Taking on a Sustainable Future With Pixie by My Side

When I found out about this wicked problems class and that it was only a month long my first thought was, oh this will be a piece of cake. As the semester went on and the beginning of the class crept nearer, I began getting more and more nervous. My other classes were starting to get more demanding and my stress was through the roof. I woke up the morning of October 15th, put on some comfy clothes and eventually arrived outside the door of room 215. The doors were still locked when I got there so I sort of wandered down the hall and back until I noticed other students trudging through the doorway. Stepping into the room I saw a number of bean bags and figured that it was just a first day of class specialty. My nerves slowly melted away as I saw a familiar face and I plopped my body into the bright blob of foam beside her. This was the place that changed me forever.

As each Tuesday and Thursday proceeded, the others surrounding me all brought something valuable to the safe space. At first I was too shy to share much. I would get scared that what I would say may sound like I did not understand what in the world we were sharing about. I slowly became more comfortable with the other girls and my professor, and started putting more of myself into the room. Even if I did not quite grasp the topic, I still felt secure in what I wanted to say. We all had different perspectives and outlooks of the issues discussed and it felt good to have others listen and explain their own understandings. I feel that that was the biggest contribution that any of us could have made. It can be extremely intimidating talking about anything in front of multiple other people, especially for myself, so I had to bundle up some courage and reveal my thoughts to them, sometimes partly slumped over the side of the blue or orange Big Joe. Maybe the only thing they took away from it was a bunch of gibberish, but I also could have planted something new in someone else’s mind. For me, participating in discussion and learning from my peers was my biggest contribution but also my biggest takeaway. 

I admitted in my first blog that before this class I never really focused on the problems the world is facing such as pollution and global warming, but now my eyes are wide open. Though I have recently started recycling, I still most definitely want to learn more about these issues because I feel that they are easily looked past or just blatantly ignored. The truth is, we are lazy. We do not want to deal with it or believe that it is real, so we put it off on someone else, creating an endless cycle of negligence. I want to make a difference, and though that difference may be small at first, it could grow into something much bigger if I take the right steps and help others join the journey.

I am usually the friend that others want to come to for advice and rant to when needed. I feel I am a good influence on others and as said above, one small step can end up making a huge difference. Implementing ideas for a positive change into my family and friends could ultimately lead to that big difference. If I can help the ones around me begin doing things to help these wicked problems, they can share their personal journey with others and change that negative ‘endless cycle’ into a more sustainable one. Some of the tasks are easy, anyone can do them, but others are much larger than a few people can handle which is why we need to continue to help others be more aware, like this class did for me.

Though this class was short lived, it helped me grow tremendously. I have never taken a class where I had to talk about things that I had little to no knowledge on in front of so many others. I tend to be very introverted and choose not to convey much with others. I like to sit back and listen, taking in the views of others. I got pushed outside of my comfort zone and I am beyond happy about it. I know that I will still struggle with public speaking in the future, but this is only the beginning of what I am capable of. I gained new friends and knowledge about the world we live in, along with what I need to do in order to make an impact. I also felt that this class pushed me to be more responsible. I had to gradually push myself to try harder and go further every week and it was truly invigorating. It was empowering to know more about the things that so many really do not know much about. I hope that I will continue to progress in my understandings and knowledge and be able to provide more when I catch Pixie in a future class with Dr. Armstrong. Maybe there will be the average desks and chairs when I walk into the next room with her standing in it, but the environment will remain the same and that was what kept me feeling comfortable and safe.

I am beyond grateful for every opportunity and door that this course has opened up for me. And I will never forget the “class with the bean bag chairs and the stuffed unicorn”, or the professor with the awesome style.

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A New Mindset and A New Way Of Life.

Walking into the last class to sit on the bean bags was bittersweet. I was glad that would not be having to do all the work for the class and did not have to wake up as earl, but I was sad to now I will most likely never see these people again on this big campus. I switch my major for the 5 times, and hope this one sticks. I will not be in human sciences college anymore. I really enjoyed how the class was very interactive and I really got to know everyone in the class. Watching the last little bit of the movie the 11th hour wrapped everything up perfectly.

