opinions and respect them, compare and discuss with each other to understand different perspectives. Meditation and practice mindfulness is also key learning outcome I have. It helps me maintain my positive energy and heals my body and mind. I get to be humble about my thoughts, be empathetic to the world around me, and encourage myself to get action to help the world rather than criticize it.  

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