Sustainability This Week

In our reading “ Optimized Lifetimes ” the topic of wardrobe metabolism and creating an equilibrium amongst the inflow and outflow of one’s wardrobe was discussed. I was a little surprised to hear people say they believed this was not a realistic way for sustainability to be achieved for individuals. I feel like the idea some people in class were getting was that the article was saying to become incredibly arts and crafty and attempt to sew and alter clothing like a designer. Obviously not everyone can sew or needs to go out and learn to sew. But people can gauge their wardrobe with a critical eye and determine when they need to get rid of a portion of their wardrobe-whether this is done just to minimize one’s wardrobe or to make room for the couple new outfits you have purchased. Maybe it just means setting a limit to your wardrobe, like allowing yourself to fill your closet and a dresser and as new items come in, an equal amount can be given back to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

As for the first LOLA show this week, I think the groups did a great job of discussing their topics with the class. While I did not particularly learn any new, earth shattering topics. I was glad to see emotional intelligence brought up because I feel like a large portion of the people I have experienced thus far in life have very low emotional intelligence. Aside from the result of sustainable products, understanding how you are acting, speaking, designing, etc, and how that is affecting those around you could change the world of retail completely. Infinitely more positive experiences will result if people are just more empathetic and sympathetic and less selfish. But that is a slight tangent. It was a long weekend at work.

I guess that I am still having a difficult time relating all we are learning back to specific ways it can change my field. I would like to learn more about things like the felt square design it yourself tops and biodegradable materials for things like disposable underwear, as discussed in our reading this week. These specific examples make it feel more real to me.    

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