The group project was probably my favorite part of this class. I am much better in smaller groups and I had got a really good group. I felt like I got to really work on my communication skills as well as my teamwork skills as well. Well all were really easy going and could get things done in a timely manner. I am a very visual person and I thrived making the infographic designs. I gave directions on how I wanted it to look to the other girls and we all gathered all the different research we needed. I was very satisfied and proud with how it all turned out. 

With class discussions, my favorite article we read was the Western values no article. It was crazy to me that we had build such a toxic society. I really got into and understood it very well. Learning the crazy statistics such as consumption rose 28% in 5 decades. The fact that we have such a high growing population and we are also are consuming so much is crazy to me. I wonder how much longer the earth will last if we keep going at this rate? I then talked about probably the most I ever did in that class during the discussion over that article. I feel like with some of the other articles they were a little confusing or just did not make sense to me. This one was very easy to follow so I felt like I could answer any questions the teacher was gonna shoot at me. I was really interesting to me to hear the yes side arthurs point of view on the topic. It was very different from the no arthur. It is always good to hear multiple points of view, because you do not want to only know one side to things. I did agree with the no arthur a bit more. I may have been biased because I read his article, but it just does not make sense to me to be destructive to be aventual sustainable. One of the roots of the problems are companies and their advertisements. The no arthur made a little more sense to me by saying They manipulate people into thinking they need the biggest and news thing, instead of just using what they already have till it is not useful anymore. People are just greedy and will always want more. The only way that would work is by trying to enforce that minimize in best. It may be a lot of work but if we keep striving for that it could possible work aventual. 

Throughout this 4 week course I have learned a lot from my classmates, like their different perspective on subjects showed me various ways to think about things. The class was very eye opening and as a group we all work very nicely together. We would build off of each other and counteract each other as well. We all remained very civil throughout the whole class. The environment of the class was very open. I felt I could talk and share my opinions openly and no one would judge me. I always tried to talk at least two or three times in a class just to put my part in. I felt kinda confused at times but usually hearing people in the class talked about it made things a lot more clear. This class has challenged my thinking and the way I go about things in my everyday life now. I am more mindful now than when I started the class. Some examples are I went grocery shopping and I tried to not buy any products that have plastic packaging, try to walk anywhere if possible, or get a ride with a friend to a place we are both going. 

With my circle of influence I want and will do my best to make others more mindful. To take time and think about what you are purchasing and using is something everyone should do. I did not really do this until starting to go to this class. By Dr. Armstrong opening my eyes and showing me and my classmates the toxic habits that people have showed us what we could do to improve yourself and our ways of life. I will now lead by example and inform others of what they are doing that could possibly be hurting the earth and us in the future. We have to protect the earth and ourself. Being mindful will be hard and not as convenient now, but once people start to break these bad habits it will become easier. It will become the norm, because it will be like a butterfly effect. A butterfly flaps their wings in Chicago and a tornado happens in Tokyo. Hopefully once I put my influence on my circle they will do the same and it will build from their.

I just want to thank everyone in the class and most of Dr. Armstrong for these past 4 weeks. I have learned a great deal and have changed my way of thinking. Even with the daily meditations, which I love now, I would have thought were so silly and would never give it the time or the day before. I will try to be more mindful going through life and not take things for granted. Life is a sweet thing and we must cherish every bit of it.

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Crash Course in Saving the Planet

Who knew that a four week course would be one of the most impactful thing I would do this year. Not only was it painful to listen to all the things that we did over the years to harm ourselves and the planet, but it was also a great teaching experience that I will carry with me from now on, in and out of my profession.

Planet saving aside, the focus on meditation in this class will be a permanent change in my routine as it should be for many. Allowing thoughts to simply drift past you from day to day brings a whole new perspective on life as it shows how simple those thoughts truly are. Even  small section of time opens your eyes to a whole new realm of possibility, which can be used to create a world where our planet will no longer be in harm’s way.

Coming into this class, I had no formal training on our impact on earth. It is disappointing to know that knowledge of our home is not on the forefront of many people’s minds as classes discussing this are minimal. But through personal research with my many Google searches and book excerpts along the years, I knew that we needed a century long miracle in a span of only a few years. This was clear during the movie in class, as the harmful numbers kept increasing instead of ebbing away with the passing years.

