Mindfulness of sustainability

So far in this course discussion of wicked problems I come to understand  that aspect of how life has a huge impact on the environment. Our environment affects our economy and our livelihoods some more than others. The manufacturing of  a lot of the things we use in our daily life sometimes takes a lot out of the earth,in addition to the excess chemicals that are released into the atmosphere while making such products,and the waste that is tossed after the completion of the manufacturing of the products. A lot of times it seem that in the industrial industry there is more taking from the earth than given back,and us as consumers need to be more mindful of that,whether we start a organization discussing matter such as global warming,or making more sustainably products,and how in some area the manufacturing these products are being do in harsh conditions jeopardizing the livelihood of their employees. By being consumers who might be purchasing some of these products unknowingly and others knowingly about such aspects of the production process, we need to make ourselves more knowledgeable of what,how we consume. 

Given today’s time and how there is easier access to information we should be more curious of how the things we wear and use in our daily life are made,and if we discover that certain aspects of how things are made along with how much we are consuming is   negatively impacting the sustainability of our environment. This is when we need to make time and discuss solutions to these matters,not only should we discuss solutions, we should discuss these solutions with those that are in a higher position to make the solution to these problems happen. By using gatherings to discuss the issues of our environment and making it aware to the public that some of us see these issues in our world and want to make change. Hopefully if enough of us come together about the matter of our sustainability in the world, those in charge and those in position to push upon change on our behalf there will actually be great change. Change as in how we live both physically and mentally,and as time goes on each generation will be able to develop a better way to better have sustainability and other generations will have ideas and develop ways on how to maintain sustainability.

 Being aware and more compassionate about your relationship with the environment whether it be  people, a certain place and things is an important trait to have. When being aware and concerned we  witness some of the effects of not being mindful of sustainability in the world.  Witnessing the effect of lack of sustainability for  some would want them to be aware of their own sustainability and want to prevent such  negative outcomes of lack of sustainability. For example poor water supplies because of pollution from waste;waste that comes from manufacturing companies and the lack of law or laws enforced to make sure the proper action is being taken to dispose of waste properly. More mindfulness needs to be made in the industrial industry when it comes to making rules and regulations. For instance, more eco-friendly resources should be used to make products,or the waste from the products produced must have to be used in some form or fashion that is eco-friendly, and is helping towards better sustainability. I think it would be very beneficial towards the economy as well. Having such a compassionate mindset concerning those  and things around you makes you consider their well-being and wanting to create change and be proactive to prevent the compromising of our environment to a point where the issue can no longer be resolved.  Along with that if our well-being is not in good standing we are in no position to create or assist in better welling of thoses and things around us, you might not even be  aware of  wicked problems we face or are being discussed by those around you.

 Maintaining our own sustainability is a huge factor that is important to make sure we keep ourselves informed about the issues going around us. Because if we cannot maintain or have some sustainability in our own life it’ll be an ongoing cycle of unsustainability in our environment. Your overall well-being is beneficial because it enhances your values,empathy,compassion when being mindful which helps create sustainable behavior which then can be beneficial out in the world. Such mindfulness will benefit better mental health as such studies have shown.

 Those that have a huge social impact on us as consumers would really benefit us if they were the majority that took such action because it’ll be an easier way for the message to spread that changes need to be made. For Instance in the apparel industry there is a community of those that are concerned with what those of higher social standing wear and don’t wear,and for some that dictates what is being consumed and what is being produced. Trends have a huge impact on the sustainability of our environment. Because what is popular at the time could be something that takes a lot of resources to make and alot of other resources to make the supplies needed for the production of that garment or another product. Being aware of the fact that every product has an expiration date. The value of the product will change eventually.

Being aware of this future product will be made with the consideration of sustainability. By having such awareness as a consumer some of us won’t be so concerned with what someone is wearing, or a certain  but instead how sustainable that garment or that product is. In addition we will be more concerned with how to make more sustainable products along with buying more sustainable products.  Which will benefit those generations of the industrial industry in making more eco-friendly products. These opportunities will create more job opportunities which will help impact our economy, financial standing and our lively hood. 

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