The Road to Learning about What is Wicked

When I bring compassionate curiosity to my learning in this course, I notice that I am more aware of everything around me, I notice and pay attention to things that I usually wouldn’t have before. I have found that curiosity as well as compassion are major keys to learning and have allowed me to venture out and actually comprehend what I am learning, this is because I care and the more I care, the more curious I become about wicked issues and I am passionate about doing whatever I can to decrease these issues. Before this course, I never knew there were several ways to understand wicked problems especially emotionally and somatically. These types of things are not usually taught in classes so it was confusing starting out in this course. Before this semester, I had never heard of mindfulness practice and I thought it was useless in the beginning of the semester. Over time, I started to understand why compassionate curiosity and practicing mindfulness is so important. Practicing mindfulness changes the way you think and feel. It helps me with my daily stress and allows me to stop and relax, to be less judgmental and more appreciative of what I have and who I have in my life. I believe that without mindfulness, people can go down dark paths or just be oblivious of the good things in life. It was quite difficult to understand what a wicked problem is. This is because these are problems that are massive and negatively affect, not one place, but the entire world. It can be overwhelming to think about these issues because they take so much effort to fix them and at times, it can feel hopeless. However, I have come to better understand what wicked issues are in the last couple of months due to the new strategies I have learned in class on how to approach them and truly know what they are. Approaching wicked problems intellectually, emotionally, and somatically was stimulating and a great experience though it was really hard for me and can still be challenging at times. Having these new learning styles exposed to me has made a positive impact on how I think about these issues and how I live my day to day life. For example, I use my compassion intellectually and do my best to recycle whatever I can and to reuse items instead of throwing them away like clothes or decorations around my room. I also make sure to donate everything that I do not want because it does not make sense to throw something away when other people could use it. I found these actions from intellect because they were decisions I made to do the right thing. I also use my compassion emotionally because I think about all of the people who are in worse conditions than me due to the growing destruction of our environment and I feel completely awful about it. I also think about my future family and what kind of world I want them to live in. Right now, I would not want anyone to have to deal with the current state our world is in. I think of all the people who are going to be here after we are gone and how it is so important we make a change and make the world a safer place for them. Using compassion somatically is still a bit confusing to me but I perceived it as using what capabilities our bodies have and put them to positive use. We are people and we have so many capabilities, I know that with all of the abilities I have, I want to use them for good.

I have not always responded to wicked problems in a compassionate and humble way but since I have been in this class, I have noticed that I have changed and progressed in a positive way. The first day of class was a real eye opener for me because of the video we watched and the fact that the video was about 10 years old and our wicked issues are worse than before. I listened to all the possible solutions that were described in the video and I was left flabbergasted because I was confused on why these issues still persist and why they are still so bad. Learning to be more compassionate and humble towards wicked problems has been great stepping stones for me. I have worked on having an open mind at all times and being grateful for what I have. I am more considerate and less judgmental and try to perform act of kindness everyday. I have a job and I push myself to be the best I can be and put a smile on ever customer’s face that I come in contact with. It gives me so much joy when I can make someone smile just by being kind and caring about what they need. This all ties in with practicing mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness plays a part in everything I have discussed so far. It is such a huge part in understanding wicked problems and I feel that everyone should be exposed to the learning experience of practicing mindfulness. Like I said before, I really didn’t understand it and I had no idea what kind of impact it could make. I also never saw myself meditating in my daily schedule just because I never really thought about it. I have had people tell me to try it out and I would always say that I would but would forget and never got around to doing it. I will say that incorporating it in my everyday life was a bit difficult just because I would keep forgetting but one it became a habit for me, it was easy to set aside the time to do it.  I’m glad that this class pushed me to finally experience it. I am able to cope with my stress now and to stop and think about the present. It also allows my body to have a few minutes of calm even with all the chaos that happens around me. It is so beneficial to my mental health and I am grateful for it.

I have learned so much in this course, it’s unbelievable. Since I’ve been in this class I notice changes in how I think about the world, myself, and others. I seem to pay more attention to the changes in the world that happen around me everyday instead of being in my own little bubble. With my knowledge, I know that I can use it to my advantage and make a difference and I bet others in this course feel the same way I do. It makes me excited to think about what all of us could do together and what real change we can make now and in the future. I now know the importance of practicing mindfulness and having compassionate and humble responses for wicked problems. I will continue to carry this learning experience with me through my life and especially when I enter the interior design industry. Now that I am more aware of the damage this industry can do to the environment, I will make sure to do my part and make a positive impact on our planet instead of worsening the problem. I can’t wait to see what I do in the future as well as the fellow individuals who want real change just as much as I do.

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