Entering a profession such as interior design, gives me so much excitement, but also fear. As building materials and environments create a vast majority of our issues in the pollution and waste areas. But with the rising population, it can seem inevitable. But keeping the idea of humility has stuck with me since the article we read. Thinking of each solution to not be the end, but only the beginning of our understanding in how we can reshape our culture and it’s needs. Using the idea that every solution will not be the best one, but we must create and recreate new innovations that take a larger step towards our safety.

Building materials and the issues they create has stuck with me as it can become a way of life for me as I grow older in the interior design field. Branching away from common resources in search of the safer and more friendly option will always be in my mind as it will be only a small piece that I can change for the world. With this in mind daily, it could be used as an influence to others to think outside the box while also stripping our culture of our need for “keeping up with the Joneses” mindset.

This mindset has shaped our culture for the longest time as we continue to stray for necessities and run towards luxuries. The danger we brought on ourselves, with the increase marketing and advertisements over the hundreds of years, is controlling our minds as we are blocking the thoughts of our own safety and stretching for the just out of reach superiority of having more money than the neighbors. It’s terrifying to think that some cultures have already been through this situation, as history truly does repeat itself, yet we are none the wiser. The smaller population of Easter Island created a whole society on superiority and ranks, which can be discussed as the reason they fell apart and collapsed. Through their limited resources and the refusal to create more innovated ways to use said resources, it crumbled around them.

With all of the culture talk, it brings into perspective just how scary the future can be if our mindset as a whole does not change. Knowing that, as a twenty year old college kid, I cannot be the one to hold all the answers also brings a shiver down my spine. The population as a whole must band together and deem this our ultimate problem, and until then we must continue to strengthen our smaller solutions and watch them grow.

Even with the dependent situation we are in, the list of ways a single person can aid in reversing the collapse continues to expand. Learning that small things, such as the correct tire pressure, have at least a small impact helps as I try to live as helpful as possible. With fast fashion being a giant consuming cloud, keeping second hand stores and researching brands gives me a little bit of power as I vote for those options in my future. Even finding pre-owned furniture instead of buying new items has an impact on how our future looks. Simple changes like multiple use grocery bags and recycling have made it into my home as do my best to lower my little footprint on the planet. I would love to add on to this list with bigger projects like composting, gardening and other long-term sustainable living options as well.

Researching building materials and their impact after they are used is something I would love to dive deeper into as this is an area that creates a ton of waste. Also learning about the steps that we can do to keep a structure up and safe for longer periods of time, as we constantly remodel and rebuild different structures. These two ideas could be a giant way to reduce our impact, but also a way to simply give life and culture to buildings as they could be occupied for a longer time than the average forty year cycle of construction.

As for my future, I plan to expand my circle of influence as I create sustainability in my profession in interior design. Creating habits for myself and my clients that bring us closer to the earth while still bringing personality to each space is a goal as I stray from the easy options and put research into every material I use. While this will not solve the crisis, I believe that influencing others as one can bring us one step closer to changing the world.

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Goodbyes & Reminiscence

When I walked into that glass-enclosed room on the 4th floor of Human Sciences, I was beyond elated. Our last class! No more crawling out of bed at ungodly hours on a Thursday, no more racing to class while gobbling a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was walking on sunshine & rainbows. But the instant our instructor said her final farewells, that annoying choky lump rose in my throat. Hurriedly, I turned back to my dry erase board, blinking away some very suspicious drops from my eyes, and concentrated on my final project.

I think, out of all the random discussions we had in class, the type of knowledge I contributed the most throughout the course was over the articles & readings, especially during the week we covered poverty and sustainability. I feel I had a pretty good grasp on what the article was trying to say, no matter how fancy and flowery the trimmings. So, even though I don’t have many experiences to share, I hope I made it up and helped my classmates out with hard points in articles.                                                                                                           

Ok, some major takeaways!! First off, wicked problems can be overwhelming. The trick to staying afloat of the waves of stress is maintain a balance, and knowing when to take a chill pill. (Meditation really helps with that!) And this can be applied to other problems as well. Next, sometimes it will be difficult to find the missing link in a chain, but glimpsing the situation from another person’s viewpoint does wonders. Believe in the power of teamwork! But seriously, one person will notice things that the other one didn’t.

