The Changes I Have Learned That Need to Happen

When I bring compassionate curiosity to my learning in this course, I notice how the practices can make sense and become practical. If I keep an open mind during any practice, I will be able to let it happen rather than let the doubt creep in and stop me from letting them happen. I can also notice the curiosity it can bring in other aspects of my thoughts, not just in the class. I am an interior design focus, and I can find creativity and curiosity difficult if my head is swarmed with other worries and thoughts. When practicing mindfulness, you get an understanding on how to channel those overwhelming thoughts and take things one step at a time. I have learned that if I keep looking at these practices as burdens or just another thing to worry about during my day, then I will never benefit from them. But, if I keep an open mind and focus on what the practice is truly trying to change in me, then I can accomplish it patiently. Patience is something I find difficult to keep up with as well. All mindfulness takes, is patience, an open mind, and dedication. Being in college, I find it difficult at times to juggle all my assignments and taking care of my own needs. When adding another thing that takes dedication, it can be hard to fully dedicate the time, that I feel like I do not have, into a mindfulness practice. In the end, this practice could truly help me in all aspects of college and in life. When I look at mindfulness practice in this way it can be easier to achieve a routine because I know it is for good and not just waste. When working on projects I find myself seeing it as one large project I would never get done with, whereas after practicing mindfulness I can focus on the steps and get one thing done then move on. This helps me finish my projects easier because I do not procrastinate if it is only one small task at a time.

Since I’ve been in this class, I notice changes in how I think about the problems going on in the world. It just opens my mind to problems I avoid because the outlook looks so doomed. The world can change these although if everyone came together to try and overcome them. Many times, I believe humans can so easily remove a thought from their head when they do not want to think of it. I did this all the time when it came to wicked problems before this class. If something seems ill-fated, we seem to put off fixing it when it looks to be difficult to fix. The 11th Hour talked about how humans can think in the future too much. When worldly problems arise, many think wow our future looks bad and this means we need to fix this for the future. In contrast to this, we should be thinking of the present. If our humanity is losing time, then we need to do something right now to become prepared for the future and not just deal with it when it is close to ending. If humanity changed itself for the better right now, then we would be ahead of the game and caught up on our wrongdoing. If we became better now, then we would not have to have a looming ill-fated future to look forward to. I have also noticed changes in my thoughts on how mindfulness can be a good practice when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. At the beginning of this course, I did not believe in these practices and could not wrap my head around how they worked or how they could help people. Now I look at these with positivity and optimism and hope that with continuous practice I will see results and believe even more. I find it hard to believe in something when I do not see immediate results. Although, this course has taught me to keep an open mind and trust the process.

My outlook to create positive change in my circle of influence has grown in some ways. I believe a lot of the change that needs to happen in society is with industry and the government. This change would not be in my circle, although there should be change with the people I influence and who influences me. I can see the world becoming better only if people become knowledgeable and learn how to make it better. Right now, in society I think many people know what they are doing but do not know what it takes to change their ways and help the world. This is due to lack of exposure and knowledge that I have learned in this class. Many people see change as bad especially if it has to do with what has been the norm for as long as humans have been around. In the beginning of time, helping our earth was never on the agenda. These practices, if not started to begin with, can be very hard to instill in people who are not used to it and have a stigma towards it. People hear about changing their ways to help solve wicked problems every day. Many people ignore it, many deny it, and many judge it. When really the change that is needed, if being a regular action, can solve the problem of humankinds’ doomed future, very quickly. The change that is needed for consumers is much less than many think. Whereas industry is a different story. Industry hurts the earth more than anything else. Although, our economy is based off industry and the economy is not going to choose to halt out of free-will. Therefore, government must have a role in this change. Everyone listens to the government and the government enforces all our actions. That is why I believe if the government mandated the industry, then the world would become healthier. Industry will not change unless forced to. In this day in age government needs to force the change so humankind can survive.

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