Thoughts on the Hour

The goal of this course is as said “Bring a compassionate curiosity to multiple ways you may come to understand a wicked problem (intellectually; mind, emotionally: heart, somatically: body)”. Well, I will say, it has honestly helped some. I have always tried mediation and other ways to help calm down and or relax me. I actually have made some progress during this class. What has hit me about mediation with some of the videos is the words. I honestly listen to what they say in the videos and take it to heart (well, brain to be specific). These words have helped calmed me down and relaxed me. I felt like my blood pressure was dropping back down to normal and my head didn’t feel so filled.

Wicked Problem wise, I would say it has reflected on things I have already thought of and or think already. It is interesting to think that stuff I could talk about with my friends or just people in general how it is classified as “wicked problems”. I think this class brings out what I think about already, it brings it out in open discussion and on paper. Sometimes I can have a lot of thoughts here and there about things that are related and or wicked problems but never express them or discuss them much. I think it is good for me to have class discussions about these wicked problems. It helps stretch my brain muscles out. I think I spend too much time on easy topics, studying the same thing over, or just being comfortable in my own ways. The class itself has taught me that my ways aren’t exactly the best ways and even if my idea was correct at the time that it wouldn’t be correct in the future. Overall, I would say my progress towards my understanding of wicked problems has improved dramatically. I definitely take more time in my day to think about the things we talk about in class and read about. Makes me think more than on an average day. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely need to think sometimes hard about microeconomics and sometimes a little hard on planning my day. However, with our prompts for pre-discussion activities. I find myself wondering about certain problems and or situations that have occurred that I don’t ever think about or even think about at all. I think the best way not to overthink this is by meditating over it. Not letting certain things get to you. It is easy to overthink certain situations and let them take over you as a person. This class overall has got me to the point where “Bring a compassionate curiosity to multiple ways you may come to understand a wicked problem (intellectually; mind, emotionally: heart, somatically: body)” has definitely played a role in my life to a certain extent. I defiantly will be using what I have learned to use in my daily life. Intellectual mind and emotion have been a big factor as well.

I would say this course has definitely developed a humble sense in me. I think that from an overall perspective I can definitely be one-sided and not think about what other people think. I definitely before this class have changed my ways in that perspective and manner. however, I think this class has challenged a lot of my thoughts it has changed also in detail how deeply I think about my thoughts and opinions. For example, talking about how there are certain solutions to plastic waste and there are easy ways for the short term and harder ways for the long term and vice versa. I would have my ways and say this is the right way and that everyone can go through it. Now, I think that it has definitely challenged me that it is a “wicked problem”. I don’t think there’s ever a correct answer or solution to certain responses and or solutions. I think we as a whole class have all learned that it is difficult to build a true answer that can fit all.

What we have done in class has proven that we are all deep thinkers truly. We just have to think hard in focus. I think also talking about how different problems for example in fashion can change how the environment is affected drastically whether it’s a fluctuation of negative and positive extremes or even does the short term and long-term gains or losses due to fads and fashion. It is interesting that we all have a sense of certain definitions and take them all in a different ways. That not all of us think the same way or have the same idea of certain meanings. Even when the definition is explained, I feel like we definitely still interpret it in a certain way that not everyone can contemplate. I think this class has also taught us that we are compassionate towards others and towards wicked problems. Though we also think about others before us and that our mindset has changed over the years. Maybe this generation will be the generation that changes have we approached student situations and how can you approach them to be safe ineffective and earth-friendly over time. My progress personally towards this has honestly jumped pretty quickly into a more positive outlook on these things. To me, I’ve never really had this goal in mind for a very long time. However, I would say about a few years ago I really started thinking about how much I wish I could do for this earth and how much I could possibly change the outlook on how people feel and see about what we are doing to it and the negative ways we are destroying the earth. I don’t blame everything on us humans, however, I do feel like we do play a large role. This class has definitely reminded me of how I used to feel and has brought back a spark in me to come in and think of solutions. It also has reminded me that my solutions aren’t perfect and that no solution will ever be 100% perfect. Those are my thoughts.

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