Mankind Wickedness On Earth

When wicked problems are made, people will most likely have strong feelings towards these actions that were made. Wicked problems could be defined as a social or cultural issue that is difficult to handle. Some examples could be climate change or extinction of certain animals. These issues are caused by mankind which we have had for years and still continue to do so today. From a young age I started recycling and trying to avoid using materials that harms the environment. In elementary is where I started to learn all about pollution and how trees are lungs for the planet. Not only did I learn in school about the problems in the environment but also at my house. My parents have taught me to not waste so much. Whether it be food or not taking care of our clothes to last longer. They also taught us at a young age to not litter. Being taught about the environment at a young age is important.  

Throughout the years, I have been learning about problems causing issues in the environment. I learned more about it as I got older how serious these problems were. How difficult it is going to be if we want to solve them. An important factor to solve these issues is by working together as a society. This way the issues would be solved more quickly and efficiently. By elaborating we would communicate more ideas on how to approach the wicked problems we face today in society. So far in class I learned that there is not necessarily a single solution to solve a wicked problem. By having one solution and solving a specific problem will only lead to another problem needing to be solved. Creating an infinite number of problems to solve. However, solving it will help the environment in some way but not entirely.  At Least doing something about it and not just standing there is what counts.  

There are some deadly issues worldwide that need urgent solutions. One of the first problems I learned as a young child is what causes pollution and what are ways to avoid it increasing. I also learned how deadly it can be to humans and animals if it continues to spread. Air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution are the three major types of pollution in the environment. During my first semester of college, I started to learn more about water pollution, which is a big concern for animals that live in the oceans or lakes. The Deepwater Horizon rig is one of the well-known oil disasters in history to cause a lot of damage in the ocean. The oil rig explosion cost marine life and eleven people who worked for the company their lives. The animals who did survive had to be cleaned thoroughly. This unfortunate event is a great example of how humans can have a negative impact on living things.  

How my mind responds to all these problems is by thinking about what is causing it. Such as what is causing landfills to overflow and what is taking forever to decompose. For example, glass is an item that is made out of silicon oxides. It is hard to break down and it will take decades. Which my solution would be recycling glass that way we avoid having an issue trying to get rid of it. By recycling it we would not need to use more materials from the environment. I feel like recycling is a big help, especially for the environment. Since we are not taking more materials from the environment and harming their ecosystem. However, only a small percentage of people recycle and do not realize that it saves the Earth more than they think. 

  My mind is focused on trying to do all that I can to reuse or just in general save the environment. Trying to cause more harm which then is causing climate change. We all do not realize what we do every day in our daily lives that there will always be something we do harming the earth. For example, using paper every day and throwing it away in the trash can instead of recycling it. Or drinking out of a plastic straw while we could be using our own metal straws. By doing that we could avoid straws ending up in the ocean and harming marine life health.   

How I’m dealing with wicked problems somatically is by trying to deal with stress and anxiety. Which then sends out a signal to my body meaning something has to be done and to take action. Then the stress and anxiety would be something we do not want to feel and get rid of.  What I do to relieve it, is by changing the way what I think is causing harm and what I need to be doing. With all the problems affecting the environment is also causing an effect on someone’s health. With all the waste being dumped and chemicals being used to grow out produce that we eat every day. Which then is changing our health and the way we function. How my body is taking it good so far and not having so much affect towards me. At least not that I know of as of right now. We need to let our body have control and realize what is wrong and what could be causing it. From there would be to take action and get involved to decrease all these wicked problems. During class I learned meditation and ways to let yourself go. Just having your body rest for a bit and to clear your mind and having some time for yourself to breathe. I learned that it can have a huge effect on your body in a good way.  

Humans need to be more aware of these wicked problems. Understanding them thoroughly will help determine how to face these issues that need to be solved immediately. Throughout the years I have been learning more and more about wicked problems and ways we all could still save our planet. Especially if everyone contributes there will be less problems we will face in the future. 

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