Is it too late to save our planet?

Is it too late to save our planet?

We are destroying our planet and causing harm that we may never be able to take back. Is it too late? Have we done too much damage? Can even stop the damage that we are doing?

I wish I could say that I have the answers to these questions, however, I do not. The damage that is being done to our planet is a wicked problem. A wicked problem is an issue that is very hard to explain and understand and is almost impossible to find a solution for.  I did not understand these concepts, or the immense amount of harm we are committing to the earth until I took the class Wicked Problems at Oklahoma State University. In the very first class that I attended we watched a portion of the movie called The Eleventh Hour. In this movie, it calls for a sense of urgency. The professionals who are being interviewed are describing the damage being done to earth and its resources. They are begging for a change, before it is too late. Watching this movie made me realize how much the modern world is destroying our planet. We as people, industries, and companies, are taking and taking from earth and giving it no return. We are stripping the earth of the resources it has provided for us. We are taking advantage of our planet. Can we change this? How to we stop the modern world from developing? How do we mimic these natural resources if we no longer have them? All these questions are being left unanswered because of this wicked problem.

My emotions on this topic have had my head and heart running in circles. I have been in deep thought of ways this wicked problem could be solved. I have put myself in the shoes of environmentalists, modern industries, citizens, large companies, and everyone who this wicked problem may affect, yet it still seems impossible to find a solution that will benefit all. The modern world is continuing to develop new and advanced technology that is doing great things; however, these new innovations may be causing great harm to the earth, its resources, and its wildlife. I constantly wonder how far these innovations will go and how much we will take from our planet for the benefit of ourselves. Through deep reflection, I have gathered that we as a modern society have become selfish in the ways that we are benefiting from the earth’s resources. We as people are used to the fast-paced environment with immediate satisfaction. In order to change this outlook, everyone must understand the damage that is happening to our planet and empathize for it. Once we all understand the damage we are doing on an emotional level, we may reconsider the economic choices that we are making.

Regarding the educational standpoint, we must all be educated on the damage that is happening, why it is happening, what is causing it to happen, and how we can prevent it. In this class, I am continually being educated on the cause of the damage, as well as the true meaning of sustainability. This education on sustainability essential to be well understood by everyone to make a change in our actions.

In conclusion, I think the hardest part to solving a wicked problem is everyone being on the same page. If we can take steps towards educating the earths people on the harm that is being done to the earth,  the true meaning sustainability and how to empathize for the earth, then we will be on our way to creating a better life for us as people, as well as the earth and its resources.

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