Wicked living

Joining wicked problems of industrial practice I had no idea what this course intended. I originally thought this course was going to go over wicked problems briefly. Instead this course goes in depth on the wicked problems we face even though they are difficult to understand.  Wicked problems are “social or cultural problems that are difficult or impossible to solve – normally because of its complex and interconnected nature”. Some of the problems we face are sustainability, climate change, poverty, and education. We need to focus on a way to live and not interrupt or interfere with people’s beliefs and their values.

In this course we talked about ways to live more sustainably and we should spread more education about it.. In our society most of us think it is not our problem since most of the problems won’t affect the planet until way after we are already gone. With every little action that we do, we leave an effect on our ecological footprint.  You could ditch plastic water bottles and invest in a reusable bottle. Plastic water bottles lead to significant fossil fuel emissions, however most water bottles are not biodegradable. You can carry reusable bags when you go shopping to limit the waste of plastic grocery stores. We could consume less as well as purchase items that have good environmental benefits. A community garden could help bring in products that are not genetically modified and that are not grown with pesticides. The garden could also bring in some wealth into the community. As well as helping reduce the amount of carbon we are emitting into our atmosphere. We should start encouraging organic farming to reduce the pollution levels, use less energy, and conserve water.

One thing that I did notice while being in this course so far is how wasteful fast fashion is. Fashion trends constantly change which makes it cheap and trendy as well as disposable. In fast fashion the textile factories have been known to dump directly into rivers. The water being dumped in the rivers contain toxic chemicals including mercury, lead, and arsenic. Those chemicals are incredibly harmful to aquatic life as well as to the people and animals that reside near the river. When we think about fast fashion most of us do not think about it but we consume a lot of water producing one  t-shirt. It takes gallons of water to produce one t-shirt. To avoid fast fashion we could purchase higher quality of products that will last us longer to limit the production waste. We could donate and buy second hand clothing to stay away from fast fashion brands. There are some sustainable fashion brands that we should encourage people to buy from like Patagonia, Able, Alternative apparel, Kotn, Boden, and Tradland. 

Another thing that I noticed in this course is that global warming is a wicked problem that cannot easily be solved. With global warming increasing it increases certain weather events. One weather event is the acceleration of the sea level rising and the coastal flooding that is being caused by the glaciers melting faster than expected. We are having heavier precipitation that ends up with flooding. With the stronger heat waves it can cause crops production to fail. We should focus on lowering the concentrations of co2 into the atmosphere because it makes the oceans warmer and it can threaten the survival of the marine life. The climate is killing many species habitats like the polar bears which is extremely sad to think about. We should do everything we can to help the polar bears. A step to reduce our own personal carbon foot print is to opt for eco friendly modes of transportation. Even though it is not always fun you could cyle, walk (which is what I mostly do), use public transportation,or even carpool to reduce the fuel consumption. Another step we could all do is be more energy conscious, I try to out of habit to watch my energy consumption.  You could upgrade the lighting in your home like changing to LED light bulbs. Many people do not think about this but changing the insulation and sealing your home off can help the energy consumption in just about every season.  One thing that I have always done is  to make sure to always turn a light off when I leave a room.

In class we have been meditating for 20 minutes. Meditating can give you a sense of peace and balance. Meditation could improve your emotional well-being , sleep problems, and self awareness. It could deepen our connection to our actions to our environment. It could help adjust our behaviors to make more sustainable choices for our future. Thinking carefully and mindfully could help improve in finding solutions. Meditation has helped me be more creative and open with my ideas with those around me. Having meditation increase your sense of imagination and creativity which helps solve problems with new ideas. 

 Overall while being in this class I am more mindful of my actions towards our environment and I am excited to learn even more ways that I could live more sustainably to help improve our atmosphere.  I learned that we need to understand the severeness of the problems that are at hand. I think that encouraging taking action could improve more environmental conservation efforts. Another way to improve our efforts could be having a more open mind to hear other people’s opinions. Hearing more than one perspective can bring more ideas forward as well as bring a more mindfulness practice. At the end of the day we all should focus on sustainability as a big topic in our society. We should all take some kind of action even if it is a baby step towards a more sustainable future. If everyone takes a baby step it might improve our green house gasses just enough to lower our chance to global warming. I hope that most of us leave this class taking baby steps towards improving our atmosphere and spreading education on living more sustainable.

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