Taking care of the world.

    Like I said in my last blog, When I started this course, I had no idea what I was getting myself into because I had no idea what wicked problems were, and every time I go to class and tell my friends I’m going to my wicked problems class, they ask me what in the heck is wicked problems. I tell them Wicked problem is a course where we learn about the social or cultural problem that is either different or impossible to solve, and we do this based on the fashion industry. This class is challenging and very interesting because there are many issues in the fashion industry. The problem is that no one really talks about the problems in the fashion industry. Everyone just kinda pretends it is not a real issue. Some problems are impossible to solve, but some can be translated, but it is hard to find a solution. 

After taking this class, I now understand what wicked problems mean. It means “A problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because it is incomplete.” What helped me understand this was picking a problem in the fashion industry and exploring it with our groups. In my group with did our project on textile material shortage. This is a massive problem in the fashion industry because it affects many people and companies. People are losing their jobs, and companies are either going out of business or not having the money to pay for the materials because the material prices have gone up. Before I learned about this problem, I had no idea this was an issue, and this is a big issue in the fashion community because there is no way to really stop this. After all, there is no way to get caught up on the material we are on short on. There are so many problems in the fashion community that are wicked problems with no endpoint because there is no solution to the issue. We need to start finding ways to end these problems because these issues are really affecting our industry. 

During this course, we learned a lot about mindfulness. Mindfulness is essential because it can help stress, anxiety, depression and help regulate your emotions. In class, the way we were learned mindfulness was by meditating. Before this class, I hated to medicate because all you were doing was taking deep breathes. I found it a waste of time because it is just so dull. After this course, I still find meditating very dull, but I have a new appreciation for it. But meditating has actually helped me a lot this semester. This semester has been really stressful because I have been really sick, and I have fallen behind in all of my classes because I missed so much school. So whenever I got stressed, I would take a deep breath for a couple of minutes, and I would feel a lot better. It is crazy to think about how meditating can help you in seconds. Mediating is a great thing, and it does not take long at all. It takes as long as 30 sec to a minute. I would highly recommend meditating before a test or any big thing and when life gets really stressful. People take mediating very seriously because it changes people, and it can save a person’s life. 

To start saving the environment and the fashion industry, we need to start making changes and cutting out bad stuff, for example, fast fashion. Fast fashion is one of the worst things happening in our environment and in the fashion industry right now because the fashion community is constantly changing and people want cheap items, so when they are done with the clothes it goes to waste. The waste goes straight to the landfills and hurts animals, and hurts our environment because it is not degradable and will never go away. It is a never-ending cycle. Ways we stop the clothes going to the landfill is by donating them, that would help a lot of people out, especially people who can’t afford it. 

Another way we can help the environment is to recycle cans and bottles. I started doing that this semester and it makes me feel better at the end of that because I know that will not end up in the ocean where it could kill the animals, but I know it will be taken care of properly. Also, eating healthily can really help the environment because all the processed foods come with a lot of waste while healthy food doesn’t. As I said in my last blog, walking is really good for the environment, especially if it is short because you save gas and save from the smog to get into the air. 

 We really need to start caring for our environment because we only get one world . There is already so much damage to our environment that we can not fix, so we need to start fixing the cracks we can fix before It is too late. Just the little things can restore our environment. Our generation can improve the environment to learn and make a better environment for the next generation. We try to learn from our mistakes, and not going to lie, trying to fix our environment is the perfect way to learn from our mistakes. Saving the environment is like trial and error because you have no clue the right way to fix it, so you keep trying and figuring out ways to get better it. Our environment is essential, so we need to find ways to help it be less damaging and stop creating more issues because it is too late to control everything. 

My experience during the course was excellent. I learned a lot during this course from all the reading we did and the discussion we had in class to the group projects. By having deep conversations in class, we really got the root of the issue and talked about ways to solve them. Also, doing group projects, I learned the most because we got to focus on the problem and really understand that issue. I really enjoyed this class because I learned how to become more sustainable and have a more positive outlook on the fashion industry. Everything that I learned in the course will help me with my future career in fashion because I now know how to become sustainable in the fashion community and help the environment in the fashion industry. I’m really glad I took this class.

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