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Apparel Designer and Business Owner. Working for my degree while starting businesses in Stillwater Oklahoma. I spend my time thinking of new designs and studying popular culture to adapt fits for the modern man and women. My main focuses are fit, functionality, textiles, and sustainability. In this blog I will explore several issues of sustainability and my thoughts on the presented matters. All feedback is appreciated and I would be very interested to hear any followup thoughts or questions!

How long can you use more than you produce?

If you continually use more than you produce, you’ll eventually run out. There no system of overproduction and consumption that can last. Annie Leonard said it best when she said that her opinion was not that you shouldn’t love your … Continue reading

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It’s not what you planet can do for you, It’s what you can do for your planet.

True “mindfullness,” means being aware of yourself and your impact as well as the impact of everything around you. It’s understanding the effects of your actions and the actions of everything involved in your life and what the consequences of … Continue reading

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Sustainable Mind

Sustainability has largely been involved in business and was originally focused on profits that would sustain a company’s growth. Recently sustainability has begun to account for the wealth of the world and what industry is doing to the planet we … Continue reading

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