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I am an Architectural Engineering student at Oklahoma State University.

Energy to Change the World

               Wicked problems like the unsettling correlation between poverty and environmental degradation can mitigate and, income cases, resolved when the problem itself is reassessed. By looking at the statistical and logical implications of a problem those implications can be targeted … Continue reading

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The Reality of Materiality

            Prior to the Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice course, I had developed a limited interest in building materials that began to grow after conducting a related research investigation last semester. Because of the past few weeks, that interest is … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Redefine the paradigm

Sustainability has always been about “reduce, reuse, and recycle” for me. Up until recently I had not realized the full scope of sustainability. I now understand that sustainability is a conscious choice and goal for everyone. As a prospective engineer … Continue reading

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