Empathic Design: The Key to a Functional Future

I had never heard of the term “Empathic Design” before this week, but I now realize that it is something that more people need to understand and be aware of. Empathic Design is design that is focused on the user and how that user will feel about the product and use the product.


During class, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of user-based design versus design based on the designer and his/her knowledge and experience. I came to the conclusion that both were equally important, and what is really necessary for success is a combination of the two.


When it comes to interior design, I think a lot of people don’t realize the knowledge that is required in order to make the space function properly and meet code requirements. Educated and licensed interior designers are especially important when it comes to large spaces and commercial spaces. However, if the designer only thinks about code requirements and what they think will work, the design could still be inconvenient or shy of its full potential, simply because the way the client will use the space wasn’t fully considered.


Knowing what I know now, I would like to learn more about how empathic design affects other areas of design. Interior design makes sense to me pretty easily because of my major, but I feel like empathic design can (and definitely should) be applied to other areas of design as well.

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