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As my student my journey is coming to an end, my sustainability journey is just beginning. My time here at Oklahoma State has been full of passionate, knowledgeable instructors who truly want nothing more than to see us succeed and thrive. I appreciate your passion Dr. Jayadas, for both sustainability and empathic design. I learned about sustainability early on in my journey at Oklahoma State. However, I am embarrassed and somewhat disappointed in myself, because it wasn’t until this semester that I grasped the concrete concept of what sustainability should mean to me as a future interior designer and facility manager. As a designer I also should strive to be sustainable in my daily life. I mean what do I look like, preaching to my clients about sustainability if I do not even practice it. I once thought that sustainability was about recycling, reusing materials, and cutting back on things such as water and electricity. Today, I am proud to say that I truly have become knowledgeable on the concept and all it has to offer. It is complex, but that is the beauty of it, because there is so much one individual may do to make their footprint on this earth a sustainable one.

Sustainability has a lot to do with how we treat Mother Earth, and what and how we use her natural resources. Focusing on using our resources sparingly, and preserving our planet for the future generations to come is a pivotal step for us a educators, facilitators and activist. Right now many assume that our actions will not affect the future, but changes need to be made, and quickly. I believe that this is where we as designers must step in. The 11th Hour video was what I believe to be my “epiphany” moment throughout this semester. It was like it all just clicked and wow, was it eye- opening! We truly are killing ourselves! We are in the last year, the last day, and the very last hour, with only seconds away from needing to make the changes for both our and our planets survival. It was watching this video when I realized my role as an individual and a designer. Sustainability to me as a designer is how I can select materials and finishes with the least amount of impact on the environment, and also how I can educate clients on sustainable products to help reduce the impact on the environment. I feel that now, I will be better prepared to explain to clients that the long-term impact of selecting materials that are sustainable.

Some of the most significant points I will take with me from my Oklahoma State journey were those of Empathic Design. As an interior designer this is such an important concept to know and apply when working with clients. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to practice designing empathetically and was amazed by my own thought process at times. I do not know where my journey as an Interior Designer will be taking me, but I hope to always be an empathic individual and always design that way. Knowing that that always creates a sustainable lifestyle is a plus too. If anything could have been added to my sustainable journey this year, I think that it would be the opportunity to interact with the real, such as when with did with the Botanical Gardens and Mr. Giovonni.

I appreciate Oklahoma State and you Dr. Jayadas for the time you have invested in the knowledge you have instilled! Here’s to being sustainable!

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Final Blog

Sustainability to me would be doing your best to live your life and design your businesses in a way that will benefit and not hurt the environment. To me sustainable design can mean a lot of different things on one hand something can be a sustainable design by being created by recycled materials or something like that but it could also be sustainable by the way it’s designed and the design is timeless and will be around and fashionable for a long time so there won’t be a need to get rid of it. This is very different from when I started the course because I thought it was all about recycling when I started this class. And while that is very important I learned there are many other things that go into sustainability other than just recycling.

I think the most pronounced epiphanies I had during this course was the concept of empathetic design. I find this concept incredible because I care very deeply about people. And I honestly think this is the best way to design. We used to design for people based on that it wouldn’t be perfect but it would be good enough so it would sell to many people I think we missed the boat at that point because not designing a product with a person’s best interests in need it is going to one create more waste and two the customer will never be completely satisfied with it. Therefore, I think we need to start designing for specific people who need a specific item. Because if they are in love with it they won’t get rid of it for a long time. Because it will be useful and will fit well if it is a garment of clothing. I think this will also increase customer satisfaction tenfold. I also took the sustainability journey myself personally. I started using a recycling bin that gets picked up once a week and I have started to cut down on waste that I never realized I was making before. One of the best things I can think of is I’ve started not using straws at restaurants. This has cut down on my waste by a lot. I’ve also started buying things that I can get in containers that I own so that I don’t have to throw the packaging away if I don’t have to.

One thing I would like to learn more about in the future is just how to further my journey in sustainability I need to do more research on brands and make sure that their beliefs line up with my own beliefs because if they do not then I do not need to be buying products from these companies. I don’t want to be using or consuming products from companies that use sweat shops or use child labor or don’t care for the environment at all. I think this is something I can take upon myself too is to do the research every time I go shop so I can make an educated decision on the brands and products I am buying.


