Fashion and Sustainability

Humans are surrounded by the taste culture and many other social norms which is part of the fashion we own and living with that style. As the fashion is a style which creates the difference between the old and the new way of style of living. As this is evolving so human taste buds change with the passage of time.

To see the reality, we had related about the fashion is that we own the cars, phones and other commodities from the market which create the fashion. Just look at the few decades when you had encountered the first phone which enables the person to communicate with the other using the mobile phone device. Now, look at the person holding the mobile phone which is smarter than the person holding a phone in the year 2000. This is the reality as the fashion is evolving. One statement which is related about the companies who are making the profits are greedy in for their profits. On this point, I disagree to call it greed but it is something which pushes us to be more creative in our lifestyle. Fashion covers almost all areas of the life even in the military services the equipment they are using is better from the previous one. It is human nature to create the better products for the future. Sometimes things really lived for the specific period of life. Is it efficient to use the pair of bull to cultivate the land? Is it humanity to hold the slaves on the plantation? It is not the proper way of the living but one of the realities is that as a human had the life cycle similarly all products had a life cycle. So, we can say that there is time for everything to be used. As the innovation in the technology is more rapid in a few decades which is benefiting us.

Now talking about the Leyla post which is informative and somehow resembles the point which I am going to make. But it is not the blame for the human but it is a suggestion as it is important not to be oppressed by the careful observations she had made. So, one point is that as the technology is building the products in the market which is creating the huge damage to our environment which is true but what really lags is the best practices which human needs in order to compete with our problems. Our problem is that we are careless and the competition among the human to become rich is the key component which initiates the problem. We never do research on the product we had made what will be the useful life of the product and how we should use it. Even if we purchase a product from the market company attach the user manual with the product how to use and how to dispose of but we merely follow these instructions. We only read manually when we are stuck but for disposal of the material, we merely read the manual as we are not concerned with our environment. It is the bitter reality that we had. Sometimes we are blinded by the solution which is not researched properly but it is marketed in the manner that it is environment-friendly, but it is giving impact to the health of the people along with our environment.

The learning from this point is that did we ever try to create anything which can be utilized without giving impact to the environment. Let suppose you had purchased the grocery from the Walmart or best buy. You had picked the trolley and filling it with your desires as fashioned by the society. Now you are on the counter where a person starts packing your material and you will use it to take grocery to home and placing it in your refrigerator. Before leaving home, your mother who is old-fashioned gives you the bag which is made of the cloth and can be used for the years as she had done her last shopping using that when you had observed that people were laughing on her fashion. You take that bag but left it in the car when entering into the Walmart or best buy. You had only taken only to please your mother but actually, you are trying to stick to the fashion which society owns. Now after a few days, you had visited a small shopping mart where they are charging five dollars for the bag which is looking very good. As you had seen the first sentence when you are invoicing area. “Save Earth and nature with just 5$” below you seen few bags made up of eye catch colors and printed 5% discount using this bag in mart on next visit. What you will do? Now human nature is the greed and now you will innovate your style of shopping which your old-fashioned mother wanted you to adopt. That’s is the reality that we are not tamed but even if someone tries we do ignore them and stick to whatever we are following. Even we are following the worst practices.

Hence, we had many solutions only need the right attention and right tools with the extensive studies. It is very important for the worldwide to enforce the companies to do research on the disposing of the material and also there is a need to make the global laws on the mutual understanding. The initiative is financially stressing for companies and the governments but once it will be implemented it will take the people and it will not remain as the wicked problem for our society. Only we need our beautiful brains as a human is the top most creation of the creator so we must respect our own value.

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Can You Spare Some Change?

The phrase “Can you spare some change?” is something that, in today’s society, could mean more than ever. The social norms being carried out in industrial practices are sending the world on an ever slippery downhill slope. Change being made is something that needs to be demanded at a consumer level. Corporate practices of needing to expand and grow by any cost necessary is a theory that needs to go with the wayside. Like mentioned in the article over fashion and sustainability, creativity is something that can lead to help or harm. The USSR did not allow individuality and it made the nation suffer. Individuality leads to creativity, which leads to innovation, and without innovation the world would stay the same. Creativity can also lead to indulgence in innovation. The act of being sustainable is inhibited by technological advancements at times. The desire to want the next brightest thing is fed relentlessly in modern times. This leads to more waste than any other period in history. Trends like these will not subside unless a change is demanded by consumers, so I ask “Can you spare some change?”


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Blog 3

Honestly this week in class was very confusing to me. I still do not fully understand design for humility or aesthetic obsolescence. Leyla’s TED talk was interesting to me though. I thought it was cool how she explained that neither paper or plastic was necessarily better than one another. It all just depends on how we are using the products. It stood out to me that she also talked about the West “recycling” our old phones into third world countries. It’s awful because we in The United States can’t even comprehend how that would effect our lives here. They are literally burning phones 20 feet away from their homes. They are constantly breathing in that smoke and those nasty chemicals.