So, meditation was a really, really big deal during this course. It was something I wasn’t expecting, it startled me and threw me off guard. At first, I was highly skeptical. To quote my blog from Week 2: “I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but as I stared at the little green dot of paint on the sticky note, the world slowed down…when I opened my eyes, I felt more at peace than I’d felt all semester.” I instantly started noticing results, not just in class, but out of it. I cannot even begin to count the times meditation has helped me recharge since that first awkward session in a blue beanbag that Tuesday morning. And, last but not least, I CAN make a big impact by doing my part, counting on my circle of influence to do the rest. It’s like dropping a pebble into the ocean. It creates a circle of ripples, which in turn, starts another series of ripples, and so on and on. Anything I do will affect others. (fun thought…)

First off, there are a couple problems which I want to learn more about. The first of these is the relationship between poverty and sustainability. I was greatly intrigued by the coverage we did in class on this problem. And then I want to learn more about sustainability problems in my fields of study. I realized, with increasing alarm as this course progressed, that I barely knew anything about the wicked problems that plagued the field of DHM. (Design, Housing, and Merchandising.)

And let us not forget some proposed solutions (you know, balance out the bad with some good). Oooo, like the movement to implement cotton for farmers in India to grow: a method which stabilized them financially and reduced the number of suicides among them. Truth be told, this confused me at first, I struggled to form the connection between planting cotton and decreasing the number of suicides. But with the help of our dedicated instructor, I found the links and connected them.

 So, even with all this new-found knowledge we’ve received, all these new sustainability ideas, just how much influence do any of us actually have within our social spheres? At first glance, my circle of influence seemed sprawling and unsteady. Then I looked closer. I live in a traditional style dorm, which houses a little over two hundred residents. Out of these two hundred, I know at least seventy of them personally, am mildly acquainted with around fifty, and all the rest are either nocturnal, or we rarely meet. So, these seventy peeps at least are within my circle of influence. And then looking outside my dorm, I have friends all over the place; fellow students, instructors, etc., and if they notice me recycling instead of throwing waste away, or using actual silverware instead of disposable dishes, this would encourage them to do the same. I mean, at first they’d definitely think I was on something, probably give me weird looks for a few days:/ They’d probably say something along the lines of “Girl, wtf are you doing?”, and I’d glance at them unconcernedly and reply “Oh, this is my way of helping save the planet, because…” and then go off on a whole rant on why exactly this is important to me.

Y’all, this is going to have to be a chain reaction. We have to step up NOW and do what we can to fight for the world we are slowly losing. We have to make the change, no matter what the current cost, because the endgame cost will be much worse if we do nothing. And when we step forward, we will inspire others to do the same, and that will inspire even more! Changing the world won’t rest on any one person’s shoulder, but each of us working towards a sustainable future in our own little way, all added up together? That’s what will save us. Remember all those peeps who said “Humankind doesn’t even deserve to survive”? We cannot allow ourselves to think like that. What separates us from everything else on this dying planet isn’t our ability to share coherent ideas or our opposable thumbs. What truly sets us apart is our tenacity to survive, our refusal to lie down and give up, and above everything else, our ability to bounce back from almost anything.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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My Take on These Past Four Weeks

I was eager to learn more in depth information about sustainable design. I knew very rudimentary, surface level information about green building and things individuals can do to ease the stress on the environment from discussions with family and friends and also from a course I had previously taken before I transferred to OSU. I did my best to recall the little I knew from those sources and use that; I was aiming to answer Dr.Armstrong’s questions as best I could and actually try to engage in conversation each class period. Sustainability is really important to me and I’m super excited to continue to learn more in depth information to try to form some of my own solutions to these wicked problems. I just tried to bring as much enthusiasm as possible while learning and discussing in class. Overall, I think I contributed good ideas and I challenged myself to speak up in this class, which honestly doesn’t happen in hardly any of my other classes. 

