Ways to help make the world a better place

Around the world there are so many wicked problems that us as consumers cannot initially do anything about, but there’s ways we can help our environment to sustain a healthier lifestyle. From my understanding, many people know that these problems exist but don’t try to do anything to fix them or are so oblivious to the fact they are destroying our planet. I know for me before taking wicked problems as a class i knew about these problems but didn’t think much of them. Some specific wicked problems I find the most interesting are climate change, sustainability, and global waste. These problems are only getting worse as time moves on unless people start to change their lifestyle, but it’s not always that simple. People are going to continue doing their same habits daily unless we create more systems to help get people educated of what’s happening in society. What I mean by it not being so simple at times is for climate change for example, not everyone can just switch to electric cars because they are more expensive than normal cars. Although it would help it’s not always that easy to switch up your lifestyle.

            Climate change is when there are shifts in temperatures over periods of time. Many people don’t believe in climate change because it is something that can occur naturally. Over the many years, studies have shown that certain activities that people partake in such as people who work in factories, etc. the burning of fossil fuels affects earth’s climate change to a high extent. This is one of the biggest wicked problems in society today and will only get worse when more factories get built. Ways we can fix climate change are to keep fossil fuels in the ground, switching to electric vehicles, and protecting the trees from forests. Like I said previously, it’s not always that simple to completely change your lifestyle. Not everyone has access to electric vehicles. Over the years, it gets worse with the shortages of trees in rainforests. Trees are highly important to us as consumers. They have so many benefits to our survival and so it’s important that we can find ways to go around that. Forests will not grow back and that is not a good situation to be in. we need trees to be able to survive.

            Many people say that sustainability is the key to maintain a better future. I agree to this statement. Sustainability is renewable clean energy. Being a fashion merchandising major, sustainable fashion is a huge interest of mine. There are many fast fashion retail brands that their workers are underpaid and are working in poor conditions. Fast fashion is one of the biggest issues globally that affect the environmental waste problem. Majority of fashion materials just get wasted and it makes me so sad to hear that something like this is destroying our planet. There are ways we as consumers can fix this issue but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Some examples of ways we could contribute to helping this issue is buying from retail brands that are ethical and sustainable. Donating clothes could also help along with recycling properly with different garments and textile materials. It’s easier said than done. I personally love upscaling products in my closet to help with the sustainability issue. Another thing to keep in mind are retail brands like Zara, SHEIN, etc. are all about selling fast fashion which can be detrimental to society. People are not understanding how their actions are affecting the planet and these issues need to be more commonly announced. There needs to be more resources people can go to for more help on the topic. In my opinion, who wouldn’t want to help the environment and prevent it from being destroyed?

            Global waste has also become a huge impact in society. Just like what I was mentioning previously about fast fashion being one of the biggest issues of sustainability in the world and how there are ways we could contribute to help. Something not related to fashion is when I find myself while I’m driving and seeing nothing but trash and waste on the sides of the road in some areas. It saddens me to see this happening. I’m not the only one who notices so my question is why are we not doing anything about this issue? I can kind of answer my own question in a way because I don’t always find myself to recycle when I should be, so I feel like others think the same. In my opinion, I think everyone should be more educated on this topic and properly learn how to recycle and make it a priority in our lifestyles. This is a great easy way everyone can do to contribute making earth a better place. Not only my major requiring me to take a wicked problems course I am incredibly thankful I get to be more educated on these types of problems. I am more aware of what is happening around the world and am more willing to help out and will continue to do my part. 

            In conclusion, what makes a wicked problem wicked is that there’s no easy way to fix these issues in our society. One problem leads to another. There is not just one answer to solving a wicked problem. there are many different ways we can contribute to make the world a better place as mentioned throughout. Personally, my goals are to contribute every day to making the world a more sustainable environment by recycling properly and continue to take care of my clothing. Learning ways to recycle materials and upcycle clothing I already have could make a difference. A little goes a long way. If I share my thoughts and efforts to others around me, they could contribute as well as letting their friends know and so on. Make a chain affect until as many people as possible start putting forth effort to making our world a better place.

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