Some Wicked Problems

Wicked problems are a course that allowed me to have a self-reflection throughout this semester, and I did not know how much I would need it for my physical and mental health. When using my mind to solve a solution or thinking of ways to have fun on the weekend, the mind allows us to learn and absorb new information to apply in our lives today or in the future. At certain times the mind can become overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, and stress, this can cause many negative things to anyone having these feelings. Wicked problems have relieved some of the mental stress on many students, including me, and when economic problems are brought to our attention, we are allowed to think outside of our own problems and try to think of solutions that could help others in the world. Being mindful of others is not a hard thing to do, and respecting others is a great example of being mindful; however, in countries such as the United States of America, some individuals have a capitalistic mindset that puts profits over others’ health at times. This course has taught me to become mindful of others before I make any judgment of them, and now I think in the perspective of how other people’s days or even lives are going instead of living in the capitalistic mindset of putting my wants first over other people’s needs. Emotionally this course has given me another option of considering how I can impact this planet every day and connecting with someone else that has the same sustainability mindset as yourself, makes helping the planet fun and interesting. Some people have empathy for others that are struggling to survive every day in a third-world country because they know that they have might not have any option to leave their country. As Americans, we are given so many different options every day without realizing that other people in the world do not have a choice during their life, and after learning about the global warming crisis happening today, individuals began spreading awareness about the animals, crops, and atmosphere to show that they have a heart and care about the planet’s life after their lifetime. Solving wicked problems in this course has made a goal of caring about the planet closer than before taking this course, I appreciate receiving the information about how the earth is doing because it allows me the opportunity to relate with others in situations or periods are the globe, the Easter Island assignment, I did not simply read the article, I imagine how the people that lived there felt when things began collapsing around them. When I began reflecting on the somatically part of this course, I had many friends around me telling me that I would meditate in this course at some point. The rumors I heard were true about meditation, I felt refreshed after meditating in class, and all the stress that I had simply gone away after taking some time to meditate. My body felt replenished with more energy than at the start of many class sessions, and I appreciate that the meditation session lasts for ten minutes or more, it really allows you to relax your body. I did not really believe that meditating worked before taking this course, but since trying it for the first time I have begun meditating outside of class when I need to relax my body and mind at the same time, I enjoy the convenience of meditating in a quiet area because you can start to sense the area of your environment.

Trying to be humble is a challenging thing for myself and some others in this world, but when it comes to solving wicked problems, I genuinely put some of my problems to the side to consider the problem in front of me. The wicked problems that we have discussed in class have been some of the easiest problems to solve when you have a mindful mindset towards others and humbling yourself so you can understand certain situations better is an option that I have been using this entire course. I could complete these assignments without caring about what might happen to this planet, but as generation z, we live life by making a change for the better of society rather than putting our selfish needs first. Some of the wicked problems we must learn about are not that wicked when broken down and communicated amongst everyone, and since discussing different answers to wicked problems, the biggest factor to solve these wicked problems the world is facing is communication. If people began listening to what others might have to say rather than ignoring the information, then maybe we could try to work towards a better sustainable environment for everyone. Being compassionate is something every human has inside of them, some may choose to hide their compassion for numerous reasons, but when global problems occur, they will show their compassion about the situation at hand. At the beginning of this course, I had compassion about some other assignments that were given to us but hearing stories about the working conditions in third-world countries, made me feel sick to think about. This course really makes you wonder how other lives are during your day, and after thinking about it you may realize how fortunate you are to be in this position attending this course is an opportunity to look past your problems to better the environment around us. My goal of this course was just to get an “A” a look back at some of the fun times in class, but after attending the class sessions my perspective has changed drastically. I enjoy coming to class to see what wicked problems that might need to be solved with others inside or outside of class and being compassionate about the wicked problems that occur every day can be solved by thinking about how others might look at different situations.

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