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Sustainable OSU

READING As a Merchandiser, we had a reading about how greenery effects an in-store environment and consumer behavior. The reading has a before and after picture of a store with and without a greenery addition to it. I was surprised … Continue reading

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Design Slam I found the design slam a challenge. To be given the task to come up with a sustainable solution to a problem in 20 minutes is definitely a challenge, but it made us really use our imaginations and … Continue reading

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Shop Locally

My learning community had the task of discussing the “Shop Locally” part of the article”Closing the Loops” for our reading assignments this week. This particular part of the article talked in depth about the amount of travel our food takes … Continue reading

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Sincerely Sustainable

I believe this has to have been the most eye-opening first weeks of school I’ve experienced. Of course it started with the viewing of ‘The 11th Hour’, which was a film I had never even heard mentioned before entering this … Continue reading

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