Blog 6

I learned a lot from from last weeks lectures. Patricia Moore was very eye opening to take action in the importance of designing for the elderly. When she was 26, Patricia went undercover as an 85-year-old woman to better understand what they truly need and what about design could improve. Patricia said she wanted to put herself in someone else’s shoes to grasp this completely. She did a really good job in helping us understand how we should be designing based on ability, not disability.

During her time undercover, she made lovely memories but also went through hardships as an elderly woman. It was shocking to her how poorly younger people treat the elderly. At one point she was jumped and seriously injured by a group of young boys. But she doesn’t regret what happened to her during that time. She is very thankful for her experiences because it help mold her into the woman she is today.

The importance of designing for all ages in vital and needs to be taken into action. As a designer, I am excited to try and make a difference in my field in designing for all kinds of people. I believe this action will further our way of life and will create harmony between people of all ages.

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