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My Journey in Opening my Eyes to Wicked Problems

I have been able to contribute to my classmates throughout the course in a couple of ways. One of the most important concepts that I feel I have stressed to my classmates was sustainable design. My intake on this problem … Continue reading

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Road to a Sustainable Environment: Fashion

This week I contributed to the class by explaining how important it is when created clothes, shoes or accessories that we should assume it will not be in style forever. Therefore make the design recyclable and reusable to be able … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Matters

My major takeaways from this past week’s topics are simply that mindfulness is essential to a healthier and happy life. You and I must be taking just an easy five minutes a day to focus on our minds. Living in … Continue reading

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Save the Trees, Go Green

Sustainability is something the world and humankind are longing for. Maintaining the earth and everything that goes along with the earth, is simply essential if we as a species want our future generations to survive and live in a healthy … Continue reading

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