Lastly, before we go our separate ways…

As we in continue in time, it gives us time to reflect and think. With the goal of this course is to take time to reflect on wicked problems with a compassionate curiosity mindset. There has been a lot to it. Intellectually, I think that it has created another mindset. It makes me think and reflect on it. It also makes your brain create another for your thoughts to collect. It creates a road to where your academic mindset that may have a few roads of thinking, generates many more roads that you had no idea that was possible. Mind wise, I think it ties to all of them. Intellectually, emotionally, heart, somatically, and body). I think the mind plays a major role in all of these. TO me, the mind is the most powerful thing about us. I truly do believe that some of these exercises that we did at the beginning of class helped. I think it helps us improve everything about ourselves and everything around us. It has my mind cleared I definitely feel a difference in how I feel and how I think about everything. I do think these exercises can become extremely useful if I were to perform them consistently every day. Just by doing some of these exercises during class, my mind was calmed and my head felt so much clearer than usual. I will definitely be using these exercises/ mediation from now on. The ways these have helped me with wicked problems are by giving me a clearer mind and a better mindset on how I think about a wicked problem. This course has made wicked problems easier to understand and take upon what you and I can do to solve them.

Emotionally, I would say I have become more aware of how I feel about a certain situation and how I can change my attitude towards it. I may have strong feelings and emotions towards a problem that I see and feel one way. However, this course has taken my emotions about these situations and has given me a broader understanding that my way isn’t right 100% of the time and it takes two sides or even sides to solve a wicked problem or just a problem in general. Wicked Problems through this course has not changed my heart though. I think this class definitely has pushed my way of thinking, though, it is hard to change your heart/ even mine through a small class. I will say that it has made me think that my heart’s desires and thinking have had a small course of small change in some areas of emotion and intellectual. Though, my heart through most wicked problems has stayed mostly the same. Overall, this course has brought me to think through a compassionate curiosity in the multiple ways I do come to think about wicked problems.

I will say overall that this course has developed a humble and compassionate response to Wicked problems for me. I think this class has also pushed me in that sense, they have challenged me yet, have given me more of a compassionate response to wicked problems. I think for example when talking about waste and pollution, I think it is easy to come up with solutions it says this will work and everyone in your mind will agree on it. However, it is more than that It definitely has made me realize that not everyone will agree on it. Not because it won’t work, it just won’t a pliable to every country or area. That may be due to just the country’s beliefs and or just the way the government is run. Another problem would be that not every country has the expenses to do to the economy to do it. I would say another example would be how we come up with solutions to political issues. From race, economy, personal freedoms, and many more forms of political ideologies. This class has taught me that we may all have our separate viewpoints in that even though we all think our way of thinking is the correct solution and ideology for these political agendas and problems, it is not that easy in that there will always be conflict even if you think everyone is on board after you oil laid out your plans and acted on them. This class has definitely taught me that it takes many thoughts and many conflicts, well, it takes many things to come up with a solution that is classified as a wicked problem. This is the part where I would say it has humbled me the most it has brought attention to how I felt. With being humbled I definitely would say it has brought more compassion out of me to these wicked problems and as maybe understand it bought a range of responses that are not just what I think is the correct way of doing things. 

Given my experience in this course, I would say it has created a positive change in my circle of influence. This course is very different from a lot of courses and you can argue that it is a waste of time and who really needs to learn this and take this course as an important to the degree and whatnot. I know it’s not math or really any activity in class that pushes you in any way. However, I think just definitely gives a better understanding of everything in general in your life and I think it does create a positive momentum of change in my circle of influence. The way it has created a positive influence is it brings up real situations that you may not think about every day. A lot of these situations I have completely forgotten about and don’t even think about much, to be honest. A lot of topics and subjects learned through this course have made me reconsider what I do think about and what is important to think about. Has it completely changed my thoughts throughout the day? No, but instead it has added things for me to think about here and there. It challenges me, not all the time, but just enough to make me realize that solutions that I may have for anything, in particular, may not be the best. I know that already I just think it’s like the cherry on top you know? It definitely brings out your mindsets. I think this class carries an influence on our academics and our personal lives too. It has definitely pushed a positive mindset where I think about things in a more open matter than I used to have. I definitely appreciate the meditation exercises. Surprisingly, they did change my mindset in a more positive direction than what it was going in during that day. It also has changed sometimes a more positive direction of my mindset during the week as well. I will take this course to create a positive change in my circle of influence by using the tools I have learned from the sources I have gained from this course to create that positive change in my circle. This has definitely been a class I will remember and use throughout my time here at OSU and outside of my academic career as well.

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