The World is a Gift to Cherish

Once we hit the age where we develop more maturity, it will dawn on us how society was given a world that allows us to create and live. As kids, we focus on having fun and dreaming about what we would become someday. Then as life moves on, we start to recognize the beauty our planet contains. There are so many fascinating things that we see every day and things of which we are rarely aware. The different environments, cultures, people, and nature are just part of the diverse world we live in, and it should be kept that way. Not only do we start to see that, but we also start to recognize the wicked that we cause to those aspects of society.

The wicked problem of this world isn’t just the negative behavior that lives within humanity, it’s the type of treatment we have towards the planet’s features. Animals running away from their homes due to deforestation or hunting, the poor struggling to maintain shelter, the decline in sustainability, and more. I am sure that we have all kept to date about the daily news of the world plus the global events. Although those issues can be seen on television, how many people really pay attention, never-mind care for it. I believe that there is a bigger portion of our population that cares about what happens to our planet’s home and those living in it, but I also think there are those who are willing to act.

It took me only eight weeks for this course to make a special seating in my head. Every little thing that I do, I make sure that it is to help others, nature, or myself. I find that maintaining sustainability is one of my values and on my list of priorities. Yes, it took me some time to understand as well as perceive the wicked problems that lie within our communities. It’s not that I ignore them or anything, it just never viewed it as ‘wicked’, just misfortunate and heartbreaking. So knowing that there are researchers, activists, and organizations that have a focused drive to make our world less wicked and more sustainable inspires me to use the knowledge this course has provided me and include in my major.

One of the things I guess you could say I advocated for was animal extinction. There are so many creatures facing extermination due to the custom of our hunting and fishing sport and using animal fur/coat for home textiles and apparel. It breaks my heart to know that these species are living in fear. Just like us, they have hearts, emotions, and families. In addition, their beautiful habitats that were untouched are being demolished for oil companies and other wastes that just add to the list of what makes our environment endangered. When I am with my peers in class, I get to hear more facts or events that have taken place. It was interesting to hear about everyone else’s thoughts on certain issues whilst comparing and exchanging knowledge.

I think that the term “wicked” threw me off throughout this course. Throughout the weeks, I tried to differentiate what a wicked problem was versus what a global problem was. Was it the same, or two completely different words of their own meaning? But then, there was a moment that I had that made me realize was a ‘wicked’ problem was. The problems we have in the world today are known as poverty, climate change, poor sustainability, air pollution, and such. What makes them wicked is the impact they have, as well as how great that impact is. Look at poverty: it means that there are communities that financially struggle, making them at the bottom of the class. What makes this wicked is that the people who are part of this group are barely given any help. They cannot afford healthy food or education. So, they are forced to rely on food that contains little to no nutrients. Instead of, a three-bedroom home with the proper necessities for living, people live in crowded homes, eating off by each paycheck, and doing the physical work to maintain their household. This kind of impact is something that I identify as wicked. Maybe instead of classifying people in lower and higher classes, we should focus on stabilizing that by helping the bottom chain to the middle or higher chain. Its issues like these need more attention. Using advertisements on different platforms or forming more organizations can help change the portion of the population.

Although events like this continue and emerge, there has been a shift in different areas such as providing sustainable options in a variety of marketplaces and communities. Products and services have been changed to meet the requirements of a sustainable lifestyle. In a way, understanding the economic, social, and environmental trends provides lots of guidance for those who feel encouraged to be a part of that change. Just knowing that there are certain trends out there contributing makes me feel at some ease because it would be awful to continue these poor conditions.

My time learning this subject was influential and fruitful. I say this because my view of the world has changed thanks to the lessons, readings, and research. Even the simplest thing as meditation being part of maintaining a sustainable behavior was helpful. The informative lectures have built this connection between me and the land I live on. I guess you could say I am more appreciative of what nature provides me every day. Sometimes I find myself admiring the establishments of Oklahoma, Texas, and just everywhere I go. It made me appreciative of people who do care about how our planet lives, how our oceans and air stay clean, how our geographic features remain healthy, and people live with less trouble.

As these changes are slowly surfacing, there is plenty more work to do. In all honesty, it’s somewhat frustrating that we are not acting quickly enough, and that it took us years to come to the realization that we are destroying this amazing gift we call home. Then I remember: there are plant lovers out there who have gardens and rooms filled with different plant species, people who take in animals to care for and then release back into the wild. I just wonder about those who use weapons against nature for their own benefit. It’s as if they are punishing for fun. That may sound harsh, then again what’s okay about purposely harming different species. By now, I’ve focused more on our creatures. Not to mention that there are people out there living in terrible conditions due to air pollution and lack of health care. It is as if our world has fallen sick to our crimes. I just can’t help but go back and forth on these things. Seeing the good and the bad about the world brings multiple different perspectives on how it can be viewed itself. At the end of the day, I try to keep my attention on the little things rather than the big, obvious things that seem to outweigh the positive. Other people must be sharing the same feeling that I am because it’s seen everywhere, not just in our country, but in others. More major events are taking place, and it does not take a genius to figure that out.

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