Blog 9

The design probes package that we were assigned gave me a new insight on others as we did the in-class activity. When I made my design probes package I forgot to leave my face out of the pictures, so I realized my slides would not be shown to everyone. I liked that we had the chance to design something for someone in the class just based on their design probes package. Our person we designed for was Rachel. My learning community noticed how she loved cats, coffee, music (taste and sound sensory). Because of this, we did an illustration of a Keurig coffee machine update. This had an alarm that would wake you up in the morning by playing music just like an ordinary alarm. It would also make coffee at the same time and for the “snoozers” we would have a heating pad under the coffee, so it would stay warm even if you don’t wake up to the music. It also had a picture of a cat on the front just to fit the probes package perfectly.

The who gives a crap idea was really well done. What I took from it was that it was toilet paper that was from a sustainable material whose profit went towards a good cause, and the main guy said he wouldn’t leave the toilet until all the toilet rolls were bought. I thought that was a good commercial strategy, because it showed a purpose with some humor added too. The little brown dress was interesting because it was this lady who wore the same dress for a year. One of the most interesting things about it was that only one person actually talked to her about. The IKEA flat pack modular designs are amazing ideas that are being implemented. These are inexpensive houses that IKEA would come and build for you. This could solve a lot of problems in housing issues in the world. Threadless was an interesting idea. They allow people to get on their website and make colors and patterns for clothing. Basically we talked about the poor working conditions globally. We very briefly touched on UK’s social value act as well. People who sell t-shirts make so much money off of selling them. They make so much profit, but the people who are doing the actual labor are not even making a dollar an hour for the product.

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