The reality

From the start of the class I have realized there are more wicked problems than we know of. We as students are taught about pollution and waste throughout our school years. However, we do not realize there is so much more to it than just pollution and waste. Rather than understanding what is causing climate change. As well as why we have not done anything in years to prevent it from damaging the Earth’s climate. We should focus on what is causing global warming and ways to prevent it from happening more. Not only did I learn about sustainability and the difficulties we face on our planet in class, but I also learned that we need to take some time for ourselves. Personally, I never saw myself meditating or taking it seriously. My teacher would ensure that we spent 10 minutes of our class time mediating in this course. To get rid of tension and anything else in your thoughts. So we may just unwind and assist ourselves in this approach.

Meditation can help a person relax, sleep better, and enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health, just to name a few. Meditation allows you to concentrate solely on the current moment. It also teaches a person how to be more patient and gives them a new skill. A skill on learning how to manage their stress and stressful situations. Meditating everyday will help them improve their ability to multitask and increase their concentration and attention. One will know when meditating is working when one feels more motivated to do more things and less stressed. I learned in class that simply just those ten minutes everyday can make a huge difference. Clearing your mind every once in awhile throughout your day will make a change in your life and your body. 

One does not realize there is so much that is affecting our environment and the entire rest of the earth. We only see what is surrounding us. We do not see or realize what is going on in other countries or states. We may have heard that some countries live in poverty and automatically think the living situation is terrible. And waste is surrounding them. In our everyday lives, we have a lot of things going on. Such as making sure we go to work to provide food for their families and pay bills. Or maybe to make sure we are keeping our body in good health. We keep ourselves busy so that we do not notice what is really happening to our climate. Mostly everyone knows already that climate change has been happening for years, but we do not do much to stop it. Some would recycle or find greener ways to live. While companies or manufacturers use a lot of products coming from our environment and affecting it everyday. For example, the use of trees is used alot in the products we use. Such as, chewing gum, rubber, medication, supplies, furniture and so much more. Not only does wood give you products but it also gives you shelter. A place to live and be safe. However we take advantage of it and that is affecting our earth. Deforestation is happening and removing habitats that species were calling home. Trees help us breathe, provide food and so much more. Environmental disasters and global warming are affecting our health and not just our planet.  

We use non-renewable sources everyday that take years and years to have again. Within those non-renewable sources are gasses that are being released into our atmosphere. Once it is released into our atmosphere it causes our climate to change and get hotter. Which could be the reason why in arctic places the ice is melting more and more. Which is destroying all the animals’ habitat living there and affecting how they live. I have learned in class that there’s an infinite amount of causes that could be causing climate change. Some would say that poverty has to do a part of it or humans in general are the reason. Or maybe the sun in general could be the reason why. Since the sun provides us heat, the temperature of all layers of the Earth’s atmosphere would rise as a result of solar warming.Which could be the reason why our planet is experiencing climate change and not necessarily the fault of humans. There isn’t a single solution to solve all of the wicked problems all together. We would have or need to take it step by step to try and help out. Even though that will lead to another problem, at least trying to help our earth where we live. 

The fashion industry has played a significant role on Earth’s environment. The industry itself has a lot of negative impacts on the environment people live in. It increases the consumption so it increases the material waste in the long run. Since a lot of the industry is fast fashion, that means a lot of the material is cheap so people who can not afford expensive clothes are more likely to buy it. And the reason people buy more clothes than they actually need is because they feel pressured to stay up to date for the seasonal trends. The industry also usages toxic dyes and chemicals when making clothes. Which later ends up in the soil people plant. The chemicals can also contaminate the water people drink.

Society needs to be more considerate of the issue with the fashion industry. Otherwise people will keep on consuming the food and water that is contaminated from the different dyes and chemicals. This will eventually cause damage to the lungs and enter the bloodstream. To solve the issue of the wastefulness of the fashion industry, people can buy used clothes. Or even buy high quality clothes so they will not be required to buy as much clothes. These little things can have a huge impact on the environment if everyone contributes. 

I try to contribute as much as I can to be greener and help out, but there is so much that I can do to help out. On the bright side I am at least trying, but it still requires others to help out. Having others contribute would help so much and them knowing the cause. Which would spread the word and make a change. 

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