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23 Seconds

It’s only been a week since visiting the Sustainability Office at OSU, but I already find myself changing my habits at home. I thought it was very interesting that if you’re leaving the room for only 23 seconds, it is … Continue reading

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Build Empathy, Not Buildings

My wicked problem that I’m reporting on is the effect that advertising has on consumerism, which in turn creates more waste, pollution, and a greater carbon footprint. The Wicked Problems website discusses this level of consumerism and refers to how … Continue reading


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Meditation a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The wicked problem I’m exploring in my field is the lack of self-worth that present day advertising brings to consumerism. These advertisements that we have to have the “latest and greatest” items bring feelings of instant gratification when we go … Continue reading

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Don’t carbon copy my carbon footprint

When I attended OSU as a Marketing major, I learned what sustainability meant from a management standpoint and understood exactly what it meant from the beginning and it changed how I lived my life from that lecture, on. Wow! I wish … Continue reading

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