Meditation has allowed me to think more about my impact on the environment.

At the start of this course, I had no idea what a wicked problem was, but now I am fascinated by them. I like the concept of how the economy works and adding sustainability problems to it really makes it interesting. I used to be upset with large corporations and how they are ruining the environment but now I have a much better understanding of the whole situation. It sucks to think about how difficult it is to change something, even if it is slowly destroying our environment. Thousands of jobs would be lost if a company such as logging was to be taken down. The same goes for many other companies out there that are currently harming the environment, but it is hard to take down a big company when there are a lot of repercussions.  

Meditation throughout this semester has allowed me to be more relaxed throughout my first semester of college. I feel more stable throughout my time using meditation. I am extremely glad that this class made me start to do meditation because I probably would not have started to do it on my own without being forced to. Meditation has also allowed me to be more aware of all of the wicked problems in this world. Having a clear conscious before examining these wicked problems is a better way to think about the true complexity and extensiveness of the wicked problems and how they are affecting the way we live in the world around us. It is difficult sometimes to not think about the difficult issues and problems in my life while meditating but thinking about it like crawling out of the river and out onto the riverbank is really helpful to allow me to pull myself out of my thoughts and back into my meditation. I have noticed that meditation is less necessary when I am less stressed but easier to meditate, however, meditation is more difficult when I am stressed out during situations such as final week, but it feels more necessary and beneficial for my overall body and mind. My mother would always try to get me to meditate but I was always reluctant to take part. Now she teaches at a high school, and she has her kids meditate in class and she loves to talk to me about how much her kids enjoy taking the time to do this in class with their peers. I really enjoy hearing about how proud she is of her students and how much they love to tell her that they enjoy this practice and how beneficial it has been for them. Most, if not all. Of these kids would probably never try to attempt meditation if she had not introduced it to them first. I think this has taught me that there should be more teachers that use meditation in their classes because a lot of students do not have the time for this, and they would most likely not choose to take part in this but when they become forced to try meditation then they truly see how beneficial it can be for them and their mental state.  

This class required us to create an infographic project where we discussed some industry problems that are related to our degree majors and our team decided to do ours over the fast fashion and how the waste produced form this industry is ruining our environment and what can be done about this situation. I had no idea how much of an issue this problem was until we were required to do some substantial research on the subject. I was aware of the horrific events of the individuals who have to work at these factories in order to make a living. These poor people have to take these jobs because they live in a highly populated area and there are not many jobs available which means that the large corporations can pay these people a really low amount because people do not make very much in third world countries. Because these factories are based in these third world countries, they can not afford the proper resources in order to properly dispose of the waste produced by the factories. The waste that gets produced by these large industries then just gets dumped into the environment around them which is very harmful to the natural habitat, as well as the flora and fauna living in this environment. For the past few years I have been trying not to buy anything from a corporation that could be considered as a fast fashion corporation and so far I have been really successful even though it is really tempting to buy cute clothes that are very cheap because I am  college student who does not have a lot of money but I feel so much better about myself when I know that at least I am not contributing to these nasty corporations who are just trying to make money off of the backs of innocent people who are just trying to live in the situations that they are currently in.  

A lot of people are so focused on the impact that we have on the environment that we live in and the talk about plastic in the ocean is a big problem. There is currently a mountain of trash in the ocean that is so large that it can be considered an island while it floats around the ocean. In all honesty, consumer consumption of plastic in the ocean only accounts for roughly 2 percent of the trash in the ocean. Most of the trash and pollution in the ocean is from commercial fishing. There is so many fishing nets at the bottom of the ocean that is makes me sick to my stomach to think about how harmful this is for all of the innocent organisms that are just trying to live in their environment that was once perfect for them, but after humans have taken over the world, all of these habitats are now being destroyed and the organisms that live in these conditions are now facing the repercussions of our actions. Soon, humans will be facing the consequences of our actions but by that time there is a chance that the damage has already been done and there will be no going back from that point on. This class has made me more aware of how much of an impact every single human being has on this earth. I think that a lot more students should be required to take a class such as this so that maybe the future generation will all be aware and educated of the true issues on this planet. If every person that was going into the workforce knew about the terrible impact, we as a society have on this world, the world might be in a much better place in the future. I would be more confident in the possibility of hope for our planet if everyone was educated in the situation that we are in and decided to take the time to make a better impact than we are now. If we let our planet get any worse than I think it is a possibility that these classes will be required by all in the future.  

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