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I am a 22 year old currently living in Oklahoma and trying to find the meaning of life. I also love to travel!

Marketing Sustainability

This past week, poverty stood out to me with significance. For some people, poverty is just this really sad thing you think about but never really experience yourself. You picture underdeveloped countries. A distant land. But the reality is, there … Continue reading

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Using More Than We Need

As the end of the semester approaches, I have found myself becoming increasingly stressed out as I have a lot on my plate. My professors are assigning all of their projects at the same time and finals are nearing. This … Continue reading

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A Wicked World

This is my first semester at OSU and my first semester attending a four-year university. I transferred from Tulsa Community College so this has been a big change for me. This semester I have heard of so many new terms … Continue reading

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