Biophillia is an awesome concept to me because I feel like it takes a lot to get to that level of connection with nature. In order to have that you need to be self aware already and a lot of people aren’t these days. Biophillic design is really cool as well because I have seen it every day. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a building in my hometown and it was made to look like a tree. So having something like that close to home was very cool to experience. I never really thought about how fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand until this class. It is hard because the biggest fashion companies are usually the biggest wasters. They would rather throw out their clothes instead of sending them to department stores at a marked down price. It is hard for companies to admit that their products did not sell as well as they thought it would.

Fashion is not just clothing. It is anything that can be worn whether that is clothes, watches, accessories, or jewelry. A lot of these things/ parts to these fashion items are tossed when they’re not being worn anymore. A lot of the time when they’re being thrown out, it ends up in the ocean and this just causes a spiral downward. My wicket problem is ocean pollution and I never really thought that clothes or accessories could end up in the ocean but it really does happen. During this course I have been able to put a lot of pieces together and learn more about the industry. I have actually taken steps to recycle and use less plastic based products. I never fully comprehended the kind of impact I have as a single person on this planet. I now understand why this class is important to take for this degree.

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Enjoying the journey

Every week my mind keeps getting blown away by all the topics we talk about in class. This week was really interesting to me because we got to talk about fashion sustainability and merchandising. Some of the pro’s listed in the fashion sustainability article were fashion in design foster creativity and exploration of new items. There is always freshness keeping us interested and entertained. When thinking about some of those pro’s I contemplated if they really were pro’s or do they really have a con effects to our planet. About a year ago I stopped shopping at fast fashion companies after learning the detrimental effects it has on our planet. I thought those store were amazing, always new items on the shelves and for a very cheap price. After reading this article it all make sense. The new freshness of the products every week kept luring me back in. I looked at it like a challenge and was eager to find the best deal. The con’s in the article I found to be very true. One in particular was without form of restraint the emphasis of newness, novelty and innovation can become if not more damaging to people and the environment than one that stagnates. This hit home with me because after thinking about all the companies I shop at and how they are becoming if not already showing little restraint with consumer goods. We have this buy, buy, buy mentality and we don’t ever think the whole system through.

This leads me to Leyla’s ted talk which talked about systems and how we every decision that we make affects one of the systems such as humans, product, and out planet. We need to design products that take the strain off out natural environment. Similar to biophilia connections we subconsciously seek with the rest of life. We need nature to sustain life and happiness. So She talked about paper and plastic bags and which one has the greater impact on the environment and it turned out that paper tends to use more natural resources and it is heaverier. Functionally defines environment impact! When we were reading the poverty reading I looked at it as a system. Talking about it in class and realizing that we need to help people below the poverty line gain a sustainable practice by teaching them the trade to sustain the action will be far more beneficial in the long run, rather than just giving them resources. I think that tied into Leyla’s talk and how she said that as humans we like to give simple easy solutions to complex problems.

This is why I chose textile waste as my topic for the final paper. While researching for activity 3 I was amazed at all the statistics I found. The average person throws away 70 pounds of clothes and other textile waste annually. It estimated that 3.8 billion pounds of post consumer waste each year, leaving 85% in our landfills. This has me speechless. I have been researching different waste to reduce, reuse, and recycle.I found that people are recycling old denim pants into house insulation. I can’t wait to keep exploring this topic and keep expanding my knowledge because this is a huge topic and we just need to figure out a better system. My sustainable journey is flourishing and expanding the way I think and act. I am now a conscious consumer and tend to be the rest of my life!


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Blog 3

Each day spent in Wicked Problem Solving, I am introduced to new outlooks and ways of viewing this wicked problem our society has worked itself into. This past week we looked at the TED talk with Leyla, and her experience with the industries and how things are produced. The amount of stuff we consume as a nation is sickening. It is easy to think about how we might not as individuals be included in the percentages she gave us, but does it really matter wether we are or not unless we are actively making an effort to make a change? Of course a change has to start with ourselves, but there also needs to be a motivation to make a change; people should share the knowledge. Sustainability is not something we talk about as much as we should. As an interior design major, we can have a significant affect on the environment based on how we design and the manufacturers we choose to buy from. I have enjoyed learning about the problems, but wish to know more about what we can do as designers to make a difference. Why have we not learned more about ways to recycle as it applies to interior design? It is unfortunate we are not able to have a class designated to ways to design based on more sustainable needs.

