A Wicked World

The curiosity of human beings is why try new things that may seem weird at first, but after doing what was once a curious action has now become normal. The wicked problems that we face as students at Oklahoma State University may seem small to some individuals, but to others, they might seem like a wall that looks impossible to climb. Some of the problems that students like myself may encounter might be getting stuck in traffic or struggling to find a parking spot before class, and these small problems may not seem that big of a deal to others that may walk or bike to class, but to the people that drive to class can relate to a “wicked” problem like this. The goal for wicked problems is to try to observe the wicked problem/situation that may be occurring and keep calm during these situations, but there will be times when you may think you cannot keep going but that is when this course would help you through tough times. When problems arise most individuals begin stressing out what is happening, or they might think of the worst outcome during those moments, and since I have learned about meditating problems go from being something that seems impossible to completable with more effort than normal. Students deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental problems throughout the semester, and some of those students do not express how they feel to anyone, so they cannot become happier sooner than normal. This course is structured around communicating with others in the class or with their group members, and if you are not good at communicating with others you can try to get yourself out there to of course get a good grade on a project, but to also get out of your comfort zone to grow as a person. The course changes the mind and the perspective of how you will deal with problems that you face today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future; however, having a close mind towards this course will not be beneficial for you because of your perspective. The emotional side that may have changed individuals from this course may have been the importance of time and understanding that some things in life take time to reveal to you, so never lose hope in whatever your dream is, and remember to always follow your heart. The meditation portion at the beginning of each class period gives everyone the chance to forget what may have happened in their previous class, and just focus on relaxing their body and mind so they can have clear thoughts throughout the class period.

Being humble is something that some people can be without thinking about it because of how they were raised, and others may not be the “humblest” because they may have not been raised right or they simply do not care about others. When you compare yourself to other people all the time it can be hard to be humble because you may be jealous or envious of how certain people act, but comparing is not a bad thing when you can see flaws in your own then you have the ability to improve in areas you think are your weaknesses. In today’s era, many individuals only think about how or what they are going to do when they make enough money to satisfy their needs and wants, but how many individuals do you think about making money to donate towards the environment? My answer to this question is not that many individuals have a sustainability mindset because most of us know that spending money on the environment would be beneficial, but if you spend money trying to make the environment and someone never has contributed to the environment might make people with large sums of money selfish because of this situation. Being compassionate about other’s wicked problems is the definition of being a bigger person, and doing something for someone else without expecting something in return would seem impossible for some individuals, but if you were in a wicked situation would you like help from someone else will use their time for you? Being compassionate about a course like “wicked problems” may be easy for others, but for others, it may take some heart to even attend the class, and they may enjoy the class for numerous factors, but sometimes other things may interfere with that such as jobs or clubs. Compassion is something that could be taught in a course such as wicked, but to get a grasp of the concept better you need to experience a moment in your life when you or someone you know is at a breaking point, and someone else steps into help you out during those tough times. It will allow you to release some of those feelings from within, and there might also be an opportunity for you and the person helping you to become closer friends; however, giving too much compassion for others may leave you vulnerable to being hurt by someone, so be careful with being compassionate. Setting goals and having a plan for whatever you are trying to accomplish in this life will take some compassion towards that goal, and is dedicated to that goal may seem easier at certain times, but it can also be easy to get strayed off tracks of that goal, so to ensure that you reach your goals surround yourself around people trying to achieve the same goals or a similar one. 

This wicked course has made a positive impact on my life since attending the classes, and meditating is something I have been introducing to others that have never tried it before. On my first day in this course, I did not think too much of what I was going to get out of this course, but after the class session, I realized that it is better to keep a positive mindset before trying something because it can be the best thing you may have tried in a long time. Influencing others with knowledge about caring for the environment and taking time for yourself is what I have been telling others around me, and after every class period, I tell my roommates everything that happened that day. Now that we are at the end of this class, I had to reflect on the impact this course had on me, it genuinely made me happy to know that I can use the knowledge from this course to better myself and others around me. In the future, if someone asks me if wicked is a great class to take, I will respond with “I wish I could take that class again it was so fun, and if you decide to take the class do not forget to meditate!” Whatever you want to do in life, make sure that you have fun while doing it, because if you are not having fun then do not waste your time. Also, do something that has a purpose for your life or even for others, they may be times when you may not know what your purpose is, but over time the world will reveal what your purpose is.

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