Responsibility in a Sustainable Society

Ultimately, who is responsible for the push for sustainability in our society?

In our capitalistic society today, consumers are the ultimate drivers for the market. Companies now produce products and services that revolve around customer needs and desires. If we use this knowledge, we can create marketing campaigns that emphasize sustainability to change paradigms within our society today.

In interior design today, societies perspective is shifting towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly outlook in regards to the materials and products used. Recyclable and up cycled products are becoming readily available, and locally manufactured products are being stressed. However, I believe residential design is slower to accommodate these changes.

Change starts with us, as designers and as consumers. As individuals, we can change our beliefs and practices regarding sustainability, and thus doing so we can affect others beliefs. As designers, we can show our clients the benefits of sustainability, and as consumers we can demand sustainable products.

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