As far as the conversation on poverty goes, I have mixed emotions. It is easy to point the blame to the poverty stricken areas because of their lack of money or knowledge to make improvements, but they are not really the ones spending money on new things. Yes, they do not always care as much about the environment, but neither do the people who are spending money. If the blame is to fall anywhere, it should be on our society’s ignorance towards the issue as a whole. In support of the other side of the argument, we do need an economy to support the nation, and feed people. All of the big manufacturers we complain about buying from, are also the ones suppling jobs. If there are no jobs then there is no money, and no money means more poverty. I am not saying there is no way possible to have a good flowing economy, and lead sustainable lives; there just has not been a good enough compromise.

One solution that seems like the most obvious is to make everything recyclable. Of course this is something that would take decades to accomplish. Above anything else is societies knowledge on our situation and what all it is going to take to improve the environment. The more I know and understand about what is going on, the more I want to change what I can do, but that is not going to be enough; everyone needs to make a change.

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The Journey Thus Far

During class last week we discussed how fashion relates to sustainability. With fast fashion and fads constantly circulating and renewing, we are creating massive pollution through the production and disposal of these garments. This rate of change in fashion is good for the economy but bad for our environment. This topic hits pretty close to home because before starting this class I was totally immersed in the fast fashion rage. I bought almost all of my clothing from places like Forever 21 and Zara. As these companies produce aesthetically appealing clothing, they do not create these garments to last more than a little while. They want you to throw it out and buy the next trend; buy more for cheap. In order to produce clothing at this fast rate, heavy pollution is created, more garments are wasted after being used, and child labor is often taken advantage of. I have gotten to learn more about this topic as it relates to my investigative paper. Now that I am educated on the truth behind these companies, I know that the mindset of the entire industry needs to shift. Garments need to be created with sustainability in mind.

Although sustainability is not talked about nearly as much as it should be, people still have knowledge of it and are more conscious of it now more than ever. I believe that as people’s awareness of environmental issues rises they will be more willing to pay for products that are merchandised as sustainable. There is something to be said about people that care about and respect our environment and I believe people are latching onto this idea. If this continues we can then view fashion as a stepping stone to a more sustainable world rather than a setback.

After watching The Story of Stuff I realized how much we don’t see when it comes to where our trash goes and how products are produced. It is astonishing to learn how much damage we are causing to our environment and to people. I was also astonished by the reading on poverty. To blame the poor for our environmental issues does not sit right with me. In many cases, especially in third world countries, the people once were self-sustaining and lived off the land. We then came in and stripped the land of its resources and caused these people to turn towards another, a less sustainable way of life. I resonated most with the win-win solution of providing land and resources back to them so that they could once again be self-sustaining. This would help our environment as well as provide resources to them for survival.

Leyla’s Ted Talk made me realize that what you think is sustainable may not actually be. An example of this is the plastic versus the paper shopping bags. She also shared how we could create new systems that are more environmentally friendly; we have the knowledge and the resources to do so. This really resonated with me because it made me realize that there is more we could be doing but we aren’t. A lot of this should be emphasized on companies and how they create their products. These companies and we as a society need to focus our energy on being less wasteful and more sustainable as a whole.

My sustainability journey has progressed greatly since being in this class. I feel not only more mindful but more aware of what it means to be sustainable. I now try to recycle and practice a more environmentally friendly life.



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Plastic is Better-ish

In today’s time, we are slowly killing the world day by day and some do not care at all. In the article “ Fashion and Sustainability”, it is mentioned that in order to make our world sustainable again it will take many small steps. Being sustainable in the fashion industry is not a simple thing to do. One has to take the time to make sure it is done correctly and actually sustainable. Leyla Acaroglu in her TED talk, talks about if paper actually beats plastic. My whole life I was told that plastic was no good for the environment. Recently, some states that are surrounded by water, for example, California. In California, it is now illegal to serve a drink with a plastic straw. This is because the straws were ending up in the ocean and killing the sea animals, specifically the sea turtles. Leyla goes into great detail about how choosing plastic at the grocery store versus plastic actually has a greater impact on the environment. That is due to how the paper biodegrades in the landfills due to air being anaerobic. This relates the the article we read called “Is Poverty Responsible for Environmental Degradation”. It is said in this article, that the government views the poor as some type of target group for certain policies. The Government thinks of the poor this way because they are “failing below some standard”. Another statement that was mentioned was that the poor compete with each other over assets, however they are not only competing against each other, but as well as, the non-poor. I have been looking into ways to be more sustainable while being an interior designer. I have come across that bamboo is being used all over the world to help out with deforestation. This can be used as flooring, chairs, tables, and so many more items that wood be used for. Bamboo has become increasingly popular here in the U.S over the recent years. However, China has the biggest use of it. Over the past couple of years I have become more environmentally aware. I think that is it so important for us to start making changes in our daily lives due to the fact that right before our eyes our world is dying. If everyone in the world started making small changes to their daily lives that impacted the world in one way or more we could all help the world stay our world for a little bit longer.

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