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Final Blog- DHM 4573

Final Blog DHM 4573


Sustainability to me is making good decisions in your own personal day to day life to be thoughtful of the earth and protect it as much as possible. I really never fully understood how hard we are on our earth and how much it does for us for free that we take so much advantage of. Sustainable design is keeping in mind how things will impact the environment, in going forward with design that will have more Cradle to Cradle lifecycles. So many things are only worn or used a few time and that is the end of the cycle, they don’t break down and they fill up our landfills. I think I have a better understanding of these two meanings, then I did in the beginning of the semester. I had didn’t really grasp how bad things are and we are the ones who can change it. So if I didn’t fully grasp how bad it was, just think how others should be more informed on the decisions they make.

I think that all around we need to practice reusing more of what we already have and learn to utilize things in different ways. We took a test at the beginning of the semester and it was a big eye-opener for me to see how un-sustainable I really am. Where we live there isn’t a place to recycle, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take it somewhere to have it recycled.


I like the idea of cradle to cradle, this keeps in-cycle not just going from a use to an end. Using waste as a resource is an ideal move for us, we need to use what we already have. We need to have more recycling loops to keep it from collapsing. We need to practice having a no waste economy, instead of using raw virgin materials we need to utilize what we already have at hand. Gathering and using energy efficiently, we could learn a lot about this from plants.  We too should use an external, renewable source of energy, specifically current sunlight solar, wind, tidal, and biodiesel forms of power all rely on current sunlight. Using materials sparingly, we love to have all the new things. This generation uses everything to the max it may be the, dishwasher, washer, computer, TV this list could go for days.  Extending a products life cycle and using it less would help us out in the long run.

We watched a Ted talk about Bakeys edible cutlery this was a very interesting informational video, he went outside of the box with this invention. He made cutlery that was all edible, instead of using plastic cancer causing cutlery. There is a 120 billion plastic cutlery disposed of in India every year. He can make this just as cheap as plastic ones, the whole thing can be ate. 10 teds, they talk about all different designs to minimize waste of lots of garments that are being mass produced. I don’t think I realized how bad things we do on a daily basis really are, we could change just simple things and it would make a huge impact.

We talked about biomimetic approaches to architectural design for sustainability. This give us an inspirational source of possible new innovation for a more sustainable way of design. This building design mimic living organisms, this is great for us this is very smart. When we look to nature on how to design new structures, it helps us have more useful features to the elements. Like the example of how the building works in the same way as a termite, it produces hydrogen efficiently through meta-genomics. The forms of building may mimic the ecosystem an animal lives in, there are reason why animals live like they do it protects them from harsh elements and Mother Nature.

I think the neatest thing for me this and what left me wanting to learn more was how much the earth does for us for free. There is a reason for every animal and every single thing that was put here on our earth. To think that a little spider can make 6 different types of silk? That’s crazy and amazing to me. Beetles can detect a fire from 80 KM away, animals have so much more senses then we do. Nature can do everything we need in this world, if you will watch it the answer is right there in front of our eyes.

Overall I enjoyed this class, this made me understand sustainability and things I can do to make a difference. If we can spread the word little by little with the trickle effect from all the students in the class, this can make huge changes. You have already made me be more conscious about purchases I make and my day to day choices.

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Well, the end of the semester is almost over.  I feel like it has flown by, and yet I am also a different person than when I first started this class. Walking into this class, I had no idea what to expect. I thought I knew what it meant to be sustainable, but as the semester went on, I learned that there was so much more to living a sustainable life.

Sustainability, to me, means to make decisions while being conscious of the environmental impact it has. While that is still true, sustainability is so much more than that.

One epiphany that I had, was during our discussion of industrial ecology. The idea that our current industrial climate does not exist in a vacuum that is separate from nature is not rocket science. If we think about it, we all realize this. The problem is that we do not think about the impact these things have on the environment. We don’t focus on the fact that if the environment is destroyed, so are we. We live in cohesion with nature, and our fates are intertwined. Once we accept this, and put it at the center of everything we do, can we achieve true sustainability and industrial ecology.

I think my favorite thing that I have learned this semester is how important it is to be an activist. Now I don’t mean this literally, because as we learned there are different roles that you can take, but I feel like all of them lead back to activism. Whether you are an educator, facilitator, entrepreneurship, and activist, you are still making a difference. As students, who have had the privilege of taking this course, we now have a social obligation to use this knowledge for the good of the environment. Personally, I can’t wait to share my conviction with those around me so that I can change the world, one step at a time.

