impacts of mindfulness thinking

Ever since the last blog, the midterm blog, I have noticed that I have seized a bigger understanding of why I am required to take this course for my major, interior design. Although it was extremely frustrating not understanding anything we were being told at first, I knew something good would come out of it.  At first, I could not find the exact purpose or point of the course but as time went on we learned very serious problems happening right in front of our eyes, which caught my attention and sparked a new interest. This interest sparked my curiousness to learn more about the definition of a wicked problem. My biggest concern at first was to actually thoroughly understand what makes a problem “wicked”? In my own time, I have acquired a greater understanding of Wicked Problems and applied it to my day-to-day life and habits. Ever since I have been in this class I have noticed that I have a much different perspective on this topic. I have noticed that I am now able to project different standpoints to one specific problem, whereas before taking this course, I was extremely guilty of taking one side and sticking with it based on my own personal opinion rather than the environment’s future. I now understand the problems at a deeper level. I was able to go into these wicked problem-based discussions with an open mind, and not be so uptight about my personal opinions. I have a different outlook on every circumstance, as I have caught myself trying to figure out a solution for the problem, no matter what it is. I have noted the change in my approach to better the environment. Whether it be in my environmental footprint, my needs vs wants, my wastefulness or my impact on the others around me in this world. I appreciate this new helpful habit I have developed over the 8-week course, as I will forever carry it through the way I go about my future. Another habit I have developed from this class is regularly practicing mindfulness thinking and meditation. At First, this was something very different for me. As I do not like to sit down and do nothing. I always have to be doing something productive whether it is for myself, helping someone, or benefiting my future. With this daily practice, I have noticed a difference in myself, overall. I have recognized a difference in the way I carry myself while approaching specific situations, how I encompass my thoughts and feelings, and have noticed a tremendous change in my mental state. I have noticed I utilize my emotions as a tool rather than something I am usually scared of acknowledging. Daily meditation has made a positive impact on my stress levels, my creativeness in many different ways, my anxiety, and depression and my awareness in all aspects of life. Little did I know the 10 short minutes of daily meditation out of my day would cure many struggles I have struggled with for years. This practice affected me so greatly that I could not hold back from sharing my new habits and knowledge regarding the real wicked problems we are facing today. I one day I caught all of my roommates together in the living room and just absolutely could not hold back, I had to inform them of this information. We discussed the meaning of a wicked problem, examples and how in the world this course correlates with my major. All the same, questions I was asking myself at first. Once I had caught them up on all of that until they understood, I couldn’t wait to pull out and introduce the meditation practices to them. Once I had told them about this they were a bit lost and uninterested. This made sharing my new perspective and habits kind of tricky as they were not attentive to the topic anymore. I convinced them that we all thought it was silly and pointless at first, but to just trust me on this one. I made them meditate with me one night and it had such an impactable result on them.  We have all applied it to our daily routine, since. Obviously, people are going to have different opinions and viewpoints on this topic, which makes it super fun to educate others. The handful of people I have attempted to teach about this topic has had a wide range of opinions and I am honored to be able to share my compassionate curiosity in my ability to discuss various viewpoints with them. This is where the solution to wicked problems is put on all different levels of pedestals. Together as a society, it is our job to work together as one to assure we are doing our own parts to get the long-term results we are wanting in our own environment. In this society, we have unfortunately become centralized to our own opinions and thoughts. This is why we recognize the importance of one’s compassionate curiosity regarding the environment or earth let alone. It is becoming unheard of nowadays. Until we realize the importance of today’s wicked problems we are continuously heading south. Although it is enormously overwhelming to look at each causing factor in each individual problem, it is possible as long as society wakes up and can come together as one. In my opinion, I think we humans want to ignore the fact that we are the leading cause of all of today’s environmental crises. Today’s society does not take blame very well but in this situation, we absolutely have no choice. It is our fault it is such a hard pill to get down our throats because we know we are the cause, making it very difficult to solve for ourselves. 

Zooming out on everything I have learned throughout this course “wicked problems in industrial practices”. First of all, the awareness of today’s wicked problems in my own mind brought humbleness to my soul. It has had a huge impact on the way I think of any other ordinary day. I have attained curiosity into my daily tasks and everything that comes along the way in them. I regularly ask myself if the actions or products I choose on a daily basis will result in a sustainable outcome for our beautiful environment. I have acquired a deep concern regarding the earth’s environmental state in concern for me and my own family’s future lives. This problem does not seem like a problem now until it is affecting our own families’ lives in the future while we are asking ourselves, where did this come from? This one is new, as I mentioned earlier, I am guilty of sticking to my own personal opinion but after this, I find myself genuinely enjoying listening to other people’s sides and opinions. I love to compare and discuss these different standpoints and figure out how we can correlate the two sides and produce an outcome to propose a plan of action. I adore the humbleness this class will forever hold above me and the caringness I have taken on regarding the environment that I never had before the class.

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