This course was a good beginner course for learning about sustainability. I took several things away from this course. The main one is that without a tremendous effort from everyone on the planet to change our ways, the human race could go extinct. That’s honestly terrifying but I guess people in power don’t really care. So other than grassroots efforts and/or a bottom-up approach, our chances of survival seem very bleak. 🙂 Something else I took away was that there are already so many new technologies and solutions to environmental problems and people keep coming up more and more. Seeing those people make such a good effort and really commit to doing their part, makes me feel a little hopeful for our future. Knowing that some people care enough to put in all the effort to find solutions to problems that a vast majority of people don’t even know are problems, gives me hope for humanity, hope that I just realized I needed. I think, for me, seeing those people do things to better the environment and their impact on it, inspires me even more to mold my life around doing the same thing. I do believe that to make actual changes, everyone will have to contribute, but I also feel good just knowing that I’m doing all that I can do. I can’t make everyone else change, but maybe if others see me, they’ll be inspired to change as well. I kind of already knew this, but this class also made me realize how everything is interconnected. It’s so difficult to get anything done because an effort to fix one thing, would cause fifteen other problems. Sustainability makes me feel like I’m Alice in Wonderland just falling down further and further into an abyss that I have no idea how to get myself out of. Since the topic of sustainability is so bleak, we need high levels of effort to do our best to fix it.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about real estate and how beneficial it could potentially be. I keep trying to figure out ways where housing can be set aside, preferably by updating existing structures instead of building completely new ones, that would address poor communities’s issues of paying rent and utilities, (utilities that are much more expensive than needed because of crummy energy sources). I know it could be beneficial for everyone in the long run to invest in poor communities and then also work with them to continue to raise them up. I have so many ideas about this and I just wish that green building isn’t as expensive as it is. Implementing something like this would kind of kill two birds with one stone; lower carbon footprints resulting from cleaner energy sources (not just in poorer communities, but everywhere eventually,) and providing poor communities with safe, energy efficient places to live. Providing humans with safe homes would allow them to put their worries about shelter into something else. This is related to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the less people have to worry about food, shelter and water, the more time they can spend bettering their lives. I was also really interested in learning about biomimicry. I’ve heard about this before, but I’m really interested in seeing all the different solutions and possibly studying this more in depth in the future. Learning from the natural environment on how to provide shelter for ourselves can only be beneficial and I can’t wait to see the time when most buildings implement biomimicry in their materials and overall design. I know that this is kind of in the beginning stage and it’s also really expensive, but using these techniques will be so much better for the environment.  

I’m trying to be more mindful about things I buy, whether or not it’s a good quality, if it’s from companies that I trust, and if it can be reused to reduce the effect on the environment. Since I live away from home, I don’t really have much effect on what goes on at my moms house as I used to. I used to recycle there and take it to a recycling center because where she lives the city doesn’t provide that service, but since I don’t do it anymore they just throw everything away. I understand that it’s difficult, we’re all so busy already, I just think that this is really something that people need to recognize as a problem that needs to be addressed.  I can always suggest to others to try to be more mindful, but I have to keep in mind that it’s ultimately their decision on what they choose to do. Another thing that I need to keep in mind is that, I always have room for improvement in relation to who and what I support and what I do or don’t do to positively affect the environment. Like I said previously, the most I can hope to do is to live my life as sustainably as possible and hope that others will see what I do and take into account what all they can do.