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Final Blog

At the beginning of the semester I thought sustainability was about recycling, reusing materials, and cutting back on things such as water. Today I have a completely different understanding of it. There is so much more to it than I thought. It is about how we treat our planet Earth, and what resources we use. We need to use our resources sparingly, and preserve our planet for generations to come. Right now we think our actions will not affect us in the future, but we need to make a change soon.

The biggest thing I learned was about sustainability and my industry. I am an apparel merchandising student, and this is a huge subject right now. People see the apparel industry as the second largest polluting industry besides oil. Throughout this semester we talked about all of the negative things the apparel industry is doing. We also discussed what our generation needs to do to fix it. This is very important to me. I want to be part of the generation that changes this planet for the good. I want to be a part of the generation that changes the apparel industry in a way that is better for everyone today and in the future.

I learned far more than I ever thought I would in this class. The only thing I would like to know more on going forward into my professional career would be sustainable clothing companies. I want to know who is trying to make a change for the better. I would like to be apart of a company like that when I look for a job. I think it is so important more now than ever to be sustainable. I can’t wait to take what I learned from this class and apply it to my professional career.

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Final Blog!

WE DID IT!! Last blog!!! Wahoo!!

Sustainability to me at the beginning of the semester could best summed up in “go green” posters, cloth diapers that I’ve seen ads for and recycling bins… that was about it.  Now that I have taken this course I see that those are very important parts of the sustainable mindset, but they only cover a small part of it.  Sustainability to me now is the idea of having the ability to take something that others might see as “done,” “finished” or “unable to be used anymore” and seeing a whole new life for it; essentially finding the object in possession new way to be useful to us so that it doesn’t just lay there as waste anymore.  My mindset of the idea has changed without a doubt and I am very thankful for that, we only get one Earth, and being the stewards we are we must take care of it.

One of the parts of the course that stuck out to me was how nature is incorporated with design.  Whether it be interior, architecturally, in the way clothing moves and looks or in the layout of a store floor.  Everything in nature has its own rhythm and flow and the fact that people are mimicking that in design is spectacular.  Biomimicry is everywhere, and since this course I have began to see that more and more in my day to day. I know this idea is not going to be something that just goes in one ear and out the other, but is going to be implemented in my future.  Nature brings a sense of calm to each of us.  I want to one day own my own bridal shop, picking a bridal gown is without a doubt one of the most stressful moments in a woman life, I can’t think of a place that could better use the serenity that nature brings!

I don’t know that I knew what the course was fully about to be able to say that I learned something I wasn’t expecting to learn, but I can say with full confidence that I learned far more than I expected to.  I didn’t think the class would change my mindset for much, and in some areas it didn’t.  But I also don’t believe that was the goal, I very much know that the goal was to inform about the deeper parts of sustainability and thats exactly what was done.  I now know that its not and idea or poster, its an action that can be taken.  In the fashion industry there is a huge amount of waste created, whether it be polluted water from factories, physical waste from discarded clothing or a number of other possibilities.  The issue isn’t going to just magically take care of itself and us wake up one day and it be gone, its going to take action from each of us in the industry who see a need and fit that need.  Taking course like this is important, not only to us and our GPA (hehe), but to the future of the world.  Now that we have been informed, it is time that we each go out and do something about it!

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Final Blog

I would describe Sustainability as working within your means and not using extra resources if they aren’t 100% necessary. As for Sustainable Design, I would describe this as designing for a purpose and making sure that you are achieving what you want to, but not going beyond what is necessary. To elaborate, I think that as an interior designer this means that I would use resources that are readily available to me, and not picking finishes that would have to be shipped all the way around the world. Using technology that is sustainable and efficient, for example, motion detected lighting. So design to fit the needs for now, but don’t hinder the future.

In the beginning of the semester, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it meant to be truly sustainable. I thought that it just meant to use bamboo flooring and LED lighting. As the semester progressed, I learned that there are many more ways to be sustainable. This can be done in many ways, anything from how the building is constructed or designed all the way to using empathic design. Being an interior design student, I have tried to use empathic design in all of my designs. I like to think that I have a huge heart, and it really drives me crazy when I walk through a newly constructed or remodeled public space, and me, a person with no disabilities, can see how a person with even the mildest of disabilities would struggle to do the easiest of a task in the space. Never did I think that empathic design, but its designing for the present, but also designing for the future generations.

My biggest epiphany would have to be that I never expected to be so interested in being sustainable, and how much the world was being hindered because

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