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Journey to Saving the Earth

This class has taught me a lot about the environment that I didn’t know and enriched my knowledge on some of the things I knew little about. First, it taught me about what a wicked problem is and some of the characteristics of it. I learned different ways we can help make the planet more sustainable and how I can contribute to helping. I also learned about how to make a respectful argument against someone else’s opinion. Global warming and climate change were some things I knew about before this class and were topics I could contribute to on in class, but this class taught me even more about these two topics. Sweatshops were something I didn’t know about before this class and I especially didn’t know how harmful it was for the environment. I didn’t know that poverty is a big contribution to pollution, I know understand that because some people live in poverty they don’t have the money or knowledge to try and be more sustainable. I had no idea about textile waste and how much it affected the environment. Mindfulness was my favorite topic to learn about and practice, it is something that I am going to continue to do outside of this class. Mindfulness has helped me with my anxiety and made me feel more calm and at peace. It taught me to live in the present instead of daydreaming about the future, which is something I use to do a lot. I am a big “me time” person, so this exercise fits right in to my everyday life. I am very thankful for this class because it has taught me a lot about how important it is to take care of our Earth. The problems I learned from this course was textile waste, sweatshops, biodiversity loss, deforestation, and pollution. There are many ways we can solve these problems, and some of these problems are already being worked on to find a solution. With sweatshops many people around the world are becoming more aware about it and it is causing consumers to blacklist some companies that use sweatshops. In one of my articles that I annotated it talked about how the word is getting around about sweatshops and that consumers will cut all ties with a company if they use sweatshops, this is causing a scare with the businesses that use them, so they are deciding to cut their ties with the manufacturers. Pollution is another problem that is happening all around the world, one of the articles we read talked about how we should start taxing business and companies that continue to pollute the environment. Cap and trade was one of the examples, this means that businesses are given a certain amount of licenses to pollute and if they need more licences then they have to buy more off of another company, the author stated that many of these companies will not want to spend the extra money so they will learn to cut down on the pollution they produce. In the movie, The 11th Hour, they talked about how we can rebuild and build new buildings that are sustainable, by using things like solar panels to help with renewable energy. The scientist also proposed that we tax those who are creating the pollution, just like one of the authors said to do. At the end of the movie one of the spokespeople talked about how the earth will eventually be okay again, but by that time we will all be extinct. I feel that after this class I have a lot more knowledge to be able to go out and inform my friends, family, and strangers about what is going on in the world and how they can change their ways and help out too. I am going to try and use less plastic and recycle more than I do now, I also want to buy things I can reuse, for example, straws and plastic bags. Also, I want to plant more plants and possibly make a garden so I can grow my own produce and not have drive to Walmart to get them and contribute to the pollution. We learned from the movie that you contribute to harming the environment from what you buy and not double checking how or where it was made and this is something I want to start doing more so I am not giving money to companies who don’t care about the Earth. I want to influence as many people as I possibly can and talk to them about what we are doing to the earth and how we can make a change and how we should make changes to our life stuff fast before it is too late. One of my coworkers at work is working on switching the plastic straws to metal or plastic, before this class I did not realize how much plastic my work uses, but after this class I am much more aware and I want to make a change and try and get cooperate to be more environmentally friendly and end the use of plastic. This class has definitely made me more aware of everything around me and has made me appreciate the Earth much more than I did before. I feel as though classes like this should be something everyone is required to take in college to make them more knowledgeable about the harm that is being done to our environment and hopefully encourage them to be more sustainable. It is frustrating to know that some people don’t care about the environment and don;t want to change their ways, but I realize that the people that do care outway the number of people that don’t. I see more and more influential people getting involved with trying to save the environment and that gives me hope, a way that we can make big changes fast is electing people who want to make a change and voting out the people that don’t.  

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We have to help our earth

This past week in class, I feel that I contributed a lot to class. I have also learned a lot about other people’s thoughts on the topic of problems in fashion. Many people talked about their opinions on poverty and the changing of our fashion industries. My opinions that I contributed were about how poorly treated people that work in fashion are. I contributed my opinions in our team for the project. People that work in fashion are not necessarily always cared about by their employers. They have pains from being forced to stand for hours a day and make clothing, have to work for hours on end, and not to mention they are forced to break laws to work. Not only did I learn about fashion, I had strong opinions in class about the waste that the industry produces in the world in fashion products and items related to interior design and architecture. I also learned a lot about the opinions of people living in poverty and their contributions to society’s pollution. There is so much waste put into the streets of our very own cities by the homeless, because for some people, the streets are their home. However, I don’t think it is completely their fault, considering whatever they do have, mainly comes from people that consumed it before them, being us. People are so clueless about what they are wasting or just don’t care which is so sad. Another big part of class this week was meditation. Meditation was never anything I was very interested in because I didn’t believe in it. After doing meditation in class these past two weeks I have grown to enjoy meditation. Since I have such severe anxiety, if I ever start to feel anxious, I practice the meditation I’ve learned in class and it always helps. My mindfulness activity I chose this week was to meditate while listening to classical music for my intro to music class before I do homework for ten to thirty minutes. It helps me relax and I become less stressed while trying to write papers or studying for a quiz. Although this week I realized how much consumer waste there is put out into the world, it will still be hard to change the ways I live after making habits for so long. I have tried to be more mindful about the waste I put into our trash can and recycling proper items. I used to make fun of the whole “save the sea turtles” movement until taking this class. The conditions animals underwater live in has been shown in this class and it really opened my eyes to the seriousness of the situation. Animals underwater need help and after reading the 10 sustainability products article, i think the edible soda rings is such a great adjustment to be made. There will be less deaths underwater and less pollution on the earth. I learned so many new things this week that I can wait to carry into the future.

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